OLTL PreVUE: Week of June 9 Edition

By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Tina Roberts makes her long awaited return to Llanview.

Robin Strasser


Dorian doesn’t believe that Adriana will ever be able to forgive her. Rex demands a divorce, however Adriana has a plan to salvage the marriage. Adriana tells Rex that she needs time to revert back to the woman she used to be. Roxy visits Charlie in the hospital, where she tells him that she had only Rex’s best interests at heart. As Rex and Adriana part company, she plans to return to Paris. Before leaving for Europe, Adriana says good-bye to Marcie. A bitter Rex confronts Roxy and Charlie, and tells Roxy that he no longer has a mother. Charlie urges Roxy to tell Rex the identity of his real father, but Roxy believes it would only result in more pain. Rex encounters Gigi, who learns that Adriana has left Llanview. Gigi shocks Rex with the news that Adriana paid Brody to reunite with her and Shane. Natalie informs Roxy that Rex is shattered that Charlie isn’t his father.

The Main Event: Being a Princess Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

John, Antonio, and Talia listen to Ramsey and his houseguest from a surveillance van, but fail to find many clues as to her identity. Tina Roberts returns to Llanview as the Crown Princess of Mendorra. Todd is floored to see long-lost sister from his limo, and decides to trail her. Meanwhile, Tina and her dog named David Vickers instruct Jonas to drive them to Ramsey’s penthouse. As John listens to Tina and Ramsey’s conversation, he bolts for the penthouse after hearing gunshots. A fearful Tina runs for her life, with John McBain in hot pursuit. Jonas turns the tables on Tina when he shows his violent side. Todd moseys to the penthouse to discover what Tina is up to. He makes his way to the bedroom, and is stunned to find a very-much-alive Marty Saybrooke. Todd quickly formulates a new plan of action. Meanwhile, John arrives at Ramsey’s apartment to find Todd, but there is no sign of Ramsey’s houseguest. John is certain that Todd knows more than he is saying. Tina makes a hasty getaway when Jonas holds her at gunpoint. While hiding from Jonas in the park, Tina spots Sarah. A crazed Jonas holds Sarah and Cristian hostage. After escaping, a rattled Sarah tells Cristian that she thought she heard her mother call out her name.

Blair calls the cops on Todd when he attempts to justify his actions to Starr. Todd vows to destroy Michael and Marcie if he loses custody of Sam. Starr confides in Blair that she doesn’t feel ready to be a mother. Langston gives Dorian a shoulder to lean on when the Cramers don’t seem to appreciate her. Blair wishes she had a better handle on what Starr is feeling, but vows to stand by her daughter nonetheless. Cole reassures Starr. Addie deflects Blair’s questions when she asks about her father. Starr and Cole prepare for the future by taking Sam to the park. However, the toddler proves to be a handful, which plants seeds of doubt in Starr’s mind. Starr and Cole bump into Marcie, who Starr asks to help calm Sam down. While soothing Sam, Marcie accidentally adds to Starr’s insecurities about becoming a mother. Meanwhile, Starr makes a decision about her baby’s future…one that Cole may not agree with. Michael and Marcie grow closer.

Around Town:

As Jared and Charlie continue to bond, the Buchanans stew with anger. When Jared tries to apologize for his actions, Bo and Clint confront him. Jared assures Nigel that the Buchanans will never know of his involvement in the ruse. Renee is furious over Jared’s betrayal, and tears into him. Jared prevents Nigel from confessing. Natalie arrives at Asa’s mansion just as Jared is taken away in handcuffs, and learns that Clint and Bo had him arrested. Sarah leans on Cristian as she remembers Nash.

SON ALERTS: WEEK OF June 16, 2008

Monday: John, Talia, and Antonio look for the mystery woman. Tina places herself in danger. David insists Viki give Charlie a second chance.

Tuesday: Natalie makes a deal with Clint and Bo. Shane tells Brody a secret. Dorian is shocked to learn that she and David are now in-laws.

Wednesday: Sarah convinces Cristian to help her hide Tina. Blair is horrified to discover she has a new stepfather. Clint and Bo demand answers from Natalie and Jared. Carlotta learns the truth about Antonio and Talia.

Thursday: Todd uses Marty to his benefit. John gets closer to the truth. Cole is shocked by Starr’s decision.

Friday: Todd weaves a tangled web of lies. Marcie receives a rather tempting offer from Starr. John reminds Cole that he’s there for him.

By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Foul play.



Aidan helps get Amanda out of a jam. Jack is saddened by the fact that Lily will soon be leaving for college. Samuel offers Jesse the job of Chief of Police. Erica gets the idea to do a new show, New Beginnings: Behind Bars. Angie makes an impassioned plea for Jesse not to return to police work. Frankie tends to Randi, a woman he suspects is being abused.

Into The Light

Only Adam is able to comfort Kathy after she’s told about Julia. Tad later explains to Kathy that he’s her father. Alone in the chapel, Tad senses Dixie’s presence and is certain she helped reunite him with their daughter. Dixie tells Adam not to give up hope. Krystal shows up at Adam’s door. Dixie assures Tad that she is at peace. Dixie wants Tad to be happy and knows he’ll find love again. Tad and Dixie share one last kiss before she dissolves into the light.

Marriage Baggage

Greenlee asserts to Josh that their hooking up was just a one time deal. Greenlee’s good mood doesn’t go unnoticed by Amanda. Aidan professes his love to Greenlee. Zach is pleased to find Greenlee in better spirits but questions her thinking when he discovers she had a one night stand. Zach thinks Aidan still loves Greenlee, but she doesn’t want to talk about her ex. Aidan resigns from his position at Cambias. Zach doesn’t think Aidan is good enough for Greenlee and warns him to never hurt her again or make another move on Kendall.

Zach wonders why Kendall always tries to push him away. Kendall would initiate lovemaking but Zach just wants to hold her in his arms. Kendall turns to Erica. Kendall is unsettled when she sees Zach and Greenlee in a playful moment. The tension between the two women escalates as Greenlee teases Kendall about her “mystery” romp. Greenlee and Kendall warm up for their tennis match. Consumed with memories of seeing Zach and Greenlee together, Kendall ends up slamming Greenlee in the eye with her serve. Greenlee later has Kendall served with legal papers charging her with assault. Kendall advocates Josh pursuing Greenlee.

Annie injects herself with the fertility drug and fantasizes about getting pregnant with Ryan’s baby. Realizing what she’s up to, Richie blackmails Annie…again. Ryan makes plans to leave town to consult with a doctor about restoring his memory. Annie convinces Ryan to postpone his plans and anticipates seducing him later that night. Ryan takes Greenlee on a motorcycle ride. Ryan believes that Greenlee wants to be friends with Kendall again. Furious that Ryan hasn’t returned home, Annie heads out to confront Greenlee.

The Justice Files

JR rescues Babe in the nick of time. Treena tells Babe and JR the truth about Richie. JR has Richie beaten up and then holds him hostage. JR threatens to kill Richie while getting him to confess to his crimes. JR plans take an unexpected turn when Richie goes into convulsions. JR tells Jesse, Babe and Angie that Richie stole his bone marrow. Jesse wants to get to the bottom of JR’s story. Richie feels the walls closing in on him but runs into Zach as he tries to leave the hospital.


Monday: Annie accuses Greenlee of wanting Ryan for herself. Zach forces a confession out of Richie. Kendall and Greenlee make some headway towards rebuilding their friendship.

Tuesday: Angie and Jesse remain at an impasse. Erica proves she’s a star even behind bars. Richie’s crimes begin to catch up with him.

Wednesday: Ryan defends Annie to Greenlee. Krystal has no intention of walking away from Tad. Richie’s web of lies is quickly unraveling.

Thursday: Adam learns of JR’s duplicity. Aidan asks Greenlee if there’s any hope for them. Randi wishes Frankie would just mind his own business.

Friday: Jesse tries to make things right with Angie. Annie makes a bargain with Richie. Frankie finds a badly beaten Randi at the hospital.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 10:10 PM | By Errol Lewis

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Former “Days of our Lives” star Brandon Beemer joins the cast of CBS’ “The Bold and the Beautiful” in the contract role of Owen Knight, an individual who has a past connection to a recently exposed Logan family secret.

“Owen arrives at Forrester Creations connected to Marcus Walton (Texas Battle), Donna’s secret son, and quickly becomes embroiled in the lives of the Logans and the Forresters,” previewed Executive Producer and Headwriter, Bradley P. Bell.

It is believed that Mr. Knight will play a role in the upcoming romance between Marcus and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), who returns to Los Angeles and her family on the Wednesday, June 4 episode of the soap.

Beemer was last seen playing Shawn Brady on NBC’s “Days of our Lives.” His exit from the soap was understood to be storyline dictated, said sources. He left Salem with Martha Madison, who portrayed on-screen lady love Belle Black. He was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon.

Television credits include the recurring role of Seth on ABC’s “General Hospital” and an appearance on CBS’ “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” He portrayed Mic Rionn, the love interest to Haylie Duff’s Ava Marchetta in the 2006 feature “Material Girls.” The film also starred mega-star Hilary Duff. He made his television debut in the MTV series “Undressed.”

The actor began taping on Tuesday, May 27. He will first air on Wednesday, July 2.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS and can be watched anytime on CBS.com. Check local listings.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 9:47 PM | By Errol Lewis

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Gay Pride and Cyndi Lauper are coming to CBS’ “As The World Turns” in July as the soap takes one step closer in showing same sex relationships in daytime.

On May 27, Lauper stopped by for a taping of the July 3 episode of “World Turns” for a benefit concert at Yo’s to promote her new dance album Bring Ya to the Brink (available in stores now) and her annual True Colors tour, which started on Saturday, May 31.

In the episode she will perform the songs “Into the Nightlife,” and the classic anthem “True Colors.” “Nightlife” is the new single off the “Brink” album.

In addition to singing, Lauper will dance with Luke (Van Hansis) and Noah (Jake Silbermann). Luke is there to interview Lauper for the college paper.

In an interview with EW.com’s SOAP WATCH column, Lauper revealed that she has been closely following the dynamics of Luke and Noah for awhile now and discussed the pacing of the relationship between the two.

“They’re taking their time and struggling with the heart issues, which is even more endearing than just being like the straight couples, half-naked and having sex all over the place. The best way to people is through the heart, and that’s why I think it’s kind of interesting the way they’ve done it. It’s about love.”

“As The World Turns” airs weekdays on CBS and can be watched anytime on CBS.com. Check local listings.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 1:58 AM | By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Five characters exit Pine Valley as “All My Children” moves into the hot and heavy months of summer.

Leven Rambin, 18, will last air on “All My Children” on Tuesday, June 10. The Emmy-nominated actress joined the cast of “AMC” in May 2004 as Lily Montgomery and began playing Lily’s identical half-sister, Ava Benton, in March 2007. Rambin taped her last scenes as Lily during an “AMC” location shoot in Long Island on May 19; Ava’s last appearance on the show was during Pine Valley’s Go Red Fashion Show in February. The young actress announced her decision to not re-sign with the show in the current issue of Soap Opera Weekly..

Multiple sources are reporting that Billy Miller has been let go from “AMC.” Miller started his stint in Pine Valley as Wes, the bartender who would soon be revealed to be sociopath Richie Novak, sister of Annie Lavery (Melissa Claire Egan). Opal’s (Jill Larson) ominous tarot card reading along with a long string of very bad deeds going unpunished seemed to foretell this bad boy’s faith months ago. Miller began playing the role of Richie Novak in August 2007. The handsome young actor will tape his last scenes as Richie in the not too distant future; do not expect Mr. Novak to make a quiet exit.

Charles Parnell who began playing Derek Frye in September 2005 last aired in the role this past March. The role, previously played by William Christian from 1991 to 2005, will not be recast. In the upcoming weeks, look for Jesse Hubbard, played by Darnell Williams, to step up to the plate and take on the job of Pine Valley’s newest Chief of Police.

Cady McClain last airs in her short-term stint as Dixie Cooney Martin’s ghost on Thursday, June 12. When asked about a potential longer Pine Valley stay for McClain in the future, “AMC” executive producer Julie H. Carruthers responds that she’d never rule it out.

“All My Children” airs weekdays on ABC and weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

  • Billy Miller
  • All My Children
  • Cady McClain
  • Charles Parnell
  • Leven Rambin

    Monday, June 2, 2008 4:12 AM | By Errol Lewis

    (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Katie’s future in doubt?


    Katie receives some devastating news, while Stephanie makes a poignant admission to Felicia. Donna tries to convince Marcus to stay in Los Angeles with her. Bridget, Brooke and Nick agree to make a pact for Katie. Nick takes Katie sailing on The Shady Marlin, while Steffy (now played Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) arrives home from London. Nick reveals his honesty and emotions to Katie.

    What to Watch

    • Eric offers Marcus a job at Forrester Creations and Ridge hires Steffy.
    • Pam plays the little eavesdropper when she overhears Donna’s conversation with Eric.
    • Marcus and Steffy bond over being strangers with new career goals.

    Monday, June 2, 2008 2:51 AM | By Errol Lewis

    (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Children are a precious thing.


    Lucas and Sami’s daughter, Allie, is handed over to child protective services, while Lexie and Abe learn that their son Theo is having trouble at school. Max Brady runs into John Black, and the two face off. Nicole threatens to reveal EJ’s secrets. Bo and Hope question Paul about the mysterious activity going on at the docks.

    What to Watch

    • Victor throws a fit and forbids Philip from seeing Chloe.
    • The Brady Pub is honored with a green certification for all the work they’ve done to help protect the environment. The family throws a party in celebration.

    Monday, June 2, 2008 3:45 AM | By Errol Lewis

    (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A murder plot is set.


    Sam carries a dying Ivy into the ER, and it is up to Eve to save her life. Finding her plan to make Ivy her next victim thwarted, Viki is confronted by Vincent who gives her a proposition. Juanita finds a picture of Luis in a bookstore and believes it is the key to her finding out where Pilar and her family are. Tabitha uses her magic in hopes of saving Harmony from impending doom.

    The Inside Story: Pilar’s Chance to Save her Family

    Pilar tries her best to convince her family that they all must leave Harmony at once before they all succumb to Juanita’s wrath, but no one is willing to listen. Pilar comes up with an impromptu trip out of town to save her loved ones from impending doom. In a last ditch effort, Pilar pleads with her family to leave town with her, but is unable to reveal why. Kay and Fancy, however, know what is going on and try to help Pilar’s efforts. Luis and Miguel are suspicious of their other half’s agendas.

    A Closer Look: The Wedding Plans Begin

    Theresa, in disguise, overhears Ethan and Gwen discussing plans on renewing their wedding vows. Although heartbroken, she is pleased when Gwen asks her to take Ethan’s measurements for his tuxedo.

    What to Watch

    • Viki and Vincent plot a murder spree in Harmony and find the upcoming nuptials of Luis/Fancy, Miguel/Kay, and the renewal of vows of Ethan/Gwen the perfect events to get the job done.
    • Theresa refuses to leave Ethan with Gwen despite her mother’s pleas for her to leave town with the family.


    • Monday: Gwen complains about Little Ethan to Gertrude; Luis and Miguel agree to take part in the family trip; Juanita has questions for Kay.
    • Tuesday: Ethan finds Theresa’s diary; Rebecca has a warning for Gwen; Tabitha worries about Kay’s wedding.

    • Wednesday: Gwen wants to move up the wedding date; Juanita plots to sabotage the wedding ceremonies; Pretty plots to keep Luis and Fancy’s wedding from happening.

    Monday, June 2, 2008 2:30 AM | By Errol Lewis

    (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A mystery man hits town and causes havoc for some Springfield citizen’s.


    A mystery man hits Springfield and sets his sights on Daisy, but it is Ashlee who causes a “twist” of fate and finds herself at the mercy of “dog-tag man.” Cyrus heads to Harley’s house only to find unpaid bills and final notices. Hoping to help out he hits up Dinah for some cash, but she refuses. Finding a dead end, Cyrus tries to steal a painting that Adrianna is willing to pay big bucks for. Mallet catches Cyrus, but the evidence is no where to be found. Bill offers to help out a nauseous Ava, but she finds Remy more appealing. Lizzie seeks out Reva’s help when it comes to Bill, who makes it clear that Lizzie and he were a mistake and they are over.

    The Inside Story: Jeffrey’s Awake

    Jeffrey wakes up in a hospital bed to an ecstatic Reva, who reveals he was shot. Joshua informs Cassie that Jeffrey has awoken, which prompts her to propose a visit. Jeffrey insists to the police that his shooting was an accident, but the evidence proves otherwise. Jeffrey reveals to Reva that he lied to the cops when he said he remembered everything that happened. Reva and Jeffrey avert marriage talk. Olivia visits Jeffrey and informs him that Ava is happy to know that he is going to be fine, and that she would miss him if he ever left her as she likes having her father around. Reva is annoyed by Jeffrey’s current stance on their marriage plans.

    What to Watch

    • Just who is “G?” This week family ties are revealed.

    Danger of a different kind…
    Sunday, June 1, 2008 9:08 PM | By Venus Stone

    (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Danger continues to loom for Noah and Luke; and an unstable woman’s hidden agenda becomes clear…


    Bonnie informs Henry she has been let go from the case regarding Gray Gerard’s estate for snooping a little too much. Upset of the outcome, Henry and Bonnie devise a plan on getting the money in the estate. Brad sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong where Janet is concerned and lands in jail, which causes Katie to once again turn to Jack for help. Carly pays a visit to the farm and heat immediately generates between her and Holden, to which Lily notices. Brenda gives Alison the news that she has been let go from the nursing program. When she learns that she has been removed from patient care, she confronts Chris.


    Sophie spins her web of lies to Mike about how Paul raped her. Mike tells her she needs to press charges against Paul, but Sophie quickly gets out of doing so. When Paul has a confrontation with Mike about Sophie’s allegations, it’s Meg that stands by Paul’s side telling Mike Sophie is a liar. Mike tells Meg to wake up and admit that Paul is nothing but trouble. Realizing Meg is not backing down, an angry Mike runs to Margo. Sophie produces evidence from the first night she and Paul became intimate and uses that to her advantage.. Meanwhile, Paul and Meg are stunned when they learn Sophie has pressed charges against him for rape. Desperate to help Paul, Meg goes to Barbara with the news so they can find a way to keep him out of jail.

    In New York, Luke and Noah try to get Ameera out of police custody, but are stopped by Coyle and an NYPD detective named Livia. Both tell them Noah needs to set up a meeting with Col. Mayer. Luke decides he wants to go to help but when it is time to leave, Livia knocks Luke out. Noah, who is with Coyle is being wired and then escorted on the pier where he is to meet his father. When Noah asks Col. Mayer where Ameera is, he is stunned when he sees a handcuffed Ameera being led on the pier by Coyle and Livia. Papers are soon exchanged and Ameera is left with the Mayer. Before his father can escape with Ameera, Noah jumps on board his boat.

    Pictured: Jake Silbermann courtesy CBS

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