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ATWT PreVUE: Week of May 12 Edition

ATWT PreVUE: Week of May 12 Edition

Being home doesn’t mean being together…
Saturday, May 10, 2008 9:30 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — While one wants to reconcile, the other isn’t so sure they want to…


Chris learns that Alision is having trouble in the nursing program and offers to tutor her. When she is late for her exam, Brenda, who is conducting the exam, refuses to let Alison make it up, until Chris steps in. Janet continues to be a problem for Katie and Brad, when she comes to the set and eventually takes over a segment for the show. When Brad doesn’t dote on her, Janet opts to pack her bags to leave. Luke overhears a phone conversation between Ameera and Col. Mayer. When he confronts her, the two get into an argument, which eventually puts Luke and Noah at odds with one another.


Lily convinces Carly to help her get some serious alone time with Holden. When Holden comes home, she tells him that the kids are with Carly and that Lucinda’s plans for dinner fell through. Holden offers to cook dinner, however, Lily surprises him with a candlelit dinner of her own. During dinner, Holden ruins his shirt and when he removes it, the sexual tension between them is high. Immediately uneasy, Holden opts to go get the kids, but when he arrives at Carly’s, she convinces him that the kids are having a good time. Things heat up the minute Holden returns home to a seductive Lily. After love-making, Lily calls Carly to thank her for her role in her plans. Jack, who overhears the conversation, threatens to call Holden to tell the truth about Lily’s scheme and Carly’s role in the scheme. Carly convinces Jack to keep his mouth shut, but also jabs him for being unable to handle the fact that he enjoyed spending time at her house. The next day, Holden goes to Carly’s to pick up the kids and senses tension in the house on Jack’s part. Realizing that Lily asked Carly to help with their reunion, he hightails it back home to confront her. Despite Lily’s explanation, Holden is angry that she went to desperate measures to get what she wanted. Meanwhile, Carly has her own problems when she tells Sage that Jack will not be having any more sleepovers at their house.

Pictured: Jon Hensley courtesy CBS

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