Caitlainne Rose Gurreri Joins ‘All My Children’

Beauty Rose Photography

Soap Opera Network has learned that television newcomer  has landed the heavily recurring role of Eileen on ’s “.”

The actress and model is understood to be featured alongside  (Cassandra Foster) in a ripped from the headlines like storyline that sources say finds the characters of Jesse Hubbard () and Zach Slater () working together to bring down Vlad () and Yuri (), who are involved in a sex trafficking ring.

Gurreri is probably best known for her theater work, which includes such productions as “,” “,” “,” “,” “” and even “,” among others.

The actress holds a B.A. in Theater with a concentration in voice and dance. When not acting, Guerreri can also be seen capturing those intimate moments as a professional photographer for her company Beauty Rose Photography.

You can catch a glimpse of the actress singing in the clip below:

“All My Children” premieres Monday, April 29 on , Plus and .

  • Scott

    She’s cute

  • Jewell Margolis

    This is where my frustration starts kicking in, AMC is going to end up with ton of new people.. I get the recasts, but why can’t they bring on Krystal, Jackson,Liza,Madison, I’m surprised they haven’t recast Colby..Also surprised they brought in Angie’s daughter Cassandra instead of Frankie..

    • i know, and I want “JACKSON” I have been in love with WALT WILLIE (SPELT WRONG) aince the very first day he started this show. And i will freak out wuthout Jackson,

    • Jim Bayliss

      But the sex trafficking story seems good and something that All My Children has never done before; probably due to the previous network censors. Those type of criminals target young women like this new role of Eileen, as opposed to older women like Crystal. Therefore the storyline dictates which characters are needed on the show right now. Keep requesting, character returns like Crystal and Frankie(Frankie is hot) and the writers/producers might listen and eventually facilitate their returns. In the meantime, watch and support so that other character/actors have something to return to, if the show is successful; you might find that you will like the new characters.

    • Kathy

      Agree with you, bring back the original cast. AMC is doomed. Too many young new people and not enough original cast. I get PP wants to grab young people but they are going to end up with not that many new young people and the older fans will not watch.

      • cindercity12

        I really wish people would stop with this crap. Once more, the AMC main cast will consist of 20 actors. And of those 20 actors, 12 are returning and 8 are new. And of those 8 new actors, 5 of them are recasts of existing characters.

        So, there will be more original actors than new actors, as well as more original characters than new characters. Hell, there are actually only 3 new lead roles. The other 17 are characters who were on the show before it was cancelled.

        Miranda, AJ, Pete and Cassandra are old characters. Sure, they’re new actors, but they’re still existing characters who have direct ties to the show’s most prominent families. You add Celia Fitzgerald and you only have 5 “young” lead characters, as opposed to the 15 older characters.

        I don’t understand why you believe 5 young characters out of a cast of 20 constitutes as too many. How many is just enough? 1? 2?

        • Jolie

          Great Post, Completely agree!

  • oh my god, i cant freaking wait for all my children to get back on TV. Im freaking out here.

  • I love the clip. I can’t wait to see the debut of AMC and OLTL on April 29,2013. I can’t to see the new subplot. I know that it will be a winner.