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OLTL Casting: Odds and Ends

OLTL Casting: Odds and Ends

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 3:37 AM ET | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Upcoming casting tidbits for “One Life to Live.”  

John Rue and January LaVoy resurface as Moe and Noelle Stubbs on Tuesday, June 9, when Dorian Lord makes a confession to the couple.     

Teenage drug dealer Asher (Evan Joiner) returns on Friday, June 12, when the pill pusher approaches one of his best customers.  Also on that date, veteran “OLTL” castmember Patricia Elliott pops up again, when Renee Buchanan has an idea concerning two of Llanview’s favorite couples.  And Ada Maris and David Pinon first air as Aurelia and Ernesto Rivera as son Markko marks an important milestone in his life.

A. Martinez ends his run as Ray Montez on Wednesday, June 10.  And expect Kathy Brier and Chris Stack (Marcie and Michael McBain) to air at least through Wednesday, June 17.  Look for a few unexpected surprises for the couple before they exit Llanview together.

Look for several upcoming dayplayer roles in upcoming episodes.

In other news…

“One Life to Live” has released two new casting calls.  The first is for the role of ‘Serge.’  Remember that the soap routinely changes character names in audition scripts to attempt to throw off viewers.  The scene opens with ‘Serge’ frisking ‘Caleb’ and ‘Adam.’  Visibly upset, Caleb demands to know what is the meaning of this since he already gave him all his money.  Adam responds that he is looking for a wire, causing Serge to blurt out to Caleb that he should answer his own questions.  Serge goes on to tell Caleb that his buddy informed him that ‘Jake Kelly’ turned his back on him.  Jake is a cop/bartender and refused to train Adam to be his assistant because he is a drug addict.  Caleb confides in Serge that he and Jake are no longer as good of friends as they used to be.  He also says that Jake is dating his mom, and manages to act all buddy-buddy and fatherly with him, despite the fact that he just sat on his hands when he got arrested for drug possession.  Caleb responds to Serge’s questioning by stating that his mom hired a really good lawyer, who was able to keep him from serving much jail time.  As the scene ends, Caleb informs Serge that he now has a criminal record, is unemployed, and has some bills he needs to pay.  It appears that, by the tone of the script, Cole may be involved. 

The second is for the role of Elijah Kent.  SON will have more details on this casting call as it becomes available.

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