Has ‘Days of our Lives’ Recast EJ DiMera?

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Has ‘Days of our Lives’ Recast EJ DiMera?

Last portrayed by actor James Scott until 2014, "Days of our Lives" has reportedly recast the role of EJ DiMera. The character could return as early as this summer.

By Errol Lewis
James Scott, Days of our Lives, EJ DiMera
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Fans have been clamoring for the return of EJ DiMera on “Days of our Lives” ever since it was announced in 2014 that portrayer James Scott would not be renewing his contract with the daytime soap opera. Several false flags have made headlines in the years since Scott’s departure, most recently of Daniel Goddard (ex-Cane Ashby, “The Young and the Restless”) taking on the role. While the Goddard report proved untrue at the time, it looks like one thing is certain: EJ will be back in the near future.

In a recent interview with Nathan Flynn on his “Mission: Impodible – A Mission: Impossible TV Podcast,” “DAYS” star Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera) let it slip that the show has mapped out the return of the character via a recast.

He said, “I go back to ‘DAYS’ on the 8th. That’s going to be interesting cause I know they are bringing a recast of EJ. So, I have a feeling I’m going to be doing work with the brother of old.” Penghlis did not mention the name of the actor who will be playing the character, or, if in fact, the show had already hired said recast prior to Penghlis’ return to the show’s set earlier this month — the podcast was recorded in February, according to Jason47 on his “DAYS” Facebook page, citing clarification by Flynn himself. The soap is currently filming episodes set to begin airing this summer.

Listen to “Impossible Interviews: Thaao Penghlis (Nicholas Black from the ’88-’89 Series)” on Spreaker.

You can listen to Penghlis’ comments on EJ, among other matters, beginning at the 39:09 mark above.

While EJ was shot by Clyde Weston’s (James Read) henchman during an argument in the park, and Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) grieved his passing, it’s been revealed in recent years that EJ is very much alive. In 2018, Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) revealed to Sami that her brother survived the gunshot and had been kept alive by Stefano. Sami and EJ were reportedly reunited offscreen in Italy. Now that Sami has returned to Salem, it was only a matter of time before EJ came back, too.

In October 2020, Scott responded to a fan on his Instagram when they suggested he reach out to “DAYS” on a possible return. In his response, he said, “Please know that I will never. Never. Never. Never. Never. Go back to Hollywood let alone [‘Days of our Lives’]. There is nothing interesting there for me.”