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Y&R Recap: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, May 18, 2011.


A frustrated Billy talked to Rafe about the latest regarding Lucy. He said that things hit an ugly snag at the hospital chapel and that Phyllis was acting as if she, not Daniel, was the only one with a say about who Lucy should be with. Rafe told him that they would simply have to wait it out until they are told on what else can be done, but that maybe he and Chloe could come to some agreement regarding Delia. Billy took up that advice. As Rafe was leaving, Adam was arriving, making a beeline for Billy. He wanted Billy to write up an article to state that Sharon didn't commit suicide. Billy agreed, but pointed out that he wasn't doing it just to make Adam happy; he was doing it primarily and only for Sharon and her family.

Diane begged Victor to let her stay and come through on his promise to take care of her and her son. Not caring about her one bit, Victor told her that she could either gather her things and leave or be tossed out. Angry at the way she was being treated, Diane said she was going to call a lawyer but Victor told her she'd be wasting her time. She tossed in how he would be treating Kyle with kicking them out, but Victor, having some compassion, said that her son could stay but she'd have to leave. Without any other option, Diane started to pack up her stuff.

Sharon continued to enjoy her time on the farm and helped Sam when brought in a dog that was seemed to have run off. She and Piper, who returned to get Fanny, started to wash the lost dog. The two started to bond while Sam went to see if anyone may have lost the dog. Sure enough, a young girl comes to the farm to collect her pet, while Piper, asked if she could take Fanny home with her. Sam asked her if she were able to care of her; she said she could and Sharon watched as Piper took her little lamb back home.

After his conversation with Billy, Adam spotted an upset Diane on her cell phone getting an earful from Jack. After getting him to agree to keep Kyle for a bit, she turned and asked Adam what he wanted. Taking full advantage of the situation that she was in regarding Victor, Adam told her that he'd help anyone that was done wrong by his father. Diane told Adam she had no place to stay and he offered to let her stay with him. When they arrived at the house, Diane offered up thanks and a bit of empathy regarding his feelings of losing Sharon. Adam wasted no time in telling Diane that he'd might some time soon need a favor of her; obviously clear that he planned on using her to get back at Victor.

Michael arrived at Crimson Lights to tell Chloe and Kevin that after the police looked at all of the evidence and the medical examiner's findings, they are in the clear of any criminal charges. When Kevin called the medical examiner to discuss making funeral arrangements, he and Chloe learned that the body was taken by a possible relative.

Lily was stunned to once again see Cane in her home. She asked if he could talk to anyone else. He told her that she was the only one that could talk to him. While she was talking to him, Colin, who came with gifts for the twins, spotted her through her window animately talking to herself. When he showed up and asked her who he was talking to, she lied and said that she was just praying. As Cane stood right across from him, Lily started to believe that she was the only person that could see him. After Colin left, Cane confirmed to her that nobody but her can see him. As they played with the twins, Lily was surprised to see that the babies were looking directly at Cane.

Billy arrived at Crimson Lights to talk to Chloe about coming to some form of an agreement about Delia. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen when their conversation about his poor judgement in hiring Jana and her poor judgement in staying with Kevin escalated into an argument. When Billy blasts her for having their daughter around a nutcase such as Kevin, she threw in his face the fact that he had no room to talk, as seeing that he bought a baby off the black market. Billy said he wasn't going to let her keep Delia around bad influences. Chloe told him that she was definitely going to go for full custody.

Victor called Michael and asked him to make changes to the agreement that he made with Diane at the time that he and she were married. Michael asked if Victor was sure about making such changes; Victor stated that wasn't the only thing that he wanted him to take care of. He wanted Michael to see what legal actions he could find in getting Adam off of his property. After some careful research, Michael told Victor that he believed that he found a sure-fire way to eliminate Victor; Victor smiled saying that he couldn't wait to see the look on his troublemaking son's face.

Colin returned back to see Jill and told him that he believed that something was seriously wrong with Lily. Jill at first thinks that she is merely having a hard time still having Cane gone; even admitting that they both know she 'talks' to Cane from time to time. Colin, however, believed that Lily was on the deep end and started to question who would care for the twins if anything were to happen to her.

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