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ATWT PreVUE: Week of May 26 Edition

ATWT PreVUE: Week of May 26 Edition

Are the feelings mutual…
Sunday, May 25, 2008 4:44 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Katie continues to see red and trouble could be on the horizon for Noah and Luke…


Emily and Casey continue to find it hard to work and not play. Casey comes forward with the truth to Lisa about his stealing money at the Lakeview, but when she tells Tom and Margo, they give Casey and ultimatum: attend college full-time or return back to jail. Unfortunately, when Casey tells Emily what happened she turns him away when she says they are not an item. After yet another fight with Chris, Alison confides in Aaron. Chris goes to Bob and expresses he feels bad for pushing Alison so hard in the nursing program. Bob tells his son that if he truly has faith in her, continue to help her. Alison learns she passed her exam and she goes out with Chris to celebrate. When a passionate moment between them turns sour, an angry Chris throws Alison’s porn past in her face.


Shortly after moving the girls back to their home, Lily calls upon Holden when the lights go out. Holden opts to take Faith and Natalie out for something to eat. Meanwhile, Carly and Sage, who are also out, run into the threesome and agree to horseback riding plans that the young girls request. The next day, however, Carly shows up solo, telling Holden that Sage backed out due to fear. Holden suggests that the two of them go on the horseback ride anyways. During the ride, Holden’s horse is injured, which forces him and Carly to share one horse back to the farm. The closeness of their ride soon ignite some sparks between Holden and Carly, leaving the two of them unnerved.

When Barbara’s health hasn’t improved, Paul insists that she call upon a nurse to care for her, Barbara tells Paul he will have to oversee Sophie’s upcoming jewelery launch. Paul maintains that he will do so, but will make sure Sophie is aware that it is strictly business. Sophie, upon learning that Paul will be there at the launch, immediately gets the wrong ideas. Across town, Bob informs Meg that she has her nursing job back. She soon realizes that Barbara was the one that pulled strings to make that happen and heads over to see her. When she arrives, she finds that Barbara is very ill and offers to stay with her. Paul shows up and finds Meg asleep on the couch. After the two of them share a tender moment, Meg tells Paul she will drop the restraining order against him. Paul in turn, invites Meg and Mike to the jewelery launch party. Meg immediately agrees and when she and Mike are alone, he questions if this will be their first date with one another. Meg answers yes, which makes Mike more than happy.

Parker, who is also preparing for a date with a girl named Ashley, has a run in with Liberty. When she learns that he’s going on a date, she begins to question if he knows what to do on a date. A nervous Parker tries to sideline her questions until she questions if he’s ever kissed a girl before. Shortly after, Parker and Ashley go on their movie date. Liberty, who has tagged along, begins to tease Parker after his date ends on an awkward moment. Alone together, Liberty tries to give Parker some tips on how to kiss a girl and when the two kiss, the two become shaken up by it.

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