DAYS Casting: The Deaths, The Long Awaited Returns and the Beginning of Love?

Photo Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

While Soap Opera Digest in its newest issue lists their last airdate being Wednesday, August 15, both (Jack Deveraux) and (Madison James) will actually find their characters departing the world of the living much sooner.

On the Monday, August 13 episode, fans saw Madison speak for the last time as she called out for her fiancé, Brady Black (). On Tuesday, August 14, Jack departs Salem for the umpteenth time as the elevator cables snap while daughter Abigail () and the love of his life Jennifer () look on in horror. Sadly, it looks like Jack is really dead this time! Also according to Digest, (Andrew) last airs on Friday, August 17 despite the character escaping unnoticed on the Monday, August 13 episode while Chad (Casey Deidrick) was tending to Gabi (). Father Matt () is also back on the 17th as he shares words with Nicole ().

Soap Opera Network has learned will return on Monday, August 20, when his character Tad (aka: T) has a confrontation with Will () that eventually leads to a dangerous one with Sonny () later that week. On Tuesday, August 21, is back as Brian, and Will is none too pleased when he sees him getting intimate with Sonny.

Blake Berris returns as Melanie’s () stalker Nick Fallon, who is up for parole, on Monday, August 27. As previously reported, Nick’s mother Jessica Blake Fallon () returns to Salem after a 30 year absence on Friday, August 31.

  • mary

    I can’t believe they are killing off Jack!Why don’t the idiots-that-be see what a jewel Matt Ashford is?

  • Former Days Fan

    I was so excited when I heard Matt Ashford was returning to Days. Then the show didn’t use his awesome story potential and killed him off again. Jack was pretty much my last reason to watch the show. Major disappointment. I hope Jack will rise from the dead again, but unless the show get writers who understand and appreciate the character, I don’t suppose that will happen.

  • Christy

    It makes you wonder if Matthew Ashford got barking mad for being fired AGAIN and just told them to kill him off because he wasn’t coming back LOL

  • What happened to Stephano Demera, he died and resurrected again? Is he coming back or what?