How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


As daytime gets ready to roll the dice in Las Vegas on Sunday, June 19 for “The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards,” CBS is getting itself ready by hosting CBS Tweet Week with the networks biggest and brightest daytime stars including “The Young and the Restless’” Christian LeBlanc and Christel Khalil and “The Bold and the Beautiful’s” Ronn Moss and Scott Clifton. Also joining in on the fun will be Mike Richards, Executive Producer of “The Price is Right.” Each tweeter will chat live with fans during the East Coast broadcast of their respective shows, the network said.


B&B Teasers: Week of June 13 Edition

( — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Teasers and Sneak Peeks for the Week of June 13, 2011.


Amber gets an unexpected visit from Marcus. Bill provides Liam with advice about how to maintain a life with Hope while dealing with Amber and Tawny. Nick ponders the idea of taking Stephanie up on her offer about Brooke. Marcus must decide which family he belongs to — The Forresters or the Barbers?

  • Monday, June 13 – Stephanie starts to feel remorse for her actions; Amber wonders if she could be carrying Marcus's child
  • Tuesday, June 14 – Brooke questions her ethics; Amber resorts to Carl's help for another paternity test.
  • Wednesday, June 15 – Liam whisks Hope away for one last rendezvous before he's faced with being a father; Bill wants to know what Marcus plans to do with his life.
  • Thursday, June 16 – Oliver and Whip bond over their failed relationships; Liam and Hope's alone time is interrupted by Amber's labor aches.
  • Friday, June 17 – Brooke pours her heart out to Taylor and then asks for a personal favor; As Amber is in labor, Carl receives the results of the paternity test.
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    South African Actress Terry Pheto Joins the Cast of 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

    ( — According to TVSA, the self dubbed South African TV Authority website, South African actress Terry Pheto has joined the cast of CBS' "The Bold and the Beautiful" as what else but a "world renowned, South African heart surgeon." The actress begins taping at "B&B" on Monday, June 13.

    With more details on the matter than is currently available to its American counterparts, website All4Women is reporting that producers of "B&B" have been wanting to create a storyline surrounding a South African character for a while in order to reach out to the soaps large fan base in that country. This was no more clearer than when "B&B" stars Jacqueline Macinnes Wood (Steffy Forrester), Brandon Beemer (Owen Knight), and Jack Wagner (Nick Marone) visited South Africa in a 3-city tour in February to meet with the shows fans. Guests at South Africa's Jo'Burg Fashion week were also treated to appearances by Wood and Beemer, who specially modeled pieces for famed South African designer David Tlale's latest autumn/winter collection.

    Pheto, who is excited to be joining the "B&B" cast, told All4Women that "this is the opportunity of a lifetime and I look forward to sharing the screen with my soapie heroes Katherine Kelly Lang [Brooke Logan] and Susan Flannery [Stephanie Forrester], while sinking my thespian teeth into a challenging role."

    The actress is best known for her starring role in the South African Academy Award winning film Tsotsi, which went on to win the 2006 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, Pheto became the face of L'Oreal Paris in Summer 2008.

    In South Africa, "The Bold and the Beautiful" is broadcast on SABC 1 Mzansi Fo Sho weekdays at 18h00 with a repeat the following morning at 08h00. Episodes involving Pheto are expected to hit South African screens in 2012.

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      Tyler Christopher Bids 'GH' Adieu With Last Airdate Now Revealed

      ( — Ever since Tyler Christopher confirmed reports that he had been let go from ABC's "General Hospital" back in March, it became months of dread for fans of his character, Nikolas Cassadine, as to when they'd catch their final glimpse of the dark prince. Soap Opera Network has since learned that day is Thursday, June 30.

      According to sources, Nikolas will say goodbye to Port Charles shortly after realizing he has nothing left to keep him in town after he learns that his presumed son with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), Aiden, is not his after all but the child of his brother Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) with Elizabeth. Christopher's departure coincides with the return of Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine, Nikolas' grandmother. A "GH" representative told TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan back in early May that Helena's return begins with her "arriving at the Spencer family home — much to Lucky's surprise — with an agenda and Aiden in tow." It remains unclear, however, whether Helena will remain in Port Charles after Nikolas leaves, but we've been told by sources that the drama between the Spencer and Cassadine clans is far from over.

      Meanwhile, Davin Ransom, who portrays Spencer Cassadine – Nikolas' son with dead lover Courtney Matthews as played by Alicia Leigh Willis, will return for Christopher's last episode and depart with him as well. Ransom began playing the role on August 13, 2009 after taking over from Rami Yousef.

      While he's departing Port Charles, look for Tyler Christopher beginning this fall on the new ABC Family original series "The Lying Game," which tells the story of a girl named Emma (Alexandra Chando), who finds out that she has an identical twin sister named Sutton Mercer (Chando in a double role), who was adopted by wealthy parents and supposedly living the high life until she goes missing. Emma takes it upon herself to find her sister and while in pursuit adventure ensues. Christopher will portray the role of Detective Matthews who is investigating the disappearance of Sutton. The series is being written and executive produced by former "All My Children" and "General Hospital" Head Writer Charles Pratt, Jr. and is based on the same name as the upcoming novel by "Pretty Little Liars" author Sara Shepard.

      "The Lying Game" debuts at 9:00 PM ET/PT on Monday, August 15.

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        Paul Skipper/JPI

        It has been three weeks since Ken Corday, Executive Producer and owner of NBC’s “Days of our Lives,” made his first move to save the soap from near oblivion with the firing of Head Writer Dena Higley and replacing her with former “Passions” scribes Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas. In the weeks that followed, soap stars Crystal Chappell (Carly Manning), Louise Sorel (Vivian Alamain), Bren Foster (Quinn Hudson), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane), Tamara Braun (Taylor Walker), and Francisco San Martin (Dario Hernandez) were all out of jobs. If those changes weren’t enough to signal a revolution heading toward Salem, it was definitely made clear with the firing of Co-Executive Producer Gary Tomlin along with the expected returns of Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans), Drake Hogestyn (John Black), and Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux) and the rumored returns of several former cast members including Mark Hapka (Nathan Horton) and Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Horton).

        Since receiving word from Jeff Gaspin, the now former Chairman of NBC Universal Television Entertainment (now NBCUniversal Media), late last year that the network had decided it would renew “Days of our Lives” for two additional years, on top of its previous contract that was set to expire in September 2011, the daytime drama series has been trending downward in the Nielsen ratings. This is in direct contrast to the upward trend the soap had received prior to its renewal. In our interview with Corday back in May of 2010, he laughed when he said that “the show grew 10% in ratings from the previous year, which NBC can’t say about any of their other shows between 2008 and 2009.” Unfortunately, between 2010 and 2011, the drama series is experiencing a downward spiral and it’s no laughing matter.

        In the latest ratings released covering the week of May 30, 2011 through June 3, 2011, it was revealed that “DAYS” is down a whopping 17% in Women 18-49 and another 15% in Households season to date (September 20, 2010 through June 3, 2011). Only ABC’s canceled “All My Children” had a bigger loss in Women 18-49 (down 22% season to date) with a much smaller loss in Households (down just 5%). So what can “DAYS” do to turn things around before seasons end? Not much of anything.

        Unlike in primetime where scripted television airs mostly in originals from September through May, daytime scripted television airs in originals from September to September, therefore “season to date” would cover from September 20, 2010 through September 16, 2011. Why is this piece of information so important? “Days of our Lives,” now celebrating its 45th anniversary year on television, is currently filming at such a rapid speed that there is literally no way that Higley’s material will stop airing before the official close of this season, or is there?

        Days after news broke that Higley was fired, it was announced via Twitter by Judie Henninger, an NBC employee who handles the networks promos for “DAYS,” that 17 episodes scheduled to tape before Higley’s ouster were being rewritten by the shows new writing team. While the tweets have since been deleted, Corday confirmed that Co-Head Writers McPherson and Ray Thomas were rewriting a number of episodes. “We didn’t have to reshoot anything, but we had to rewrite three weeks of shows yet to air and chart a new course,” said Corday in the June 14 issue of Soap Opera Digest when asked if any storylines were being changed. Interestingly enough, in the same response he confirmed that Chandler Massey‘s Will Horton would indeed be portraying the rumored gay character on “DAYS” despite the show itself still not confirming the news to the press directly. “We are telling a story dealing with the first gay character on the show and that had to have another look and the take on that had to be changed. It will be written much more slowly and carefully. It’s a story about one of our characters coming to grips with who he is,” Corday stated.

        For her part, McPherson has joined Twitter to bring a voice from the new writing team straight to disgruntled fans who were thrilled to learn that changes were finally happening at their favorite daytime soap. In her first tweet on Saturday, June 4, McPherson said “Writing the first week of “our” shows! So exciting! Don’t miss 9/23!” This was our first indication as to when we could expect the teams material to begin airing, although it doesn’t make it clear if said material was part of the rewritten scripts or if they would be credited for a time prior to this episode as co-heads with Higley (when material is re-written…it remains based on the outline of the original writer leaving credit with said original writer and those that made any changes). While minor details still need to be sorted out, fans should at least expect a big party to kick off a new era for “DAYS.” On Saturday, June 11, McPherson tweeted “The excitement is building! Huge party with many surprises the week of 9/26! You are all invited! We promise you won’t be disappointed!” What are those surprises? You’ll have to tune in to find out of course. Until then, Soap Opera Network has learned exclusively that “Days of our Lives” will outline numerous changes in a press release going out tomorrow that includes the announcement of its new co-executive producer (rumored to be Noel Maxam), the ouster of Gary Tomlin, and the likely announcements of who is returning to the drama series beginning this fall.

        Are you ready for better “DAYS?” We sure are!

        “Days of our Lives” is a production of Corday Productions Inc., in association with Sony Pictures Television.

        Y&R Recap: Friday June, 10, 2011

        Y&R Recap: Friday June, 10, 2011

        ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Friday, June 10, 2011.


        Victoria received a phone call from Rafe letting her know that Phyllis received legal vistations rights. While on the phone, Phyllis arrived, wanting to see her. She questioned if Daniel was there and Victoria laughed at the fact that her son didn't want to have much to do with his own mother. Phyllis said that he'd come around when he realized she was doing the right thing. When Phyllis asked to see Lucy, Victoria told her she could: once the social worker arrived.

        Billy was on the phone talking regarding keeping his family matters out of the magazine, especially if anything happened to be spread by Phyllis. When he ended his phone call, Victor approached him on the matter. He commented how selfish Phyllis was and that he wanted to make sure that his family was taken care of. He offered Billy to use his legal team if he needed to. Unfortunately, Victor's offer was tarnished when he tossed out an insult at Billy.

        Neil, Sophia and Malcolm realize that due to the letter Cane had written, he was telling Lily of his family ties. They soon start to realize that Colin purposely used Cane's twin, Caleb as a way to drive Lily crazy. Neil suddenly remembers that Colin has the twins. He calls him and insist that he calls him back, giving him a story about Charlie having an ear infection. Meanwhile, Jill watches Colin and the twins and gets the call from Neil. She tells him where she is, and they begin to head out. Off the phone, Jill approached a startled Colin, demanding to know what is going on. When she tried to assert that she would be taking the twins back to the house, he balked. At the moment Cane arrived, causing Jill to faint. Colin, despite what happened, still wanted to follow through with their plans on leaving. Upstairs in the estate, a angry Genevieve snapped, determined not to let her plans go up in smoke.

        At the mental facility, Daniel continued to reassure Lily about her doing the right thing. They talked on hs decisions of letting Billy and Victoria have Lucy, despite Phyllis's feelings. When he received a phone call from Phyllis, he chose to ignore it. Lily told him that he should talk to her; but he said she brought it on herself. Just then, Malcolm and Sofia arrived to share the news about Cane and his family, giving Lily the letter. Lily was stunned to learn that Cane had a twin brother and a sister, and more-so, that Colin was his father. Malcolm told her that Neil was on his way to stop them from taking the twins. Lily frantically wanted to know where they were and when Malcolm told her, she and Daniel hurried out. Malcolm and Sofia were on their way to go too, but Sofia suddenly got a cramp, causing them to stay put.

        Billy and Victoria were at Crimson Lights with Reed, who asked why Phyllis was with Lucy. They tried to dance around the subject, while Victor, who was with them, slipped out and made his way over to their house. When he knocked on the door, Phyllis assumed that it was Daniel with a change of heart. She opened the door and saw Victor on the other end. She asked if he was there to see Victoria but he said pointedly said he was there to see his granddaughter. making it clear to Phyllis that she had a fight on her hands.

        At the estate, Colin and 'Caleb' were set to put the twins in the van when Jill came to. She discovered that Colin was merely using her to get the twins out of Genoa City. When he told her that he wasn't going to let anything get his way, she took off in hopes of finding someone to stop him. 'Caleb' put the twins in the van and were set to go when Neil arrived and told them both that they weren't going anywhere with his grandchildren. Colin said he was leaving and there was nothing Neil could do anything about it; after all, with 'Caleb', Neil was outnumbered. Quick as flash, 'Caleb' told Colin that he was wrong and said that he was the one that was outnumbered, revealing that he was really Cane. Colin was slightly shocked and when his henchman arrived, he told him to take care of things. Neil was doubtful at what Cane was telling him, but realized that he was being honest in who he was. At that moment, music from the estate was playing and Colin realized that Genevieve was there. He took off to go find her, while Neil chased him. Cane got the upperhand momentarily, until the henchman pulled his gun on him.

        Victor waited until the social worker and Lucy were out of sight to talk to Phyllis. She told him that since Lucy was fast asleep he could go. Victor said he would have many more visits with his granddaughter. He said that the social worker was merely there to keep an eye on her; but she said she as there for him as well, bringing up how his working with Patty Williams caused her daughter to nearly die. He corrected Phyllis and told her that nobody knew what Patty was capable of, however, everyone in Genoa City knew just how dangers Daisy was. He questioned how she could let someone that nearly killed her son back into that little baby's life. Victoria and Billy return back home and are surprised to see Victor there. When the social worker comes back down, Phyllis whined that she needed to have another visit, since the one she had was interrupted. Once she was gone, Phyllis said she wasn't backing down from getting what she wanted: Victor challenged that he wasn't either.

        While Neil was chasing after Colin, who was in the house to see Genevieve's recreation of what he'd done to Samantha, he ran into Jill. Neil told him what was doing on and Jill was unable to believe at first the fact that Cane was very much alive. Meanwhile, Cane and the henchman got into a fight, causing his gun to fly out of his hands. It fired off a round, hitting the gas tank under the van. While they were scuffling, Genevieve cornered Colin outside on the balcony. There she antagonized him for how he managed to kill off his entirle family. As the two argued, down below, Lily, Daniel, Jill and Neil watched on, wondering who Colin was talking to. As things got heated, Genevieve shoved Colin, who tumbled over the balcony. Gripping on for dear life, Colin begged for Genevieve to save him.

        On the Next The Young and the Restless…

        • Jack threatens Katherine in order to get the CEO position
        • Victor offers Lauren a possible position
        • Cane and all watch in horror as flames erupt
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          Y&R Recap: Thursday June 9, 2011

          Y&R Recap: Thursday June 9, 2011

          ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Thursday, June 9, 2011.


          Malcolm went to the mental facility to see Lily. She told him that she was doing well since her therapy session that day When he spotted the photographs of Charlie and Mattie, she shared that Colin took them while he and Jill were with the twins at the zoo. The two changed the subject when Lily asked him about Sofia. He shared that she was doing fine, and that he couldn’t wait to be a father. He commented that he didn’t care if they had a boy or a girl, just as long as it was in good health. Lily asked Malcolm to do a favor for her: she needed a few items from her home.

          At the estate, Genevieve called Cane to double check to make sure that Colin would be arriving on the airstrip. Cane, who was at the park awaiting his father’s arrival shared that he was positive that he would be doing things as planned. Genevieve continued to instruct Cane to keep on task the way they had talked about. When she ended her phone call, she took an urn out of a velvet box. The urn was that of Samantha. She vowed that she would make sure that Samantha’s death was avenged. Meanwhile, Colin met ‘Caleb’ at the park and gave him the address of where he and the twins would be once they were with him. During their conversation, Jill called to remind him that they had dinner plans together. Colin apologized and said he’d be right there.

          Neil was with the twins at Crimson Lights, when Daniel showed up, watching the three of them. When he was spotted, Daniel was asked by Neil to have a seat so they could talk. Colin, who was headed to meet Jill at Gloworm for dinner, stopped to talk to Neil and asked him if he and Jill could have the twins for the night, claiming that with Chance gone, it might be comforting to Jill. Neil at first declined but with Colin’s persistance, gave in to the idea. When Colin left, Neil told Daniel about what was doing on with Lily. Daniel felt bad for not coming to Neil with the information about Lily seeing Cane. Neil, in turn, told him that Sofia and Malcolm are under the impression that Lily is in the facility due to depression and didn’t want them to learn the true nature of her checking herself in. Sofia arrived and told Daniel that Lily was asking about him. Daniel excused himself to go.

          ‘Caleb’ was impressed by how easy it was for Colin to convince Neil to have the twins. Colin commented that patience was the key. He told Caleb not to be late in meeting him. He then left him and showed up at Gloworm. When he met Jill, he told her that he had to leave town for a personal matter and that he couldn’t have dinner as they had planned. Jill wanted to go with him but he told her that it wouldn’t be necessary. He started to compliment on how wonderful she was as a wife and kissed her good-bye.

          Sofia shared her frustrations about Katherine with Neil, letting him know about her suspending her. He advised her to try to work with Katherine, but also assured her that he’d talk on her behalf. Malcolm arrived and told them that Lily asked for some personal belongings. Sofial departed with Malcolm to get the items.

          Daniel arrived to see Lily. When he walked into her room, Lily spotted Cane standing outside and started to freak out. Daniel reassured his ex that Cane may have came to mind out of her thoughts about him. Giving her a hug, he told her that he believed she was making progress. He shared the news about Billy and Victoria getting custody of Lucy.

          Cane went back to the estate and Genevieve questioned why he was late. He admitted that he was at the mental facility to see Lily. When she becomes upset by his doing so, he lets her know that Lily didn’t see him at all there. He worried on her reaction when everything came out in the open. Genevieve assured him that once everything was accomplished, he’d be back to his life with his family. In the meantime, Colin showed up at the coffee house to meet Neil. As he as getting the twins, Jill, who was on her way there, spotted him, and assumed that he had a change of plans and was going to head home so both of them could spend time with the children.

          Unaware that he is being followed by Jill, Colin arrives at the estate and headed to the airstrip. From the windows of the estate, Genevieve and Cane watched. Genevieve told Cane to head out to meet up with Colin and do as they had planned. The plane soon arrived and started to circle the estate, catching the attention of not only Colin, but Jill.

          Neil stopped at Lily’s and started to help Sofia and Malcolm gather the personal items. When he went to retrieve the list, he noticed an evelope. He opened it and learned that Cane had a twin brother and a sister. Neil was further stunned with the revelation that Colin was his father.

          On the Next The Young and the Restless…

          • Lily gets the letter from Cane
          • Cane’s presence brings Jill to her knees
          • Victor has words with Phyllis
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            Y&R Recap: Wednesday, June 8, 2011

            Y&R Recap: Wednesday, June 8, 2011

            ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, June 8, 2011.

            IT HAPPENED TODAY…

            Billy and Victoria decided to throw a small celebration party to welcome Lucy back to the Abbott home, after successfully adopting her. Victoria was especially happy that she could have Reed, as well as Delia there to join them. As they celebrated, Katherine showed up to talk to Victoria. She was crushed but understanding when Victoria turned her down in being CEO of Jabot. When Katherine let slip that Victor was the one that suggested Victoria for the position, Billy and Victoria became slightly suspicious. Katherine also learned from Victoria that Nikki wasn't in Genoa City, but at a rehabilitation facility. Katherine was upset that she wasn't aware about her close friend, but was glad that she was taking care of herself.

            Noah and Victor ran into one another at Crimson Lights. Victor was introduced to Hunter, Noah's friend from New York. When Victor became curious about the young girl, Noah quickly explained that they were friends. The two talked on Nikki's decision to go into rehab, but were interrupted by Jack's arrival. Jack was quick to gloat to Victor that it was only a matter of time before Katherine decides to put him back into the CEO position. Victor laughed in his face and asked if Katherine actually came to him about the position. Once again, another interruption took place, when a man came to hand Noah an envelope. Victor and Jack watched on as he opened it up to find a gas receipt and some loose change.

            Sharon and Sam were in the kitchen while he prepared dinner. She spotted a photograph of him and a woman with him, who he said was his sister. As she was looking around, she got to see his dog, O'Keefe, who he treated back to health. Sam mused that he was surprised that the dog took to her so quickly, since he wasn't fond of strangers right off. There soon was a knock on the door and the man who carjacked Sharon was standing on the other side. He wanted to know if Sam may have seen his wife and showed a picture of her. A terrified Sharon immediately recognized him and quickly turned away so she wasn't seen by him. Sam showed her the picture and she quickly said she hadn't seen her. The man tried to step inside but O'Keefe barked at him, prompting Sam to tell the man that they were unable to help them.

            Victor and Noah continued their conversation regarding Nikki, stressing to their grandson that she would come home new and improved. When Noah mentioned that he had nowhere to stay, Victor offered Sharon's home to him. Noah questioned on what Adam would think, and Victor corrected him by saying that Adam couldn't do anything about it, and that he could move in whenever he wanted. Victor soon departed and was once again approached by Jack, who asked about the Newman IPO. He wanted to buy up as much stock as he possibly could. Once again, Victor laughed in his face and told him that if Katherine gave him the position, he'd hand over a portion of stock to him.

            Adam was on his laptop when he began to fantasize about Sharon, who told him not to work o hard. He continued to dream about her telling him how she only wanted him, not money. His dream was cut short when Diane arrived, curious to know what he was doing. He shared that he had a plan to take down Victor and the majority of the stocks in the Newman IPO. DIane wanted to know what she had to do. Adam bluntly said that he wanted Diane to take on the role to kill Victor. When she told him she wanted no part in a plan of murder, he explained that it would only look like Victor was dead. He wanted Victor's death to come on the morning of the IPO launch. When people heard Victor had died, they would back out of buying stock, giving him the a chance to buy up as much as he could to be on the Newman board. When Diane questioned what she was getting out of it, Adam laughed at her, and said that the money wasn't going to be shared with her. Her job ws to try to seduce Victor and spirit him away. Diane soon realized that Adam only helped her to use her to get what he wanted.

            Victor showed up at Gloworm and met Katherine. She shared the news that Victoria turned down the position of CEO. Victor was disappointed that his daughter didn't want it and soon debated on taking the company off her hands himself. He shared with Katherine how he wanted to have Jabot so he could merge it with Beauty of Nature, creating a huge cosmetics company. Katherine pointed out that she wanted Jabot disconnected from Chancellor Industries and told her friend she would think long and hard on his proposal. The minute Victor left the restaurant, Jack swooped down on Katherine for an answer on whether she would place him in the position of CEO. Katherine killed his hopes when she said that due to his past issues when he was in Jabot, she couldn't take that chance in trusting him again. Jack was further insulted when Katherine let it be known that Victor was very interested in Jabot.

            Noah arrived at the Athletic Club and gave Adam Sharon's coin purse, letting him know that he's sure he'd want to have something of hers to remember her by. When Adam learned that Noah would be staying at Sharon's house, he encouraged the young man that Sharon would have wanted him to stay there. When he left, Diane and he looked at the gas receipt, curious to know why the date was two days before Sharon arrived there.

            On the Next The Young and the Restless…

            • Cane gets a warning from Genevieve
            • Neil has some questions for Sofia
            • Colin continues his plans to snatch the twins
            • The Young and the Restless
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              Baby Blues: 'One Life to Live' Launches Teen Pregnancy Video Blog

              ( — Could Destiny Evans (Shenell Edmonds) be carrying a comatose Matthew Buchanan’s (Eddie Alderson) baby? That’s the topic up for discussion on “One Life’s” latest online video blog hosted by Edmonds and her cast mate Kristen Alderson (Starr), whose character experienced her own teen pregnancy storyline in 2008.

              According to a spokesperson for the soap, Alderson will soon be drawn into the storyline when “Starr becomes a voice for reason for Destiny, who recently shared her first sexual experience with Matthew, as Starr wonders if she could be pregnant.” The blog was launched on Friday, June 10.

              “ABC Daytime has a long history of entertaining while informing, using the strong foundation of a core characters to take the audience on an emotional journey while prompting discussion among our viewers. With the support of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, OLTL’s 2008 teen pregnancy story explored 16-year-old Starr Manning’s first sexual experience and resulting pregnancy. ABC Daytime first partnered with The National Campaign in 1998 for the telling of Jessica’s story on OLTL and again for Lulu’s pregnancy on ‘General Hospital,’” states a press release.

              The baby drama begins to heat up the week of June 13 when Starr has a few questions to Destiny about her recent rendezvous with Matthew.

              You can watch the video blog below:

              • One Life to Live
              • General Hospital
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                Noel Maxam Replacing Gary Tomlin as Co-Executive Producer of 'Days of our Lives?'

                ( — After news broke on Thursday, June 9 that Gary Tomlin was out as co-executive producer of NBC's "Days of our Lives," the two questions left unanswered were whether or not the soap would replace Tomlin or if executive producer Ken Corday would take on full-time duties as the shows sole EP. According to sources, the soap has indeed opted to replace Tomlin with someone new.

                The name being circulated since news of Tomlin's ouster became public yesterday has been Noel Maxam, who joined "DAYS" as a Producer/Director in August 2007. In late 2008, Maxam was promoted to Supervising Producer. Beginning his daytime career with "The Young and the Restless" in 1997 as an Associate Director, Maxam directed a number of episodes at the drama series starting in 1999 until his departure in August 2007 to join "DAYS." Both "Y&R" and "DAYS" are co-produced by Sony Pictures Television.

                Although a "Days of our Lives" representative was unable to confirm our report of Tomlin's ouster and who would be replacing him, Soap Opera Network has learned exclusively that the soap will is likely to announce the ouster of Tomlin and officially name his successor on Monday, June 13.

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