‘Aquarians’ Starring ‘DAYS’ Actor Chandler Massey Receives Digital Release on Amazon

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For more than a year fans have been enjoying the return of three-time Daytime Emmy Award winner  as Will Horton on NBC’s “,” now get ready to see the actor as a seminary student seeking to reconnect with his brother after revelations surrounding their family history creates a stir in the new film, “,” set for digital release Friday, December 21 on Amazon Prime Video.

In the film, Massey plays Danny Sullivan, a deacon who returns to his hometown of Silver River to help care for terminally ill pastor Father Rob. When questions begin to arise about his family’s past, Danny sets out to find his estranged brother, Jake ( (“Pretty Little Liars,” “Criminal Minds”). After journeying into the night woods to find him, Danny inexplicably sets into motion an emotional rollercoaster as the two undertake chores, attend church and go ice fishing in an attempt to reconnect. All this comes to a violent head when the past meets the present and we learn what set them apart and on different life paths.

Organically Grown Productions

“Aquarians” marks the feature film directorial debut of actor  (“Law & Order: SVU,” “Breaking Vegas”), who also wrote the film. It’s being released digitally courtesy of Indie Rights and Organically Grown Productions. The film was shot on location in northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula region of Michigan and garnered McGuire the award for Best Wisconsin Feature at the Beloit International Film Festival. Massey received a nomination for Best Performance at the Twin Cities Film Fest, where the movie was also the runner-up for the Audience Award during its world premiere screening.

The film also stars  (A Hologram for the King) and (The Man from Earth, Office Space).

Originally released in select theaters on November 2, 2018, “Aquarians” is also being made available for pre-order as a limited edition Blu-ray disc on Additional VOD platforms and dates are expected in early 2019.

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