‘B&B’s’ Katherine Kelly Lang Hits Hard In Ironman Triathalon

Nils Nilsen/IRONMAN

’s” (Brooke Logan) is on fire! Not only did the athletic actress ace the Abu Dhabi International Triathalon that took place on March 15 in the United Arab Emirates, she followed up the tough challenge by also acing the difficult Ironman triathalon that took place this past Saturday in Oceanside, California!

The busy actress managed to finish the 70.3-mile triathalon  (the half version of the most grueling endurance event in the world, consisting of a 1.20-mile swim, 56-mile bike ride, and 13.1-mile run) in seven hours, one minute and eight seconds. The time landed her in the position of 1,826 out of 2,414 athletes.

Congratulations, Lang!