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GH Quick Peeks: Week of November 29 Edition

GH Quick Peeks: Week of November 29 Edition

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 3:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “General Hospital” Quick Peeks for the Week of November 29, 2010.


  • Monday: (Episode #12192) — Sonny and Brenda have a date night.  Spinelli questions Sonny.  Sam has a stalker.  Robin tells Patrick he can take her home. (Rated: TVPG L)
  • Tuesday: (Episode #12193) — Lucky is issued a new assignment from Interpol.  Carly asks Spinelli to keep digging for dirt on Brenda and Dante.  Lisa’s video goes viral on the Internet.  Maxie accidentally interrupts Robin and Partick’s tender moment. (Rated: TVPG L)
  • Wednesday: (Episode #12194) — Jason wants Sam to move in with him.  Lulu is warned about Dante by both Luke and Tracy.  Carly watches Sonny and Jax competing against one another for Brenda’s affections.  Maya cheats at cards to keep from sharing a bed with Ethan. (Rated: TVPG L, S)
  • Thursday: (Episode #12195) — Jax makes a promise to protect Brenda.  Robin gets up in Lisa’s face over her confession.  Tracy asks Lulu to be her maid of honor.  Luke has some advice for Sonny. (Rated: TVPG L)
  • Friday: (Episode #12196) — Sam is rescued by Jason.  Robin tells Patrick that she isn’t ready to work on their marriage yet.  Ethan accompanies Lisa when she  goes to see Johnny.  Jax searches for Jerry. (Rated: TVPG L, S, V)

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