Previewing ‘Y&R’s’ Week of ‘Katherine The Great’-Themed Episodes

CBS Sets Themed Week of ‘Y&R’ and ‘B&B’ Classic Episodes
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As previously reported, “” will air a full week of classic episodes beginning Monday, April 27 in place of brand new episodes. The first week’s worth will consist of episodes utilizing the theme “Katherine the Great,” a reference to iconic character Katherine Chancellor played by the late . The legendary actress passed away in May 2013.

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In addition to a breakdown of episodes below, make sure to watch this week’s promo filled with highlights of some of the best moments from Cooper’s years on the show.

Monday, April 27 (Episode #4305; OAD: May 1, 1990):

Tuesday, April 28 (Episode #7917; OAD: July 5, 2004):

  • Katherine’s loved ones, including Jill (), Brock (), granddaughter Mac (), and Lauren (), stage an intervention in the hopes she finally addresses her aberrant drinking problem. Meanwhile, Phyllis finally reveals the truth to Daniel () about his paternity, explaining Danny isn’t his biological father and that she tricked him into believing he was. Also, look for Dru () to have it out with Devon () about his growing friendship with Lily ().

Wednesday, April 29 (Episode #7918; OAD: July 6, 2004):

  • Continuing where the previous day’s episode left off, Katherine’s family walks out on her. As she falls asleep on the couch, Katherine is visited by “ghosts” from the past, including Phillip III () and Rex Sterling (). Phyllis and Christine argue. Lily defends Devon. Nicholas () protects Sharon () while Saron realizes Grace () is too close for comfort with Cameron ().

Thursday, April 30 (Episode #9116; OAD: April 3, 2009):

  • It’s a battle for the ages when Jill and Katherine get into a cake fight during Billy (then played by ) and Chloe’s () wedding reception at the Chancellor estate. Meanwhile, Ashley () has a chat with her brother over recent his shenanigans just as Mac () returns to town. Look for Sharon to come between Nick and Phyllis, and Patty Williams () pretending to be Mary Jane Benson.

Friday, May 1 (Episode #9137; OAD: May 4, 2009):

  • Katherine is marrying Murphy () at the Chancellor estate and everyone is invited. Paul sees a familiar face. Victor mixes words with Neil (), who Katherine has handed the CEO reigns to of Chancellor Industries. Nikki () is worried about Ashley.


CBS will air more theme-based episodes of “Y&R” for the foreseeable future due to the show running out of all-new episodes after suspending production last month due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s unknown at this time when the series will resume production or when said episodes will air. Stay tuned to Soap Opera Network as we provide you with the latest updates on “The Young and the Restless.”

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