‘Y&R’s’ Mishael Morgan and Camryn Grimes Take Over Hosting Duties of Revived ‘GC Buzz’ Chatfest

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‘Y&R’s’ Mishael Morgan and Camryn Grimes Take Over Hosting Duties of Revived ‘GC Buzz’ Chatfest

"The Young and the Restless" revives "GC Buzz" with a twist! Mishael Morgan and Camryn Grimes are the show's new hosts!

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Mishael Morgan, Camryn Grimes, The Young and the Restless
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With the fictional Genoa City out of commission for the time being and their characters living life in perpetuity until the show’s writers are able to get material from page to screen, “The Young and the Restless'” Mishael Morgan and Camryn Grimes have taken over hosting duties of “GC Buzz,” the gossip show hosted by their alter egos Hilary Curtis (Morgan now plays Amanda on the soap) and Mariah Copeland which ran from 2016-2018.

The duo will host two special episodes of the chatfest. The first episode will premiere today, May 7 and the second episode debuts on Friday, May 8. Featuring appearances by their “Y&R” cast members, the updated version of “GC Buzz” will be made available for viewing on the show’s social media platforms — Twitter (@YRInsider / @YandR_CBS), Instagram (@youngandRestlesscbs), and Facebook (@TheYoungandtheRestless) — starting at 6:00 p..m. EDT/3:00 p.m. PDT. You can also view the episodes on the show’s official website.

In an interview with TV Insider, Grimes and Morgan shared that the episodes were filmed using the Zoom platform. Talking about the project’s execution, Grimes says, “We had rehearsals to understand how this would all work. It takes away a bit of spontaneity, but I think we came up with something really great that will make everyone happy. We’re co-hosts but we’re also kind of writing and directing, too. Our team is so freaking incredible. They held our hands ever [sic] step of the way.” Morgan adds, “It’s about working with new parameters. We can’t talk over each other on Zoom. That would disrupt the flow. It’s all about learning new skills.”

A promo for the show can be viewed below.