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Mark Consuelos Talks ‘Pine Valley,’ ABC’s Primetime Reboot of ‘All My Children’

Mark Consuelos Talks ‘Pine Valley,’ ABC’s Primetime Reboot of ‘All My Children’

On the Friday, January 22 edition of “The Talk,” former “All My Children” star Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo Santos) appeared virtually to discuss the primetime reboot of the iconic daytime soap opera, tentatively titled “Pine Valley,” that is currently in development at ABC.

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Speaking with the co-hosts, Consuelos shared, “‘All My Children’ was such a big part of my life and my wife’s (Kelly Ripa; ex-Hayley Santos Vaughan) life. And, you know, I met my wife there obviously, had kids, became a young man on that show. And we got the opportunity to reboot the primetime version and the idea was brought to us, and we’re so excited.” He added, “Of all the things that we’ve ever announced that we’re going to do, this is one of the biggest responses we’ve got from our fans. They’re so excited. It’s been a big piece of TV that’s been missing for such a long time. And we’re going to bring it back and I’m really excited about it.”

When asked by co-host Sheryl Underwood, “Will they still stay in Pine Valley? Is it going to be the Cortlandts and the Warners? Is it going to be everybody?” Consuelos notes that those decisions are above his pay scale, but “I know they’re going to bring back some fan favorites, and it will take place in Pine Valley, and I’m really, really excited.”

Watch Consuelos’ appearance on “The Talk” above.

As previously reported, ABC recently put into development the primetime reboot of the soap to be spearheaded by Consuelos and Ripa, who will serve as executive producers alongside Andrew Stearn and Robert Nixon, son of the late Agnes Nixon, creator of “AMC” and “One Life to Live.”

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Created by Stearn and based on a script by Leo Richardson (“EastEnders,” “Katy Keene,” “Star”), the potential series will follow a young journalist with a secret agenda who comes to Pine Valley to expose the dark and murderous history of the town only to become entangled in a feud between the Kane and Santos families. The series plans to explore all the secrets that come with the Kane and Santos family names. Richardson will also serve as an executive producer.

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