How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

GH Recap: Friday, April 22, 2011

( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Friday, April 22, 2011.


Sonny confronts Anthony in jail, then presses Dante to break whatever laws necessary to protect his brother. Diane is concerned Michael is covering for Abby. Ronnie arrives at Abby’s with an arrest warrant. Johnny insists to Lulu that he sees Michael as a kindred spirit. Johnny arrives home to find Anthony ensconced in his penthouse – free from prison and ready to wreak havoc.

Sonny overhears Jax’s warnings to Brenda, and they have an angry confrontation, leaving Brenda shaken.

Jason reels from Michael’s words that he has modeled his life after Jason. Sam arrives home with the news that she is able to have Jason’s baby.

On the Next General Hospital…

  • A self-destructive Luke rants to Sam about Jason.
  • Abby is arrested for Brandon’s murder.
  • Maxie tries to set up Elizabeth.


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    AMC PreVUE: Week of April 25 Edition

    ( — A look at what’s happening on “All My Children” during the week of April 25, 2011.


    Greenlee sees Madison’s gift for Ryan on Monday, April 25. Scott & Madison’s connection flourishes. Ryan & Greenlee discuss the fact that a hit-man officiated their wedding. On Tuesday, April 26, rattled by Jake’s reaction to Cara’s resignation from the hospital, Amanda decides she needs to take drastic action. Kendall delivers a message to Cara from Griffin. Tad & the girls try to cheer up Cara. Marissa agrees to go on a double date with JR after he tells her that he’s found the perfect blind date for Bianca. Fate gets in the way of JR’s plans. Bianca is caught off guard by her disappointed date’s observation on Wednesday, April 27. Maya & Colby get acquainted. On Friday, April 29, Asher defends a surprised Caleb to JR.

    The Inside Story: (Wo)Man In the Mirror
    Erica is positive she has identified her captor. Erica hits another dead end. On Wednesday, April 27, Asher tells a frustrated Caleb he wants to help him with Erica. The captor returns to Erica with a scrapbook detailing her life and eager to chat. An uncooperative Erica calls “Krystal” out as her captor. The captor tells Erica that (Erica) is not at all familiar with him/her. A mortified Krystal misinterprets a close moment between her & Jackson. Jackson refuses to let Krystal resign. Bianca encourages a frustrated Jack to keep an open mind about her mother. The captor agrees to e-mail Kendall & Bianca on Erica’s behalf. Erica briefly discusses her girls with the captor on Friday, April 29. Caleb makes a bee-line to Bianca to apologize after learning Asher hacked into her & Kendall’s e-mail accounts. Bianca suggests to Jack that he tape a video to Erica after talking with Caleb. Erica stares longingly at a picture of Jackson in the scrapbook. Krystal continues to support Jackson.

    A Closer Look: Target Practice
    Kendall assures Ryan that she can handle Ricky. Later, at Confusion, an unsettled Kendall plays along as Ricky admits his feelings for her. Kendall is not pleased when Griffin appears at her door. Griffin tells Kendall that he can’t leave her. Kendall confides in Ryan & Greenlee and the three then meet up with Griffin at a safe-house. Kendall details her plan to get the truth from Ricky on Tuesday, April 26. Griffin gives Kendall a tranquilizer to use on Ricky in case things get out of hand. Kendall tells Bianca the truth about Ricky. Bianca helps set up Ricky for the next phase of Kendall’s plan. On Thursday, April 28, Griffin & Kendall practice self-defense. The pair’s close moment is interrupted by Ricky’s call. Kendall makes a surprising confession to Ricky. A spying Griffin trips up after seeing Kendall & Ricky kiss. Kendall manages to distract Ricky before he sees Griffin. Kendall confronts the doc about his carelessness.

    All My Children News and Headlines:


    • Ryan proposes to Greenlee.
    • Madison and Scott make love.
    • Greenlee contemplates telling Ryan the truth; will she be beat to the punch?
    • Erica tries to outsmart her captor.
    • JR tells an upset Scott his plans to tear down the gatehouse.
    • All My Children
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      OLTL PreVUE: Week of April 25 Edition

      OLTL PreVUE: Week of April 25 Edition

      ( — A look at what’s happening on “One Life to Live” during the week of April 25, 2011.


      Starr and Deanna have a difference of opinion about her leaving town. Deanna tells James why she broke up with him. Starr confides in Blair. By Friday, April 29, Deanna announces she’s staying in Llanview. Blair eavesdrops on a conversation between Tomas and Calmar. Later, Blair and Tomas get closer while out on their date. Shaun remains suspicious of Tomas. Téa nearly gives up on Todd. Dani makes a confession to her mother. Nate and Dani are on the outs. Cutter tells Aubrey that Kelly is on to them, and the pair argue on Tuesday, April 26. Dorian soon issues the lovebirds a stern warning. Clint has some harsh words for Dorian, which Cutter overhears. And Rama and Cristian continue to bond.

      The Inside Story: Mentally Disturbed
      Natalie angrily confronts Marty on Monday, April 25, and inadvertently destroys a key piece of evidence. At the same time, Gigi unknowingly holds the key to unlocking the Marty’s secret. Brody is forced to question Rex after Jack files a complaint against him. John speaks with Dr. Buhari about Marty, and later agrees to have dinner with her. On Thursday, April 28, John tells Kelly about his plans for Marty. Meanwhile. Dr. Buhari urges Marty to tell the truth. Gigi and Rex each make a confession to the other. On Friday, April 29, Marty takes John by surprise. And Natalie arrives just as Rex and Gigi are about to listen what they think is a tape of Shane’s therapy session with Dr. Buhari.

      A Closer Look: Erika Slezak 40th Anniversary Episode (Wednesday, April 27)
      Niki watches Echo squirm on Tuesday, April 26. As Charlie arrives, Echo realizes her secret could exposed at any moment. Tess lets Ford in on her plan to gain custody of Ryder, which includes Niki Smith. Natalie informs Joey of Viki’s odd behavior. Niki pretends to be Viki and makes an announcement on the witness stand regarding Ryder on Wednesday, April 27. Meanwhile, Viki plays mind games with Jean Randolph as she fights for control. Jean takes over for Niki. Afterward, Viki faints. Joey and Natalie are concerned about their mother. Jean attempts to reason with Niki. Viki’s loved ones rally around her. On Thursday, April 28, the judge makes a shocking decision. And Aubrey makes a plea to the judge on Ryder’s behalf.

      One Life to Live News and Headlines:

      OLTL ALERTS: WEEK OF MAY 2, 2011

      • Todd awakens from his coma.
      • Tess turns up missing.
      • Natalie holds the truth in her hands.
      • Mattew confesses to someone.
      • The Mannings and the Morascos bump into one another.
      • One Life to Live
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        GH PreVUE: Week of April 25 Edition

        ( — A look at what’s happening on “General Hospital” during the week of April 25, 2011.


        Jason admits his doubts to Sam on Monday, April 25. Maxie questions Sam & Jason’s timing. Elizabeth & Lucky share a heartfelt moment. On Tuesday, April 26, Maxie realizes the emotional motivation behind Elizabeth’s decision. On Wednesday, April 27, Brenda reveals to Suzanne that she has agreed to run a DNA test on Lucian. Could that be the reason behind Lucian’s sudden disappearance? Lisa claims to be truly over Patrick. Anthony questions Johnny’s relationship with Lisa on Friday, April 29. Lisa continues to drug an unsuspecting Kristina and manages to gain complete access to the Drake home and Emma. Patrick heads back home.

        The Inside Story: Rock Bottom
        Sam is at a loss for words when Luke shows up at her door on a rampage against Jason. Luke waits alone in his office in the hopes that Jason will show up and kill him. Sam warns Lucky that his father is on a suicide mission. Lucky asks Nikolas for help in saving Luke’s life. Sonny arrives at Luke’s office and implores his friend to stop self-destructing on Tuesday, April 26. Luke decides to leave Port Charles but goes to see Elizabeth and Siobhan first. Tracy discovers Luke’s plans. Luke & Tracy insist to a hesitant Lulu, Nikolas & Ethan that Luke needs their help through an intervention. Lucky knocks out Luke. Kristina reaches out to a torn Ethan. On Thursday, April 28, The Spencers, Nikolas, Sonny, Carly and Steve encircle Luke in a surprise intervention for his alcohol addiction on a special episode of “General Hospital.”

        A Closer Look: Suspicious Minds
        Dante tells Sonny that he will prove his brother’s innocence the right way. On Monday, April 25, an enraged Michael punches Dante after he sabotages his attempt to take the fall for Abby. Dante refuses to back down despite his brother’s anger. Jason confronts Abby. Michael, Sam and Jason wonder who would plant a false witness to frame Abby. Meanwhile, Anthony’s plans surrounding Brandon’s murder come to light. Will Abby give into a concerned Sonny’s request and break things off with Michael for the duration of the murder investigation? Sonny issues Michael an ultimatum on Friday, April 29. Anthony listens in as Jason reveals that he believes Johnny set Abby up.

        General Hospital News and Headlines:

        GH ALERTS: WEEK OF MAY 2, 2011

        • A desperate Brenda lashes out at Sonny.
        • Lucian’s true identity is revealed.
        • Jax threatens Carly with a court battle over Josslyn.
        • Lucky and Siobhan decide to get married.
        • Elizabeth decides to tell Lucky the truth.
        • General Hospital
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          'One Life' Casting a Couple of New Minor Characters

          ( — “One Life to Live” may be going off the air in nine months, but that is stopping the show was casting more characters. Earlier this week, the soap put out two new audition scripts for upcoming minor roles.

          The first script is for the role of “Mr. Baker.” The scene opens in with two men standing near another man, a prisoner, who is unconsciousness. Mr. Baker goes to check on him after telling his partner that their agency is being shut down. He asks the prisoner if he has anything to tell them. However, he continues to set perfectly still with a vacant look in his eyes. Mr. Baker takes matters into his own hands and injects some sort of chemical compound into the prisoner’s neck, saying maybe this will finally get him to talk. The man remains silent and Mr. Baker turns to leave. But just as he starts to walk away, the prisoner firmly grips his arm. Surprised, Mr. Baker smiles at him and welcomes him back to reality. As the scene ends, he tells the prisoner that where he is doesn’t matter, so long as he remembers who he is.

          The second script is for a character named “Agent Kent.” The scene opens with with ordering “Jeff” not to move so that he can carry out his orders and kill him. Sarcastically, Jeff says that he remembers their last encounter, when he jumped him and took his clothes, and that they fit him much better. Agent Kent, however, doesn’t find it very amusing. Jeff says that he is feeling much better these days, since he is no longer being held against his will. Agent Kent tells him that it was smart move to hide away on the plane the way he did. Jeff says thank you. Growing more angry, Agent Kent scoffs at Jeff and tells him that he had to have known that he would catch up with him sooner or later. Jeff tries to reason with him, but Agent Kent raises his gun and states that he is no longer of any use to them. Trying to buy himself some time, Jeff claims he now has the information he wants. As the scene ends, Agent Kent thinks Jeff is just trying to save his life, even though Jeff says he has the info. with him. Even so, he tells Jeff his time is up and shoves his gun in his face.

          Remember that “One Life to Live” tries to throw viewers of the trail with these scripts by changing character names.

          In other news…

          Jessica Leccia returns as Inez Salinger on Tuesday, May 3 in scenes with her eldest son Robert Ford (David A. Gregory) and baby Ryder.

          Radio DJ Carolina Bermudez next airs as WVL-TV News Reporter Blanca Morales, on Wednesday, May 4, when she clashes with Destiny (Shenell Edmonds) over who murdered Eddie Ford.

          Matthew Conlon reprises his role of Paris art gallery owner M. Claude Calmar on Friday, April 22, when he comes to Llanview to visit Tomas (Ted King). He will also air on Monday, April 25 and Monday, May 2.

          Tamela Aldridge continues to air through at at least early May as therapist Dr. Sabrina Buhari.

          Angelo Lanza was cast in an Under 5 role back in March.

          Carlos Gonzalez recently appeared as “Officer Garcia” on “OLTL.” On his website, which also includes a picture of him in his Llanview Police uniform, he wrote “Most Recently I worked as Officer Garcia in a recurring role on the very long running and successful soap ‘One Life To Live’ on ABC opposite Mark Lawson who plays Brody Lovett. I had a small role, but none-the-less I felt honored to be working with such a talented and successful cast. Whether you’re a fan of soaps or not, it’s definitely hard to deny the fact that the plots draw you in. I have experience in theater and film, but have to say soap work is the fastest and most organized form of TV production I’ve ever seen. Just like in comedy, you have to earn your stripes by doing as many gigs, gaining stage time experience before moving on to to radio or TV. I consider myself an actor before I do a comedian because it is my first passion. However, through time I have established a strong love for both. Let’s put it this way, if I were married to acting, comedy would be my ‘sister wife’….I know, that’s pretty disgusting, but it’s comedy people! I had a blast working on the set. I look forward to continuing working on ‘OLTL’! Stay tuned for dates and times!”

          Angela Lin appeared in the Thursday, April 7 episode on “One Life.”

          Twin infants Matthew and Nicholas Urbanowicz are the baby actors who portray Ryder Ford; it remains unknown if they also play baby Liam McBain, or if it is another set of infants.

          Philippe Bernardin played a Guard on Friday, April 8.

          Rachel Moss played a Student on Tuesday, March 29.

          And John Rochette appeared in an episode of “OLTL” last month. Rochette taped the episode earlier this year, posting on his website on January 13 that “Shooting a ‘One Life to Live’ episode today. Playin a doctor.”

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            Video: Oprah Winfrey Responds to Fans Request to Save ABC Soaps

            ( — One week after ABC cancelled “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” and thousands upon thousands of fans bombarding Internet message boards with post after post begging the media mogul to save their soaps, Oprah Winfrey speaks publicly on the issue for the first time. While sympathizing with the disgruntled viewers, Winfrey explains why the cancelled soaps will have no place on her cable/satellite network OWN. The announcement comes as a blow to those hoping for a last minute reprieve “AMC” and “OLTL,” after both shows were given the death penalty by ABC Daytime President Brian Frons.

            You can watch Winfrey’s full video statement below:

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            • One Life to Live
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              Y&R Recap: Thursday, April 21, 2011

              Y&R Recap: Thursday, April 21, 2011

              ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Thursday, April 21, 2011.

              IT HAPPENED TODAY…

              Lily can't believe that Cane is truly standing across from her. She tells him that she held him in her arms when he died; he tells her that he's always going to be there for her; their love will never die. She questions if anyone else can see or touch him. He chuckles that he doesn't know. She reaches out and puts her hand on his chest; and can't believe that she can actually touch him.

              Noah and Nick talk about the funeral arrangements for Sharon. He's still upset at how he left things with her before she "died". Nick is surprised when Noah tells him about the conversation they had. He says he believes that Victor was talking on his love for his family, despite what has gone on. Just then, Victor arrives offering to help with anything they may need.

              Adam talks aloud to Sharon, sorry that he talked her into running away. He says he doesn't know how to deal with her being gone. He would do whatever just to have her back in his life. Over in New Mexico, Sharon and Sam are slowly bonding as he is checking out his newborn ewe. He hands it to her and she names it. He compliments her smile and she admits it's been some time since she's smiled.

              As Victoria and Lucy are having mommy and baby time, Billy is at the bank looking at the video of Jana. When the bank clerk arrives, she asks if he recognizes her. Billy quickly tells her no; but wants to make sure that all of his records was changed and passwords updated. She assures him that it is all taken care of. Unfortunately for Billy, Kevin and Jana continue to probe into who's account number they have belongs to. Across from them, Daniel watches on, wondering what they may have found out.

              Sharon bonds with the newborn animal when Sam asks her for a favor. He asks her what wine would be good for a dinner he is having with a lady friend who is coming over. She names off a few suggestions to him. While Sam and Sharon are bonding, Adam prays for his mom to watch over Sharon. As he is talking, the pastor stops by the pew and asks Adam if he is in need of help. Adam asks him why God took his mother and the woman that he loved. When he says her name, the pastor asks what relationship they had, and Adam tells him. The pastor sits next to him as Adam grieves. Meanwhile, Noah, Nick and Victor have made the funeral arrangements, making sure that things are kept private. Victor offers to take them to the church; and they all leave the tact house, unaware that Adam is there.

              As Jana and Kevin are talking about someone buying Lucy. Jana comments that on the fact that despite someone buying her, she could be in a good home. Kevin scoffs that regardless of who has her, they are criminals for buying his niece in the first place. Jana, however, gushes on how they make a good team, just as Daniel comes up to them, wanting to know what's going on. She lies and tells him that Kevin is helping her with her taxes. Once she leaves, Daniel digs for information, and Kevin tells him about the bank account numbers she found. Daniel feigns that he has to pick up something but would be back.

              Lily gushes that she knew that he was real and that she wasn't making things up. She tells him about seeing someone about how she was having a hard time coping. When she comments that if everyone knew the truth, they'd think she were crazy. Cane tells Lily that she must not tell anyone that she's seen him; she must keep his being alive a secret. Lily asks about the picture on the grave and Cane tells her it is a picture of his sister, Samantha. Before she can ask anymore questions, Jill and Colin get out of the car to approach the tombstone. Cane hurriedly tells her he has to leave. Lily wonders how she will see him again. He tells her he'll find her and quickly leaves.

              In the barn, Sharon talks to the ewe, saying that her family are better off without her in their lives. She says that although it would be hard, she knows that they are better off. Meanwhile, the pastor tells Adam that he should stay and see if the family would need any assistance with the funeral preparations. Adam quickly says that Noah is handling things. The pastor leaves and as Adam is set to leave, also, he's face-to-face with Victor, Noah and Nick. Adam scoffs that he can't be apart of the funeral arrangements; Noah tells him that he wants him no where near the funeral. Victor in turn tells him that he has no place there. When Adam points out that Victor is to blame for what happened to Sharon, Victor turns it around and says that Adam caused everything due to his diabolical ways. He wants Adam nowhere near the service.

              Billy and Victoria are playing with Lucy when Jana arrives. Wanting to possibly keep Jana happy, Billy offers to give her a raise for all her hard work in watching Lucy. Jana happily accepts. When she departs, Vicky talks about the funeral service. Billy comments that he thinks that with what has happened, they should update their wills and find a possible guardian for her Lucy.

              Daniel arrives back at Crimson Lights and asks Kevin how things are going with the account numbers that Jana gave him. He tells Daniel that he's not making any headway but he's going to keep working at it. When a situation occurs at the counter, Kevin leaves the computer to go help. Daniel takes out a device and swipes it across the computer, erasing the information on the computer. When the files disappears, Daniel makes a hasty exit. When Jana arrives, they go back to look at the files, only to find out that they are gone. Meanwhile Daniel visits Lily and admits what he did.

              Jill and Colin apologize for intruding on Lily's time with Cane at the grave. They try their best to comfort her but a distracted Lily barely hears them. Jill talks on he bringing the twins over for a Easter egg hunt; Lily quickly says she may have plans with her dad and the rest. She hurries away; Jill and Colin both believe that she is still having a hard time with Cane's death. As they are at Cane's grave, Jill softly admits how much she misses him, unaware that he is watching them both from a distance.

              Adam tells Victor that Sharon would want him there at the funeral, but Nick angrily cuts him off, telling him that he is not wanted there; either leave or get thrown out. As things begin to escalate, the pastor returns and lectures them for their behavior in the Lord's house. Adam smugly tells him to meet Sharon's family. A snappy Noah whines that they are Sharon's only family. The pastor informs Adam that the family have made their wishes known and to leave out the back way. When he leaves, Noah and the pastor go to discuss the arrangements, while Noah laments to Victor that he thinks Adam is going to crash the funeral. Victor sniffs and tells his grandson to let him.

              On the Next The Young and the Restless…

              • Jack wants to know why Phyllis has been avoiding him.
              • Adam taunts DA Walsh to arrest him.
              • Kevin realizes that Daniel is lying about the baby.
              • The Young and the Restless
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                AMC Recap: Thursday, April 21, 2011

                ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Thursday, April 21, 2011.

                IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                Erica tries to make a deal with her captor to let her go but gets no response. She tries to bust out but has no success with that either. Opal tries to reassure Jackson that Erica’s disappearance can be explained. Krystal shows up and Opal tells Caleb to spend more time with her because she is getting too cozy with Jack. Caleb’s not interested though especially since he still has hope things will work out with him and Erica. Krystal consoles Jack and says she is there for him, whenever he needs her.

                Kendall tells Ryan that she might have proof Zach was murdered but cannot find Ricky’s name on the payment list for the Casino owners, but she does find Diana’s name. She reveals to Ryan that she suspects Ricky, but isn’t ready to involve the police just yet or falsely accuse anyone. Ricky overhears Tad and Cara talking about Griffin faking a ruptured spleen and he passes what he’s heard on to Liza who demands to see XRAY proof. Cara wants to fake the XRAY but Tad and Griffin make it clear she can’t otherwise she could be deported since it’s a felony. Griffin tells Liza that he is feeling better and she insists he go back to jail. Cara tells Kendall to stay away from her brother, worried he will wind up dead because of her. Kendall is able to convince Cara to help create a diversion from the police and tells Griffin she’s busting him out.

                On the Next All My Children…

                • Cara sets off a fire alarm in an effort to help Griffin escape.
                • Ricky tells Ryan that he wishes he could find a way to help Kendall let go.
                • Frankie worries that David might be trying to hurt Angie.


                • All My Children
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                  OLTL Recap: Thursday, April 21, 2011

                  OLTL Recap: Thursday, April 21, 2011

                  ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Thursday, April 21, 2011.

                  IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                  Marty hears John making plans with Kelly. Marty pays a visit to Kelly and suggests she could break up Kelly and John the same way she broke up Natalie and John. Kelly alerts John to Marty’s discomfiting visit and he goes to talk to Dr. Buhari about her, but instead he runs into Natalie. Marty tells Dr. Buhari that Liam is John’s baby, not Brody’s. Brody brings Liam to the hospital to comfort Natalie.

                  Tomas pays a visit to Todd and is going to do something to him with a syringe when Dani and Nate interrupt him. They find the dropped syringe which the nurse says is not the kind used at the hospital. Nate thinks Tomas dropped it and Shaun advises them to tell the police. Tomas makes a mysterious phone call saying he was alone with Todd but unable to finish the job.

                  Blair makes Jack work at Capricorn over his vacation. She steps out and two thugs come in and rough him up, warning him to stay away from Shane. Tomas enters just in time and fights off the thugs, which Blair sees.

                  Gigi and Rex take Shane for a therapy session and Gigi is upset that she can’t be in on Shane’s sessions or know what he’s telling the doctor. Blair leaves Jack at the hospital briefly, and Shane and Jack are face to face.

                  Rex hears about Clint’s heart attack and acts uninterested (to Natalie’s dismay). But later when he tells Gigi about it, we see he’s rocked.

                  Bo learns of Clint’s heart attack from Brody.

                  On the Next One Life to Live…

                  • John is emotional while holding Liam.
                  • Marty and Natalie bump into one another.
                  • Gigi makes a spur of the moment decision.
                  • One Life to Live
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                    GH Recap: Thursday, April 21, 2011

                    GH Recap: Thursday, April 21, 2011

                    ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Thursday, April 21, 2011.

                    IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                    Concern for Michael is growing on several fronts. Abby counsels Michael that he has nothing to prove and instead should pursue the best life possible as Jason advised. Lulu visits Johnny, appealing to him not to involve Michael in the mob. Dante gets word there is cell phone footage implicating Michael in Brandon’s murder. Ronnie advises Michael to confess or Dante will lose his badge.

                    Shawn refuses Jax, insisting he wants to see through protecting Josslyn from Franco. Carly and Brenda have a showdown and Carly warns Brenda NEVER to come between her kids and Sonny. Jax visits Brenda, and they get into a heated discussion over Sonny’s dangerous influence on children.

                    Sam enjoys teasing Jason about what happens during a gynecological visit. Carly finds Sam in tears after her appointment with Dr. Kelly Lee.

                    On the Next General Hospital…

                    • Sonny confronts Anthony in jail.
                    • Johnny insists to Lulu that he sees Michael as a kindred spirit.
                    • Ronnie arrives at Abby’s with an arrest warrant.


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