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( — ABC’s “All My Children” and NBC’s “Days of our Lives” are the only soaps up year-over-year in total viewers. CBS’ “Guiding Light” continues to erode the most viewers year-over-year (down 412,000 viewers compared to the Week of December 31, 2007). The series did, however, gain 175,000 viewers from the week prior. “General Hospital” and “DAYS” tied for #2 in women 18-49 (1.4 rating), but DAYS had a larger share (8 share vs 7 share for “GH”) and about 47,000 more Women 18-49 viewers.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” had a 1.3 in Women 18-49 for its Friday broadcast, tying “AMC” and “OLTL.” Each soap had a 7 share in the demo. “The Young and the Restless” had a 1.9 rating and 10 share on Friday.

While “GH” is tied for fourth place in Women 18-34 (with “AMC”), it remains daytime’s youngest skewing drama series with a median age of 50.2. “OLTL” came close with its median age of 50.7. “GH’s” Friday broadcast had a median age of 49.8. “B&B” is the oldest skewing daytime drama with a median age of 58.6. ABC is the youngest skewing network with a median age of 50.8.

What follows are the daytime ratings results for the week of December 29, 2008 – January 2, 2009:

 Daytime Ratings:
Week of December 29, 2008
(in order of Households)

 Rank  ShowNetwork
change vs last week/last year)
 Total Viewers
(in millions;
change vs last
week/last year)
Women 18-49
change vs last week/last year)
 1The Young and the RestlessCBS3.8/11
5,385,000 (+131,000/-328,000)1.7/10
 2The Bold and the BeautifulCBS2.7/8
3,781,000 (+213,000/-249,000)1.2/6
 3Days of our LivesNBC2.3/7
3,282,000 (+275,000/+180,000)


 4General HospitalABC2.1/6
2,865,000 (-90,000/-180,000)1.4/7
 5All My ChildrenABC2.0/6
2,838,000 (+152,000/-394,000)1.2/7
 As The World TurnsCBS2.0/6
2,776,000 (+44,000/+83,000)1.0/5
 One Life to LiveABC2.0/6
2,710,000 (-59,000/same)1.2/6
 8Guiding LightCBS1.6/5
2,232,000 (+175,000/-412,000)0.9/5

Source: NTI Live+SD

Soap Opera Episode Rankings:
Week of December 29, 2008
(in order of Total Viewers)

 Household Rating

 Total Viewers
(in millions)
The Young and the Restless
 5,648,000 Friday
2The Young and the RestlessCBS3.7 5,471,000 Wednesday
3The Young and the Restless CBS3.6 5,312,000 Tuesday
4The Young and the RestlessCBS3.9 5,193,000 Monday
5The Bold and the BeautifulCBS2.73,976,000 Wednesday
6The Bold and the BeautifulCBS2.7 3,919,000 Friday
7The Bold and the BeautifulCBS2.9 3,728,000 Monday
8The Bold and the BeautifulCBS2.6 3,694,000 Tuesday
9Days of our LivesNBC2.43,353,000
10Days of our LivesNBC2.3 3,329,000 Friday
11Days of our LivesNBC2.2 3,163,000 Tuesday
12General Hospital
2.3 3,117,000 Friday
13Days of our LivesNBC2.3


14 All My Children
15General HospitalABC2.2 2,989,000 Monday
16One Life to Live
ABC2.1 2,910,000 Friday
17As The World TurnsCBS2.1 2,874,000Friday
18As The World TurnsCBS2.0 2,851,000 Tuesday
19All My ChildrenABC2.1 2,828,000 Friday
20As The World TurnsCBS2.12,790,000 Monday
21One Life to LiveABC2.12,778,000 Monday
22All My ChildrenABC 1.9 2,502,000 Tuesday
23General HospitalABC 1.9 2,488,000 Tuesday
24One Life to LiveABC 1.82,441,000 Tuesday
Guiding Light
CBS 1.7 2,440,000 Friday
26Guiding LightCBS 1.6 2,244,000 Tuesday
27Guiding LightCBS 1.7 2,212,000 Wednesday
28General Hospital – repeat of 10/31/07 episode
ABC1.4 2,055,000Wednesday
29One Life to Live – repeat of 10/01/08 episodeABC 1.3 1,896,000 Wednesday
30All My Children – repeat of 10/22/08 episodeABC 1.5 1,888,000 Wednesday
31As The World Turns – Pre-emptedCBS N/A N/AWednesday
32Guiding Light – Pre-emptedCBS N/A N/A Wednesday
33All My Children –Pre-emptedABC N/A N/A Thursday
34As The World Turns – Pre-emptedCBS N/A N/AThursday
35The Bold and the Beautiful – Pre-emptedCBS N/A N/A Thursday
36Days of our Lives – Pre-emptedNBCN/A N/A Thursday
37General Hospital – Pre-emptedABC N/A N/A Thursday
38Guiding Light – Pre-empted CBS N/A N/A Thursday
39One Life to Live – Pre-emptedABC N/A N/A Thursday
40 The Young and the Restless – Pre-emptedCBS N/A N/A Thursday
  Legend: Most Watched Episode
 Did Not Count Least Watched Episode

Source: NTI Live+SD

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