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OLTL PreVUE: Week of June 16 Edition

By Scotty Gore
Sunday, June 15, 2008 12:55 AM| By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The Buchanans are stuck “Between Heaven and Hell.”


John, Talia, and Antonio don’t realize the mystery woman who fled Ramsey’s penthouse is Tina. Meanwhile, Tina spies on Viki, Cristian, and Sarah at Llanfair. Tina reveals herself to a speechless Sarah, who persuades Cristian to let her mom hide out in his studio. A sketch of Jonas is given to John by Cristian and Sarah. Jonas meanwhile, takes a personal interest in Talia, Antonio, Cristian, and Sarah.

The Main Event: An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Dorian is giddy as a schoolgirl as she gloats to Bo, Clint, and Nora about BE’s downfall. Natalie believes she has thought of a way to keep Jared out of jail, and makes Clint and Bo an offer they can’t refuse. Natalie promises to reveal the name of the Buchanan heir if all charges are dropped against Jared. Nora points out to Bo and Clint the advantages of Natalie’s proposal, even though it means Jared will get away with hurting the Buchanans. Reluctantly, Bo and Clint accept Natalie’s offer. Jared and Natalie reveal how they discovered that David was Asa’s long lost son, while conveniently leaving out Nigel’s involvement. Clint’s criticism wounds Natalie’s ego. Meanwhile, David floors Dorian with the announcement that he and Addie got married in Las Vegas. Horrified by the news, Blair and Dorian go off the deep end.

Antonio and Talia tell Carlotta the truth. After examining the x-rays, Michael informs John that the woman has sustained serious injuries, which could result in permanent damage. Later, John finds Cole at Marty’s grave. Meanwhile, Todd is less than honest when Marty questions him about the picture of her with John and Cole. Marty has no memory of her past or of Todd, and demands answers from him. Cole is horrified when Starr makes the decision to place the baby up for adoption and runs away from her. Starr pays a visit to Marcie. Cole tells John why raising this baby means so much to him. Starr asks Marcie to adopt her baby. Marcie arrives at difficult decision, but is confident she made the right choice.

Around Town:

David questions Charlie about his recent bender and suspects Dorian may be to blame for his predicament. David urges Viki to give Charlie a second chance. Brody admits to Gigi that Adriana gave him money, but claims he really came to Llanview to see her. Gigi opts out of Dorian’s offer of employment, and blames her for sending Rex the cryptic note. Meanwhile, Shane confesses to Brody that he sent Rex the note and explains why he did it. Charlie’s pleas fall on deaf ears as Viki tells him that, while she still loves him, she can never forgive him for what he’s done. Antonio’s kindness overwhelms Jessica.

SON ALERTS: WEEK OF June 23, 2008

Monday: Jessica bubbles with anger over Clint’s news. Jared is haunted by Nash’s death. RJ’s note to Lindsay is accidentally delivered to Nora. Dorian’s plan to have Addie re-committed doesn’t go as expected.

Tuesday: Blair receives divorce papers from Todd. Cole decides to sue Starr for custody of their unborn baby. Nigel and Nora complicate Lindsay’s plan. Todd informs Marty that John is responsible for her condition.

Wednesday: Nash’s funeral begins. Todd continues to turn Marty against John. Tina confesses to Sarah and Cristian that she’s a princess.

Thursday: Keys and Janet keep John in the dark. Jessica condemns Jared and Natalie at Nash’s funeral. Jonas sets a trap for Sarah. Bo pops the question to Lindsay.

Friday: Jessica’s dark side re-emerges. Jonas has deadly intentions for Talia and Sarah. Lindsay contemplates telling Bo the truth.