‘B&B’s’ Darin Brooks Starring in ‘Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland’

Darin Brooks
Jill Johnson/JPI Studios

The Bold and the Beautiful’s” Darin Brooks (Wyatt Fuller) is heading back to “Blue Mountain State,” but don’t worry, he isn’t leaving the CBS soap. The actor, who starred in the Spike TV series from 2010 to 2011, has finished filming the movie sequel, “Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland.”

Brooks will be joined by Alan Ritchson and Chris Romano, who also starred in the Blue Mountain State series. The trio will resume their roles as Alex Moran, Thad Castle and Sammy Cacciatore, respectively.

The original series centered on the three incoming freshmen attending the Midwestern college football powerhouse, Blue Mountain State. As they adapted to college life, they juggled football, girls, classes and nonstop hazing.

In the movie, Thad goes pro after signing a hefty NFL contract and has a clean slate to start a new life. But when the smug, new school dean decides he wants to clean up the Blue Mountain State image by auctioning off the Goat House, Alex and Sammy reach out for Thad’s help. He agrees, if the Goat House will throw one last party. So, of course, they oblige.

The movie will be available on Digital HD on February 2. It can also be pre-ordered on the Blue Mountains State site.

In the interim, here’s a sneak peek of the movie via its official trailer: