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SNEAK PEEK: Xander Wants to Flock With Nicole on ‘Days of our Lives’

SNEAK PEEK: Xander Wants to Flock With Nicole on ‘Days of our Lives’

Get ready for spring flings week on “Days of our Lives” when several dynamic duos hit the floor and hit the sheets as things are about to go bang bang in Salem during the week of May 10-14, 2021, at least according to the latest weekly promo.

First up, the age-old saying, “birds of a feather flock together,” takes on a whole new meaning when Xander (Paul Telfer) blatantly asks Nicole (Arianne Zucker) if she wants to “flock” with him. In case it wasn’t already obvious what he meant it doesn’t take long for the two to get hot and heavy, which leads Nicole to question her decisions at the end of the week. Meanwhile, Jake (Brandon Barash) makes a promise to Gabi (Camila Banus) when it comes to who he wants to be with but can she trust him?

Later, “DAYS” is finally ready to light another luminous journey for Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), better known as “Lumi” to their fans. After getting locked in the now infamous wine cellar by Kristen (Stacy Heiduk), Sami lunges for Lucas’ face as she gets ready to slap him over something he says. Of course, he catches her hand and the two lean in for a demanding kiss.

Breaking things down, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) isn’t thrilled at Lucas and Sami for their deception on Monday, May 10, and on Tuesday, May 11, Sami soon pieces things together in terms of what Kristen has been up to. Continuing her snoopy ways on Wednesday, May 12, a curious Sami spies on Xander and Nicole, and on Thursday, May 13, Lucas becomes Kristen’s latest kidnap victim just as Sami gets trapped in another bad situation.

On Friday, May 14, Jake and Gabi are shocked when they are found out by Kate (Lauren Koslow) who was recently being held captive by Kristen, which means she didn’t break up with Jake after all. Uh, oh, Jake’s got some explaining to do.

LOOK FOR: A stunned Steve (Stephen Nichols) when he learns Rafe (Galen Gering) is on a date with Ava (Tamara Braun).

Watch a clip below of what to expect on “Days of our Lives” during the week of May 10-14, 2021.

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