Kimberlin Brown Wins Republican Nomination in California’s 36th District

Kimberlin Brown
Kimberlin for Congress

Former soap star  announced plans last October to run for Congress and she’s one step further to getting her chance!

Known professionally to soap fans as with her iconic portrayal of Sheila Carter on both “” and “,” the actress turned politician has officially secured the Republican nomination in California’s 36th district to run against Democratic incumbent Raul Ruiz during the November general election.

With polls closing at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, The New York Times reports Brown Pelzer received 22.9% of the votes during the California primary, the most of any Republican in the running, but less than half of what Ruiz attained (22.9% vs. 54.7%). Of the 72,244 total votes received from 288 of 288 precincts reporting, Pelzer received 16,539 votes. Ruiz received 39,527.

The New York Times

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