Chew Watch: A Look at Talk Shows Performance in Women 18-49

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

( — of TV Media Insights has been doing an excellent job in reporting the overnight data for ABC’s new daytime talk show “,” which replaced soap opera “” in the 1:00 PM ET/12:00 PM PT timeslot on Monday, September 26. Since the talker debuted it has lost ground compared to “AMC’s” performance at the same point last year in television households. Now more than a week since its debut, Berman has revealed that the show is also losing ground in the all important Women 18-49 sales demographic compared to how “All My Children” had performed as well.

Per TV Media Insights, “The Chew” is averaging a a 0.9 rating/6 share among women 18-49 out of a 0.8/6 from the average ratings of its lead-in programming from the ABC affiliated stations (ie. syndicated fare such as “” or local news) after six days on the air (September 26 through October 3, 2011). “All My Children” by comparison averaged a 1.1/7 in the female demo (using October 2010 averages), which was 18% better than how “Chew” is performing so far. In the less important Women 25-54 demographic, “Chew” is averaging a 1.1/7 out of a 1.2/8 from its local lead-in averages. “AMC” averaged a 1.5/9 (again using October 2010 averages). Based on these numbers “Chew” is down 8 percent from its local ABC programming lead-in and 27 percent from how “AMC” performed one year earlier.

Final first week ratings data, including total viewers, for “The Chew” won’t be available until Thursday.

  • Hopefully the affiliates will start to squawk and they will flush “The Loo” soon.

  • My2Cents

    I can’t help but wonder how many viewers have actually watched this show??
    I personally have not, so I can’t trash it like other’s are doing.

    Get ready Katie C…your next.


      I have watched it, via my DVR, just so I could see and judge for my self the show that replaced my soap I’ve watched faithfully for over 32 years (I’m 46).  I can honestly say, I hate the show.  It actually gets on my nerves.  I think the cast is overdoing it, they don’t seem to be genuine as far as their friendships (or even as coworkers).  It all seems ‘forced’. What’s even weirder… the audience seems very fake as well… too much enthusiam-no content… leaves one thinking it’s all very contrived.  I enjoy talk shows, cooking shows, home shows, etc… so it’s not that I just do not enjoy this type of show… I really do not like it! 

      There’s my .02 for whatever it’s worth to you or any of the other readers 😎

      • My2Cents2

        Your 2 cents is welcomed!! lol
        I guess since I didn’t watch AMC it really hasn’t hit me much the replacement.
        I am more concerned about the other 2 soaps.
        OLTL is so good. Will it be able to maintain that once it goes on line??
        And GH is a disaster. Will an internet company even want them?

  • I haven’t watched, but if the commercials are any indication of how the show is, I will not be attempting to watch it at all.  The insipid promos are enough to make ME spew. 

  • Maleshia Cave

    I was an AMC fan and I was still leaving the TV on ABC all day as I normally would from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. central time  but I honestly get up and turn this show off.  Forget the fact that it replaced AMC, this show genuinely lost me as viewer simply because it is really boring.  I just don’t feel like I relate to it at all and I do cook all my meals from home and put a lot of emphasis on eating healthy. …..that show just doesn’t do it for me.  

    • Donna Johnston

      For heaven’s sake – change the channel. 

  • When the announcement was made in April to cancel AMC & OLTL one of the reasons I kept reading over and over and over again was that the Nielson rating for both shows in the 18-49 demographic was too low to be cost effective for keeping these shows on network television.  At the same time, these same people said that shows like the Chew and the Revolution, which are based on reality and not scripted drama is what the 18-49  age group  wants to watch!. Well, I’d like to meet the GENIOUS who did this survey.  Let’s see—————could it have been Brian Frons and perhaps Anne Sweeney too!   I didn’t believe this Nielsen survey for one minute and now it also proves that the group that they thought would be watching this load of garbage apparently doesn’t really exist.  I’m looking forweard to reading very soon how much revenue ABC is losing from the lack of viewers watching their commercials.  BIG, BIG MISTAKE ABC.  Oh and another thing I heard on a local talk show, it appears the ratings for Dancing with the Stars are the lowest they have ever had.  No surprise.  That’s because all the SOAP FANS have stopped watching most programs on ABC except ofr OLTL & GH.  Payback truly is a B—- isn’t it ABC?

  • I am one of those fans that will not watch the Chew. I am a dedicated fan of AMC and cannot forgive this one. I need my soap back. I can hardly wait until it comes online. Then I am going to watch it at 1:00 PM just like normal and I won’t even have to turn my TV on. So you Chewers won’t get my vote. No way. Of course, they never wanted my opinion when they were getting the ratings for AMC (which I am sure were wrong) so I am positive you don’t want my opinions when you are getting your ratings of The Chew. NOT WATCHING ABC at all.

  • it’s okay if ABC won’t bring AMC back, since the rights have been sold to Prospect Park.
    I just hope ABC will realise the importance of soaps and replace this slot with another soap in September next year.

    The same goes of OLTL’s slot.

    Please boycott The Chew and The Revolution… talk shows are boring. I am from Asia and in my country US soaps don’t air, but I spend time going to YouTube and watch the soaps on a regular basis, even if I am the only Singaporean to watch it. With all these talking sh*t, I won’t bother to take the time to watch it.

  • And seriously… don’t boycott ABC… I want GH to survive. =D

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Just boycott the Chew and other soap replacements. 

  • They need to realize they had the ratings they did because of the soaps! We have hundreds of choices with cable and chose to be there where our soaps were! Did they think we had to eat up whatever they chewed & spewed out? LOL I wont boycott ABC but honestly once the other soaps are gone whats left for me? I bet last years ratings look good today…chew on that ABC! 

  • There is nothing that could entice me to watch that show.  I never even watched AMC so it isn’t revenge it is just in the constant commercial’s it look’s so boring.  The entire cast is just dog ugly, not that that matter’s when it come’s to show quality but generally new show’s do try to have an attractive cast, not in this case.  The commercial’s were overkill.  Daytime I watch The View, One Life to Live and GH.  If those 3 get cancelled my tv won’t be on at all during the daytime.

  • WLM

    ABC was only looking at saving dollars since talk shows are cheap to put on. Why not just shut down until 2pm, might as well since nothing but crap is on up to that point. DO NOT cancel GH!