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Y&R Recap: Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, June 8, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, June 8, 2011.


Billy and Victoria decided to throw a small celebration party to welcome Lucy back to the Abbott home, after successfully adopting her. Victoria was especially happy that she could have Reed, as well as Delia there to join them. As they celebrated, Katherine showed up to talk to Victoria. She was crushed but understanding when Victoria turned her down in being CEO of Jabot. When Katherine let slip that Victor was the one that suggested Victoria for the position, Billy and Victoria became slightly suspicious. Katherine also learned from Victoria that Nikki wasn't in Genoa City, but at a rehabilitation facility. Katherine was upset that she wasn't aware about her close friend, but was glad that she was taking care of herself.

Noah and Victor ran into one another at Crimson Lights. Victor was introduced to Hunter, Noah's friend from New York. When Victor became curious about the young girl, Noah quickly explained that they were friends. The two talked on Nikki's decision to go into rehab, but were interrupted by Jack's arrival. Jack was quick to gloat to Victor that it was only a matter of time before Katherine decides to put him back into the CEO position. Victor laughed in his face and asked if Katherine actually came to him about the position. Once again, another interruption took place, when a man came to hand Noah an envelope. Victor and Jack watched on as he opened it up to find a gas receipt and some loose change.

Sharon and Sam were in the kitchen while he prepared dinner. She spotted a photograph of him and a woman with him, who he said was his sister. As she was looking around, she got to see his dog, O'Keefe, who he treated back to health. Sam mused that he was surprised that the dog took to her so quickly, since he wasn't fond of strangers right off. There soon was a knock on the door and the man who carjacked Sharon was standing on the other side. He wanted to know if Sam may have seen his wife and showed a picture of her. A terrified Sharon immediately recognized him and quickly turned away so she wasn't seen by him. Sam showed her the picture and she quickly said she hadn't seen her. The man tried to step inside but O'Keefe barked at him, prompting Sam to tell the man that they were unable to help them.

Victor and Noah continued their conversation regarding Nikki, stressing to their grandson that she would come home new and improved. When Noah mentioned that he had nowhere to stay, Victor offered Sharon's home to him. Noah questioned on what Adam would think, and Victor corrected him by saying that Adam couldn't do anything about it, and that he could move in whenever he wanted. Victor soon departed and was once again approached by Jack, who asked about the Newman IPO. He wanted to buy up as much stock as he possibly could. Once again, Victor laughed in his face and told him that if Katherine gave him the position, he'd hand over a portion of stock to him.

Adam was on his laptop when he began to fantasize about Sharon, who told him not to work o hard. He continued to dream about her telling him how she only wanted him, not money. His dream was cut short when Diane arrived, curious to know what he was doing. He shared that he had a plan to take down Victor and the majority of the stocks in the Newman IPO. DIane wanted to know what she had to do. Adam bluntly said that he wanted Diane to take on the role to kill Victor. When she told him she wanted no part in a plan of murder, he explained that it would only look like Victor was dead. He wanted Victor's death to come on the morning of the IPO launch. When people heard Victor had died, they would back out of buying stock, giving him the a chance to buy up as much as he could to be on the Newman board. When Diane questioned what she was getting out of it, Adam laughed at her, and said that the money wasn't going to be shared with her. Her job ws to try to seduce Victor and spirit him away. Diane soon realized that Adam only helped her to use her to get what he wanted.

Victor showed up at Gloworm and met Katherine. She shared the news that Victoria turned down the position of CEO. Victor was disappointed that his daughter didn't want it and soon debated on taking the company off her hands himself. He shared with Katherine how he wanted to have Jabot so he could merge it with Beauty of Nature, creating a huge cosmetics company. Katherine pointed out that she wanted Jabot disconnected from Chancellor Industries and told her friend she would think long and hard on his proposal. The minute Victor left the restaurant, Jack swooped down on Katherine for an answer on whether she would place him in the position of CEO. Katherine killed his hopes when she said that due to his past issues when he was in Jabot, she couldn't take that chance in trusting him again. Jack was further insulted when Katherine let it be known that Victor was very interested in Jabot.

Noah arrived at the Athletic Club and gave Adam Sharon's coin purse, letting him know that he's sure he'd want to have something of hers to remember her by. When Adam learned that Noah would be staying at Sharon's house, he encouraged the young man that Sharon would have wanted him to stay there. When he left, Diane and he looked at the gas receipt, curious to know why the date was two days before Sharon arrived there.

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