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GH PreVUE: Who Ran Sam Down?

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GH PreVUE: Who Ran Sam Down?

Who Do You Think It Is?
Thursday, January 31, 2008 11:00 PM | By Errol Lewis

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Can Sam Identify her Attacker before she’s silenced forever?


Who Ran Sam Down?

After Lucky and Sam have a heated confrontation over her lies and deception, Lucky is forced to leave Sam and move on with his life. After their confrontation, a distraught Sam finds herself to be the next target of the Text Message Killer. Hoping that Lucky will save her before its too late, Sam calls Lucky. Lucky doesn’t believe Sam’s claims, just as the killer strikes!

With rain beginning to pour during the dark and gloomy night, Sam McCall finds herself trapped and victimized by the Text Message Killer. Finding a slim chance of surviving, Sam runs into the middle of the road and is run-over. Holding onto dear life and out like a light, Sam is unable to identify the Text Message Killer or who ran her down. Who do you think ran Sam down?

The Suspects:

1. An emotional Carly is rushing home after getting examined by Dr. Kelly at General Hospital. With the news she’s been waiting for, Carly finds herself too distracted while driving. Did Carly hit Sam?

2. After Monica and Tracy’s next battle escalates, a drunk Monica gets behind the wheel of her car. After hitting a bump on the road, Monica tries to cover her tracks by claiming her car was stolen. Did Monica hit Sam?

3. On her way to meet up with Jason at their “safehouse,” a tired Elizabeth can’t help but feel like something bad happened on the way. Jason notes that something is troubling Elizabeth. Did Elizabeth hit Sam?

4. Tortured by his memories, Nikolas bolts from General Hospital without authorization from Patrick, Ian or Robin, who are concerned about his condition. Nikolas gets behind the wheel of his car as he goes to seek comfort from Emily. Did he hit a Sam of a stepping stone on the way?

So Who Ran Sam Down? Find out as the story unfolds this February.

Pictured: Who Ran Sam Down? Photos courtesy Ron Tom/ABC

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