WATCH: Kelly Sullivan Returns to ‘General Hospital’


If you tuned into the Friday, October 24 episode of ABC’s “,” you may have noticed a familiar face with a new do. Actress returned as the spirit of Connie Falconeri, who was murdered last year by Ava Jerome (), in scenes with ‘s Sonny Corinthos. The return of a normally blonde Sullivan to “GH” comes just days before the actress is set to make her debut as a brunette Sage Warner on CBS’ “.”

In the clip below, Sonny freely admits that he killed AJ Quartermaine (; now appearing on “” as Deacon Sharpe) and if given the opportunity again he doesn’t think things would have turned out any differently, but ultimately he let his son Michael () down. Connie then points out that in order for him to make up for what he’s done he’s going to now get revenge on Ava. “You’re damn straight I am,” he says.

To Recap: As a result of Connie’s writing the initials “AJ” when questioned who was responsible for her attack just before she succumbed to her gun shot wounds, Sonny made it his mission to get revenge against AJ who was later found not guilty of the crime. Still not knowing the truth, Sonny walked in on AJ strangling a guilty Ava and shot the only biological son of Monica and Alan Quartermaine ( and ). After several near death moments, AJ finally died in his hospital bed after revealing to to ex-wife Carly Corinthos () that it was Sonny who did this to him. Ironically enough, Carly kept the secret of who really shot and killed AJ and is now having an affair with Sonny behind the back of her fiancé Franco ().

Sullivan debuts as Sage on “Y&R” beginning Tuesday, October 28.


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