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OLTL PreVUE: Week of June 13 Edition

OLTL PreVUE: Week of June 13 Edition

OLTL PreVUE: Week of June 13 Edition

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what’s happening on “One Life to Live” during the week of June 13, 2011.


Cutter enjoys watching Rama continue to lie to Vimal about the baby. Vimal catches Rama and Cristian locking lips on Thursday, June 16. Being a gentleman, Cristian takes the blame and apologizes for his actions. Rama warns Cutter, while Vimal throws Cristian out. Rama is shocked to learn Vimal’s parents are coming to visit them. Cristian makes a confession to Rama. On Friday, June 17, Rama and Cutter try to one-up each other. Elsewhere, the man with Todd’s old face watches Starr and has a chat with Sam. Later, he spots another familiar face — Blair.

The Inside Story: Strange Bedfellows
Natalie leans on John after finding out Clint is dying. The pair share a close moment, but remain unable to bridge the gap between them, and part on good terms. Meanwhile, Brody and Viki receive some disappointing news about Tess on Monday, June 13. Viki disagrees with Brody’s suggestion. Ford comes to Tess’ rescue. Brody realizes Jessica may never come back. Ford and Tess confess their true feelings to one another. Brody seeks a change of scenery, but not before he and Natalie give in to temptation on Tuesday, June 14. Téa attempts to reason with John, who points a gun at taunting Todd. Ford and Tess make love, as to Natalie and Brody. Ford asks Cutter to divorce Tess. Brody and Natalie are happy. Jessica fights Tess for control, and later spots Brody and Natalie kissing. On Friday, June 17, Natalie defends her actions to her sister. Jessica squares off against Aubrey over Ryder. Rama persuades Cutter to agree to Ford’s demands. And Ford returns with good news only to find Tess has disappeared.

A Closer Look: Matters of the Heart
Roxy learns of Rex and Gigi’s wedding plans on Monday, June 13, and asks a favor of Gigi. Rex tells Clint he’s sorry. However, his apology falls on deaf ears, and father and son remain at odds. Roxy gives Rex and Gigi the tape recorder as a gift. Nora won’t even consider the possibility of donating Matthew’s heart to Clint. Bo realizes they will soon have a difficult decision to make regarding their son. Clint remains unaware of his nephew’s condition on Tuesday, June 14, but admits he would never sacrifice Matthew’s life to save his own. He remains adamant even when Viki informs him that it appears Matthew may not recover. Destiny keeps vigil over Matthew. Starr tells Dani she knows that Destiny and Matthew had sex, and together they ponder if she might be pregnant on Wednesday, June 16.  Destiny lies to Starr. Bo and Nora remain determined not to give up on Matthew. By Friday, June 17, Viki tries to raise Clint’s spirits. Dr. Gangemi and the ER doctor discuss a possible heart for Clint. Viki is shocked to learn the identity of the donor. Clint receives the good news. And a grieving family is asked to make the ultimate sacrifice.

One Life to Live News and Headlines:


  • Blair meets someone unexpected.
  • Ford refuses to give up on Tess.
  • David returns to Llanview.
  • Rex makes Gigi a promise.
  • Bo seeks answers regarding his son’s accident.
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