‘AMC,’ ‘OLTL’ 2.0 Production Dates Set?

Prospect Park

Prospect Park’s much anticipated online revival of long-running soaps “” and “” continues to inch closer to reality as both shows are scheduled to go into production in the coming weeks ahead of their excepted launch dates on (and ) sometime in April.

With deals already in place with the Directors and Writers Guilds, Universal Music GroupHulu and iTuneswriting teams and producers lined up for both shows with a number of former “AMC” and “OLTL” cast members on board, despite a dispute between several “One Life” characters being used on “seemingly unresolved, Prospect Park seems poised to forge ahead with getting the cameras rolling and episodes taped.

As Soap Opera Network first reported last week, Prospect Park has contracted NEP Broadcasting to construct studios for both shows in a converted old factory in Stamford, Connecticut. Now we have learned that the company recently hired set directors, including who, in a posting on her LinkedIn profile in January stated, “Just began working as Set Decorator for the online venture of Prospect Park Networks of ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live.'” Nilsson has plenty of experience working in set design as she’s worked in both television and film. Her resume includes stints at , 20th Century Fox, , , , and .

Also, could “One Life to Live’s” Award-winning costume designer be joining Prospect Park in a similar position? On February tweeted about shopping with Gammie for some new clothes for her character Dorian Lord. And on December 29th, long-time “OLTL” stage manager noted that he had been in talks with Prospect Park on his Facebook page.

It would also appear as if Prospect Park will trim production costs by having both shows rotate production from month to month, allowing them to share studio space and crew members. This was confirmed by (Bo), who told that “It looks like we’ll be working five weeks and be off five, six weeks, so it’s kind of cool! Especially compared to what it was, because that’s what burned me out. We were doing four shows in a day and that’s just too much for an old guy like me.” He also notes how important it is to have familiar faces on both soaps when they are launched online. “You need that to start, otherwise you just have a show that’s called ‘One Life to Live’ and you turn it on and you go ‘I don’t know anybody.’ So that couldn’t work. But if you have Erika [Slezak] sitting there at her desk and Robin waltzing in, then you can go, ‘Oh, okay! This is it. Sparks are gonna fly!'”

While the rotation of studio space may be in the works, that does not mean “AMC” and “OLTL” will be alternating their “on-air” schedules. Instead, whichever show is in production at the time will likely tape enough episodes in each filming block to carry them through their hiatus. Both shows are expected to air four new episodes per week, with a recap airing on Fridays.

“All My Children” will go into production first as filming is set to begin on Monday, February 25, according to (Opal Cortlandt) via a video message to fans and (Angie) via Twitter. Meanwhile, Robin Strasser (Dorian) tweeted that “One Life to Live” will begin taping on Monday, March 11. Strasser’s comments were recently echoed by fellow cast member Erika Slezak (Viki), who said in a statement on her website last week that “we expect to begin production near the middle of March.”

  • A rinky dink production right from the start. PP cannot even afford studio space for both shows, they have to rotate to production. This should really bolster confidence in the cast, crew and fans that they will be able to pull off a production on par with network tv? PP is doomed to fail and this nickel and dime production from the start is not a good sign. I give PP 6 months and then they pull the plug on production again.

    • tess

      Six months? Deb, you’re being generous. I’d wager it will last three months. Hope I’m wrong, however.

    • They’re being efficient. There’s no reason to have two separate studios when they can shoot enough material already with one studio and rotating. They’ve made deals with the unions. I do not feel this is some amateur rinky dink production.

  • CTwildheart

    I think they are being smart about it. Production costs were always one of the reasons cited for why they were cancelled from the network in the first place. I am very happy these shows are being given a second chance and can’t wait to see what they come up with! I will be watching and helping others find a way to watch also.

    • Lpoohandtigger

      I personally can’t wait to see All My Children again!!! They will show them that this will work out better than on TV. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK 🙂

  • Let general hospital keep starr because she fits more better on general hospital then one life to live and she more big storylines then one life to live and after she finds someone she loves too starr and michael are in love so leave starr on general hospital and you trade connie for starr u make where connies jessica twin

  • Sandi aka Dedicated Fan

    I started watching all 3 soaps as a teen I’m closing in on 50 now. I know more about their casts than my families. So when they cancelled AMC & OLTL It honestly felt like I lost family.
    SO for PP to bring them back, even at the kind of schedule they are considering. I ‘ll take it! For all of you nah sayers & negative thinkers, keep your bad karma to yourself. True fans will keep the faith & be greatful for what we can get……. I for one am excited as hell.