Surprise Return? Kimberlin Brown Reveals Recent Visit to ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (Updated)

Kimberlin Brown, Kimberlin Brown Pelzer, Sheila Carter, The Bold and the Beautiful
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UPDATE: 05/03/2021: Kimberlin Brown posted additional images on her Instagram page today that provided a better understanding of why she returned last week to Television City where “The Bold and the Beautiful” is shot.

In one photo, Brown says, “A great day [for] taping for an upcoming special! More information to follow.” She was seen in a photo sitting down in front of a green screen. In another photo, Brown shared an image of herself wearing the same outfit as the first while in a dressing room. Additionally, according to Soap Opera Digest, fans shouldn’t expect to see a comeback for Brown on “B&B” anytime soon as her visit “was not for storyline purposes” setside sources told the publication.

PREVIOUS 05/02/2021: Although it isn’t clear at this time if she’ll soon be reprising her role as Sheila Carter on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” actress Kimberlin Brown recently shared a screenshot of her vehicle pass as she recently visited Stage 31 at Television City where the soap tapes.

“I had a wonderful time yesterday,” posted Brown on Instagram yesterday, referring to her visit on Friday, April 30. No additional information was shared by Brown.

What’s notable about the image shared by Brown was that she had attempted to blacken out the name of the person who requested her vehicle pass. Savvy soap fans were quick to spot the name of “B&B’s” casting associate which lends some credence to a possible on-air appearance by the actress in the near future.

The actress last made a surprise return to “B&B” in 2017, after a 14-year absence, but by March 2018 she would exit the series as she would later secure the Republican nomination in California’s 36th district to run against Democrat incumbent Raul Ruiz. She lost to Ruiz in the general election.

When viewers last saw Sheila, she had a smile on her face seemingly plotting her next bout of revenge against those who’ve crossed her — in this case, Eric (John McCook) and Quinn (Rena Sofer).

Watch a clip from Sheila and Quinn’s epic catfight below.

Will Sheila’s storyline soon continue? We’ll just have to keeping tuning into “B&B” weekdays on CBS to find out!