OLTL PreVUE: Week of May 26 Edition

By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Blood alone does not a parent make.

Melissa Fumero


In a special Memorial Day encore of “Prom Night: the Musical,” which orignally aired on June 18th, 2007, Starr has great difficulty making it to the prom. Her dress is ruined when she unwittingly comes between Dorian and David during a food fight. Britney, while gitty about Cole taking her to the prom, becomes concerned that his feelings for Starr may get in the way of their perfect evening. Marcie works overtime to push Langston and Markko together. Dorian’s limo breaks down with Starr en route to the prom, while Cole sets out in search of the woman he loves.

Rex is puzzled as to why Adriana has placed his toothbrush in her bag. Gigi flies off the handle when Brody allows Shane to drink beer. Adriana desperately works to cover her tracks with Rex confronts her about the toothbrush. Brody realizes the error of his ways, and works to make things right with Gigi and Shane.

The Main Event: Parents Behaving Badly

While Marcie pulls Sam from Todd’s vehicle, Michael tends to a wounded Adriana’s injured knee. On their way to the hospital, Todd comes to and eyes Marcie holding Sam in her arms. After calling John, Marcie refuses to hand over Sam to Todd and tears into him for not having the child in a car seat. Todd meanwhile, pays a Sun employee to place a car seat at the accident scene, only to have his rouse uncovered. Todd fumes with anger as Sam is placed into the custody of Child Protective Services. Unaware of the current situation, Blair adamantly refuses Todd’s plea for help. Fed up with Todd’s behavior, Viki tells her brother to grow up and take responsibility for his own actions. Marcie, Markko, Langston, Cole, Starr, and Blair all provide damning evidence against Todd as Sam’s custody hearing begins. The judge arrives at a decision. Blair makes an unexpected announcement in the courtroom. Marcie breaks down, fearing she will never be a mother again. Todd promises to destroy Blair.

Adriana confronts her mother about her trying to stop her wedding to Rex. Charlie is on the verge of confessing to Rex when they receive news of Adriana’s accident. Jared and Natalie prepare for worst after discovering that David has escaped. David meanwhile, pays Dorian a visit. Dorian urges David to sit on the truth about Jared for the moment, and takes drastic action after bumping into Charlie at the hospital. With the help of two hired hands, Dorian places a drugged Charlie in one of the spare bedrooms at La Boulaie. Dorian warns David that if he keeps his mouth shut, they will both be rich. Addie is delighted to have David back in the house again. Viki becomes concerned when she can’t reach Charlie and realizes that Rex doesn’t yet know the truth. Dorian sends Viki a text message via Charlie’s cell phone in order to buy her more time. Blair is none to happy to find Addie with David. Dorian is pleased to see all the pieces of her plan falling perfectly into place. David grows suspicious as to whom Dorian is hiding in her bed. Viki arrives at La Boulaie to speak with Blair, but ends up fighting with Dorian. David deflects Addie’s advances. Dorian places the final touches on her plan to destroy the Buchanans, and warns an unconscious Charlie that his life is about to go to hell in a hand basket. With Nash about to lose the vineyard, Jared offers to buy it with BE funds to prevent investors from using the land to build a shopping mall.
Jared discovers David at Dorian’s house.

Around Town:

Clint and Nora argue about Lindsay; Nora turns to RJ for potential dirt on Lindsay; Bo forgives Lindsay on the condition that she remains honest with him; Clint and Bo plan to display a united front at the upcoming BE shareholders meeting; Jessica has some exciting news for Natalie.

SON ALERTS: WEEK OF June 2, 2008

Monday: Rex receives a cryptic message. Dorian places her plan in motion. Viki confronts Roxy about Rex’s paternity.

Tuesday: Dorian drops several bombshells at the BE shareholders meeting. Nash and Jared’s fight has tragic consequences. Gigi comforts Rex over Charlie not being his father.

Wednesday: Michael delivers devastating news to Jessica. Antonio pays Ramsey a visit. Adriana finds herself backed into a corner.

Thursday: Viki learns Jessica has a bun in the oven. A young Buchanan girl becomes a widow. Dorian discovers revenge isn’t always sweet.

Friday: Jessica unleashes her anger on Natalie. Adriana again disowns her mother. Todd fights back.

Are the feelings mutual…
Sunday, May 25, 2008 4:44 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Katie continues to see red and trouble could be on the horizon for Noah and Luke…


Emily and Casey continue to find it hard to work and not play. Casey comes forward with the truth to Lisa about his stealing money at the Lakeview, but when she tells Tom and Margo, they give Casey and ultimatum: attend college full-time or return back to jail. Unfortunately, when Casey tells Emily what happened she turns him away when she says they are not an item. After yet another fight with Chris, Alison confides in Aaron. Chris goes to Bob and expresses he feels bad for pushing Alison so hard in the nursing program. Bob tells his son that if he truly has faith in her, continue to help her. Alison learns she passed her exam and she goes out with Chris to celebrate. When a passionate moment between them turns sour, an angry Chris throws Alison’s porn past in her face.


Shortly after moving the girls back to their home, Lily calls upon Holden when the lights go out. Holden opts to take Faith and Natalie out for something to eat. Meanwhile, Carly and Sage, who are also out, run into the threesome and agree to horseback riding plans that the young girls request. The next day, however, Carly shows up solo, telling Holden that Sage backed out due to fear. Holden suggests that the two of them go on the horseback ride anyways. During the ride, Holden’s horse is injured, which forces him and Carly to share one horse back to the farm. The closeness of their ride soon ignite some sparks between Holden and Carly, leaving the two of them unnerved.

When Barbara’s health hasn’t improved, Paul insists that she call upon a nurse to care for her, Barbara tells Paul he will have to oversee Sophie’s upcoming jewelery launch. Paul maintains that he will do so, but will make sure Sophie is aware that it is strictly business. Sophie, upon learning that Paul will be there at the launch, immediately gets the wrong ideas. Across town, Bob informs Meg that she has her nursing job back. She soon realizes that Barbara was the one that pulled strings to make that happen and heads over to see her. When she arrives, she finds that Barbara is very ill and offers to stay with her. Paul shows up and finds Meg asleep on the couch. After the two of them share a tender moment, Meg tells Paul she will drop the restraining order against him. Paul in turn, invites Meg and Mike to the jewelery launch party. Meg immediately agrees and when she and Mike are alone, he questions if this will be their first date with one another. Meg answers yes, which makes Mike more than happy.

Parker, who is also preparing for a date with a girl named Ashley, has a run in with Liberty. When she learns that he’s going on a date, she begins to question if he knows what to do on a date. A nervous Parker tries to sideline her questions until she questions if he’s ever kissed a girl before. Shortly after, Parker and Ashley go on their movie date. Liberty, who has tagged along, begins to tease Parker after his date ends on an awkward moment. Alone together, Liberty tries to give Parker some tips on how to kiss a girl and when the two kiss, the two become shaken up by it.

Pictured: Jon Hensley courtesy CBS

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The past always seems to come to light…
Sunday, May 25, 2008 4:21 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Another accident causes Nick to remember his past actions…


Paul, who is in Bermuda, locates David’s ex girlfriend, Elizabeth, who tells him that David has a muderous past. Katherine and Jill have an arguement about the past regarding Phillip. Gloria gets played when she learns that the diamonds that she has are fake. Alistar gets a job at the coffeehouse. David thinks his bet will get him out of his financial hole. Daniel stuns Phyllis with the news that he’s leaving with Danny on tour. Jill gives Gloria the boot at Jabot, while Victor is determined to fight the lawsuit they have against Newman.

Chloe lets Lily know that a modeling agency in New York expects to see them. Paul finds David’s step-daughter. Adam says the words that Victor has longed to hear since his arrival. Gloria and Jeffrey get their divorce and Michael soon agrees to let Gloria stay with him. Cane wants questions answered about his father. Adam and Heather get closer than close. David receives a mysterious telephone call.


The Newman family comes together when they learn that Nick was in a car accident. Phyllis arrives to visit Nick, and when she receives a chilly vibe from him, she assumes the worst. At the hospital, Nick spots a girl who reminds him of Cassie, which jogs his memory. He soon learns of how his past actions affected his relationships and soon reaches out to Sharon. When Sharon and Nick come face-to-face, he apologizes for all he’s done to cause their marriage to deteriorate.

Pictured: Joshua Morrow courtesy CBS

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My View of Llanview: May 15 Edition

Black vs. White
Friday, May 23, 2008 8:52 PM| By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) – Ellen Holly comments on playing a black woman (Carla Gray) pretending to be white.

Hello everyone. Yes, this column is again several days late. Sorry about that, but I just have no time in schedule for much of anything these days. I hope that improves soon.

With the 40th anniversary of “One Life to Live” just around the corner, I thought it appropriate to reflect upon one of the soap’s first controversial storylines. It involved an actress by the name of Ellen Holly, who portrayed Carla Gray. Unknownist to viewers at the time, Carla, was actually a black woman passing herself off as a white woman. The following article, written by Ms. Holly herself, appeared in the August 10th, 1969 edition of the New York Times.

In September of last year I was approached to try out for a part on a brand new ABC soap opera called “One Life To Live”; the part was a black girl who passes for white. I didn’t give it much thought. If you’re black you don’t get white parts, and if you’re a “black who looks white” you don’t get black parts either. But what most people don’t realize is that even when there’s a part for a “black who looks like white,” it never goes to a black person but to a white one. Follow? I know … I know … it’s hard for me, too.

Some years ago I was interviewed for the film “I Passed For White” and the part went to the white Sandra Wilde. Some years later, I was seen about the remake of “Imitation of Life.” Ross Hunter cooed over me, told me I looked like Loretta Young, and gave the part to the white Susan Kohner. I had dim memories of Jeanne Crain in “Pinky,” Ben Aliza in “The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window,” Mell Ferrer & Co. as the family in “Lost Boundaries” and numerous other whites masquerading as blacks masquerading as whites which, as far as I am concerned, cancels out the whole point much in the manner of a double negativity. So I thought I knew pretty much what to expect from “One Life To Live.”

At the interview with the producer, Doris Quinlan, I smiled and did my best to look amiable, talented and 20 (which was what the part called for and which I hadn’t seen for a goodly while), but in the back of my head I was already bracing for the inevitable turndown. She smiled a lovely smile back and said that they were being polite about things and looking at all the white girls the agents were sending them but that she didn’t really see the slightest point to the whole thing if the girl wasn’t the genuine article. It sounded revolutionary enough to report her to the H.U.A.C. They tested me. A couple of days later I had the part. I couldn’t believe it.

Then I began to worry. I have such a personal distaste for blacks who pass for white that I wondered how the story line was going to be handled. If an actor’s at all squeamish or apprehensive about the part he’s playing, a soap poses a rather special problem for him. In a play or film you know the whole story before you contract to do it, but in a soap the story is open-ended. New writing is a constant and you don’t know from one moment to the next what words are going to be put into your mouth. If you’re dealing with dense writers, you can end up playing a ventriloquist’s dummy Uncle Tom or quitting the job to avoid it.

On the other hand, in terms of the particular story line, I found the idea fascinating. I felt that the unique format of a soap would enable people to examine their prejudices in a way no other format possibly could. In a play or a film the audience would relate to the character as white only briefly and then discover she was black perhaps an hour later, but the soap audience would relate to her as white for months … months in which she would become part of their daily lives … for some, virtually a member of their family. The emotional investment they made in her as a human being would be infinitely greater, and when the switch came, their involvement would be real rather than superficial. A lot of whites who think they aren’t prejudiced – are. It seemed like a marvelous opportunity to help them confront their own prejudices. When the switch came, those who would radically alter their response to the character would surely demonstrate to themselves that they don’t dislike black people because they are dirty or lazy or stupid, but just because they are black – i.e., they would have a chance to isolate not only the existence of their own prejudice but, also, its lack of a logical base.

My character, Carla Benari, was introduced last October. For four months thereafter I was presented as a white girl, a struggling actress engaged to a white doctor but gravitating – against her will – toward a gorgeous black one. Ironically, for the first time in my life, I had to “cool” being black lest I tip the plot. I had to forgo an appearance on another ABC show called “Like It Is” that deals with the black scene, and patiently wait for an issue of Look in which I appeared properly labeled as a black actress to disappear from the stands. Even though the situation was temporary, I found it much more destructive to my psyche than I had dreamed …

A month went by, and we got to an important turn in the plot. I kissed Peter De Anda, who plays the gorgeous black doctor, and confessed my love for him. Immediately, the switchboard was flooded with calls from irate white men defending my supposedly Caucasian virtue (later, after the switch, I’m sure they felt like a bunch of idiots) and the show was dropped like a hot potato by a station in Texas. Most producers would have blanched and dropped the story line; Doris Quinlan had been prepared to lose more. The reaction from white women was different. They wrote in (people who are angry seem to call at once to relieve their feeling; people who are pleased seem to write at their leisure) and said, “Well, it’s about time.”

… Finally, we got to the switch. In an ingenious script whose parallel cutting was almost as well done as Hitchcock’s tennis game sequence in “Strangers on a Train,” I met up with the black mother I had abandoned nine years before (a major character, who had already been well established in the story line long before I was, and played by Lillian Hayman of “Hallelujah, Baby” fame). People were genuinely surprised. Most found it absorbing. Others were fascinated by the way all the pieces fit. There were, of course, the inevitable ones who found it hard to accept …

It is now several months since the switch. Presumably, people would have made emotional adjustments they felt necessary and settled down. Still, there are those who call the show from time to time to check to make certain that a black actress rather than a white one is playing the part. Whether it’s a black person checking to make sure that a soul sister wasn’t done out of a job, or a white person checking to make sure a white actress isn’t playing opposite a black actor, is never clear. What is clear is that it’s going to be a great day when America ceases to be obsessed with color…

I love my job. Jack Wood and Don Wallace direct the show with a special care of things. The actors are some of the best around. The writer, Agnes Nixon, is more sensitive to the vibrations of the black community than any white I’ve ever met and I think three or four of the episodes have been more relevant to life and real concerns than any I ever dealt with during a decade in the theater. The tedious but necessary aspects of soap opera are definitely present – exposition to help newcomers catch up on plot lines, dull stretches, repetition. But within the framework of the genre surprisingly much has gotten said – among other things, that blacks pass for white not because they value whiteness per se, but rather because they value the special rights and privileges that unfairly accrue to whiteness … New as it is, “One Life To Live” has one of the highest ratings of any soap on the air. Not only because of this story line, but because of several things equally well done, including the major one about some swanky goings on on the Philadelphia Main Line.

I love the job, but I have one major regret … I look forward to the day when America believes that the relevant thing about me is not that I am black but that I am Ellen.

Well, that’s all for this edition of the column. I hope you enjoyed this edition of the column. That’s all for now; please be sure and join me again on May 30th. See you next time.

And until next time remember, we only have “One Life to Live” …..

Pictured: My View of Llanview courtesy Matt Smith/Soap Opera Network

Block’s ‘Life’ Reaches End

Friday, May 23, 2008 7:52 PM | By Scotty Gore

Hunt Block
(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Llanview’s corrupt police commissioner will soon be without a job.

The casting shake-ups continue at “One Life to Live,” with Soap Opera Weekly reporting that Hunt Block, who joined the cast in the short-term role of rogue FBI agent turned Police Commissioner Lee Ramsey last October, has been handed his walking papers.

Prior to his stint on “OLTL,” Block became the second actor to Craig Montgomery on “As the World Turns” from 2000-2005. Additionally, Block portrayed Ben Warren on “Guiding Light” from 1997-1999, and Guy Donahue on “All My Children” in 2000. He has also appeared on stage in films such as As You Like It, Forever After and A Loss Of Memory.

In a recent interview with SOW, Block stated that “I met a lot of nice people on the show,” and that “I wish them luck.” While “OLTL” is keeping mum on the specifics of his exit, the character is not expected to leave Llanview quietly. Although no final airdate has been announced, look for Block to last air as Lee Ramsey sometime in June or July.

In other news…

Christine Jones makes yet another appearance as Pamela Stuart (Asa Buchanan’s ex-wife #5), beginning June 3rd when Dorian orders her to be in attendance at a Buchanan Enterprises board meeting to help back up her claims concerning Jared Banks. This marks Jones’ third stint on the show since January. Besides originating the role of Pamela Stuart in the mid-1980’s, Jones also portrayed Victoria Lord during Erika Slezak’s maternity leave in 1981.

Forbes March last airs in early June, as his character Nash Brennan meets a bloody demise.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 6:04 PM | By Errol Lewis

Seamus Dever

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — According to published reports, Seamus Dever, who recently departed ABC’s “General Hospital” (as Dr. Ian Devlin) is joining the cast of Lifetime’s top-rated original series “Army Wives,” starring Kim Delaney (“All My Children,” “NYPD Blue”) and Catherine Bell (“Jag”).

Dever has signed on for at least four episodes and will play a doctor at Mercer Hospital. He will play the love interest to Bell’s character Denise.

The actor recently wrapped work on “Ready or Not,” which also stars Jordi Vilasuso (“Guiding Light”) and Jonathan Murphy (“Wildfire” and “The Bold and the Beautiful”).

The new season of “Army Wives” begins June 8.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 3:37 PM | By Xavier Toups

Charles Pratt Jr.

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Soap Opera Network has learned James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten have been fired as Headwriters from ABC’s “All My Children.” Effective immediately, Charles Pratt Jr. will be taking over as Head Writer.

As Co-Head Writers of “All My Children,” Brown and Esensten’s tenure only lasted one year. With declining ratings and disappointing storylines, speculation of their firing had been imminent.

Pratt began his daytime career writing scripts for “General Hospital” in the early 1980’s. He joined “Santa Barbara” as a Script Writer and was later promoted to Co-Head Writer – he won two Daytime Emmy Awards (1989, 1991) and a Writers Guild Award (1990). He left “SB” in 1991. Pratt also co-created “Sunset Beach” with Robert Guza Jr. and Josh Griffith. Though he never wrote for “Beach,” he served as an Executive Storyline Consultant for its first year. In 2002, Pratt and Guza returned to “GH” as Co-Head Writers where he won another Daytime Emmy (2003) for Outstanding Writing Team. He quietly left “GH” in 2006 and began writing for the FOX primetime series “Vanished.”

Pratt is best known for his “Melrose Place” work, where he was a writer from the beginning to the end – he also served as an Executive Producer and Director. Pratt created the short-lived soaps, “Models Inc.” (with Frank South) and “Titans,” and worked as a Consultant on “Pacific Palisades.” His other primetime credits includes: “Desperate Housewives,” and “Ugly Betty,” where he was listed as a Consulting Producer.

There is still no word if Pratt’s hiring will affect Daren Little, who was hired as a Creative Consultant earlier this week. Little comes from England and has has worked on British soaps such as “Coronation Street,” “Hollyoaks,” and its spinoff “Hollyoaks: In The City.”

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 2:25 PM | By Xavier Toups

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Soap Opera Network has learned that Hogan Sheffer is joining “The Young and The Restless” as Co-Head Writer. He will be top scribe of the CBS sudser along with current Head Writer Maria Arena Bell.

Sheffer was most recently the Head Writer for NBC’s “Days Of Our Lives,” which he joined in 2006. During the Writer’s Strike, he elected to go Financial Core status, but “DAYS” decided not to use his services and fired him soon after.

From 2000-2005 he was the Head Writer for CBS’ “As The World Turns,” where he won four Emmy Awards. Towards the end of his run he opted to take a lesser creative role in the writing staff and eventually left the show in 2006.

AMC PreVUE: Week of May 26 Edition

By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The aftermath.



Zach finds Greenlee purging her place of all things connected to Aidan. Zach calmly helps a distressed Greenlee remove her engagement ring as she rants against Aidan and Kendall. Greenlee impulsively kisses Zach. Kendall turns to Ryan for help. Zach pulls out of Greenlee’s kiss knowing she’s just acting out over the hurt she feels. Greenlee insists to Zach that they need to get Kendall and Aidan out of their lives. Kendall’s arrival sends Greenlee off into the night. Ryan picks Greenlee up after she runs into a flat tire. Greenlee suggests that she and Ryan ride off into the night together but Ryan knows she’s just acting out of the hurt she feels. Annie is upset to find Greenlee in Ryan’s arms. Kendall attempts to make peace with Greenlee. Greenlee would rather dismantle Fusion than work with Kendall.

The Inside Story: Between Life and Death

Jake and Frankie work valiantly to stop Tad from bleeding to death, as Aidan and Greg try to calm the crowd in the ballroom. Frankie airlifts a critically injured Tad to the hospital. Krystal has the unfortunate task of informing Joe of Tad’s dire condition. Jake prepares to operate on his brother. Tad’s friends and family hold vigil at the hospital as Joe, Jake and Angie work to save his life in the operating room. Tad’s loved ones plead with him to wake up and come back to them. Dixie shows Tad what their lives would have been like if she had lived.

Dixie appears before Adam as he watches over Kathy. After learning about Tad, Adam goes to the hospital to be there for his loved ones. Jesse and Aidan are determined to find Kate before it’s too late and in the process find letters that Tad had written to his little girl. JR accuses Adam of anxiously waiting for Tad to die. Adam is unsettled when JR informs him that he’s going to make it his life’s mission to find Kate. JR’s words hit Adam, who heads to the hospital. Jake stops Adam from going to see Tad.

Around Town:

Jesse engages Robert in a life or death battle as Angie struggles to keep the helicopter from crashing; Frankie restrains Robert, who tries to taunt Jesse into killing him; Krystal stays by a dying Julia’s side at the hospital; Zach and Kendall are grateful for what they have together as they prepare for Spike’s birthday party; Angie finds comfort in Jesse’s arms.


Monday: Annie is annoyed by Ryan and Greenlee’s closeness. Tad hears a voice telling him he needs to return to his loved ones. Krystal makes a shocking realization.

Tuesday: Adam tells Tad the truth. Krystal blasts Adam for his treachery. Greenlee can’t bring herself to forgive Aidan.

Wednesday: Aidan surmises that Greenlee has never really gotten over Ryan. Erica gives Adam plenty to think about. JR wants to settle the score with Richie.

Thursday: Tad and Adam share a rare moment of peace. Greenlee plays on Kendall’s insecurities. Babe sets her plan in motion.

Friday: Kendall hopes she hasn’t pushed Zach away for good. Babe finds herself in a dangerous situation. Greenlee and Jake drown their sorrows.

By Errol Lewis

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Passions ignite and connections arise as Port Charles readies for a shift in power.

Laura Wright


Elizabeth and Jason grow closer after she brings him to a cabin during the storm and he breaks down in her arms over his loss of Michael. Trevor and Johnny share words over Anthony and Lulu. Trevor plays a pivotal role in Luke getting arrested for money laundering. Robin wishes she could help Jason out. Patrick starts his own baby blog. Patrick admits to Robin that fatherhood is the scariest thing. Johnny and Lulu decide to keep seeing each other. Luke asks Tracy to run away with him and is surprised at Tracy’s response. Patrick and Robin agree to steer clear of each other’s blogs.

The Inside Story: New Connections Arise

After getting stabbed and pushed into the water by Jerry Jacks on the Thursday, May 15 episode, Claudia finds herself at Wyndemere and in the arms of a confused Nikolas Cassadine – Nikolas thinks that Claudia is Emily in the flesh even though his surgery also whipped out his hallucinations of her. After realizing Claudia is injured, Nikolas immediately brings her into the house and tends to her wounds. In her delirium, Claudia reveals her association with Ian to Nikolas, who himself realizes he shares some responsibility in Michael’s getting shot through his illegal dealings with Ian. In need of help with Claudia’s wounds, Nikolas contacts Nadine and asks her to come home with him, though she thinks its for more intimate purposes. Nikolas and Claudia reveals their stories on life and love. Nikolas warns Claudia that if anything happens to Lulu, he will reveal her role in Michael’s shooting.

A Closer Look: Sonny, Carly, Jax and Kate

Sonny and Carly have sex in the back of Sonny’s limo after leaving the medical care center that is taking care of a comatose Michael. Afterward, the two argue over the fact that Morgan might be safer without Sonny in his life – of which Carly presents Sonny with legal papers asking him to renounce his parental rights to Morgan. Jax and Kate both feel that they are being shut out by Sonny and Carly during their time of grief. Kate returns to Port Charles with hopes of reuniting with Sonny. Jax and Carly make love, but when Carly disappears into the night, Jax leaves leaves town and Carly with a note. Carly seeks Spinelli’s help in finding Jax.

What to Watch

  • Robin is surprised with Anna comes to her doorstep in full grandma mode.
  • Lucky tells Lulu to stay away from Johnny.


Monday: Encore Presentation (Metro Court Hotel Explosion OAD 02/01/07)

Tuesday: Sonny and Kate reunite; Johnny and Lulu grow closer; Spinelli pushes Sonny too far.

Wednesday: Jason agrees to Sonny’s terms – for a price; Anthony and Ric plot to turn Claudia and Johnny against each other; Sam agrees to help Spinelli with his sexuality.

Thursday: Jason puts together a plan to handle the Zaccharas his way; Carly and Jax realize they can’t ignore their problems any longer; Maxie uses Johnny to rile up Lulu.

Friday: Carly and Jax work on their marriage problems; Kate gets assurance from Sonny; Sam gives Spinelli further advice on how to win Maxie.