Friday, July 31, 2009 6:00 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Friday, July 31, 2009.


After being waylaid by an overeager cop, Jason and Sam finally track down Michael’s car but see no sign of either him or Kristina. Michael and Kristina buy bus tickets for Mexico. Jerry is one step closer to tracking down Michael and Kristina.

Jax grows suspicious of Alexis’ confession and he and Carly later come to realize what’s really going on. Alexis confides the truth in Diane.

Carly notices the spark between Olivia and Sonny. Carly warns Olivia she might not be able to resist Sonny’s charms should he pursue her.

Lucky and Ethan become unlikely allies when they team up to get Dominic away from Lulu.

On the Next General Hospital…

  • Michael and Kristina are headed south of the border.
  • Olivia fights her feelings for Sonny.
  • Jerry plans on using Michael as a pawn to get to Jason.

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Friday, July 31, 2009 2:55 PM PT | By Errol Lewis

( — Lindsay Hartley (ex-Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, “Passions”) has joined the cast of NBC’s “Days of our Lives” in the contract role of Arianna Hernandez. Now Soap Opera Network has your first look at the actress on the set of the drama series along-side co-stars Galen Gering (Rafe Hernandez), Arianna’s brother, and Eric Martsolf (Brady Black), Arianna’s love interest. At this time it is unclear as to when Hartley will mark her debut on the drama series.

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Discussion: DAYS First Look: Lindsay Hartley on Set

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    Friday, July 31, 2009 8:00 AM ET | By Angela Rosa

    ( — That pesky little voice in your head.


    Taylor realizes that Krystal still loves Tad. Jake and Amanda convince David that Amanda is sterile on Monday, August 3, and prepare their plan to “adopt” Trevor. Tad and Taylor find themselves in a pickle when Krystal overhears them discussing a baby on Tuesday, August 4. Tad, Taylor, Jake and Amanda are forced to come clean with Opal on Friday, August 7. Natalia confronts Jesse about his work ethics on Wednesday, August 5. Angie takes notice of Randi’s quick defense of Jesse on Thursday, August 6. Liza shares a sad goodbye with Marian. Krystal is overwhelmed by David’s paternal instinct.

    The Inside Story: Run
    Zach and Ryan’s escape plot hits a major snag when Kendall refuses to go on the run on Monday, August 3. Kendall explains that she couldn’t bear to tear the boys away from Zach. Zach and Ryan convince Kendall to stick to the plan moments before the cops begin to descend on the warehouse. Kendall arrives at the marina but ultimately decides to turn herself in to Natalia instead of fleeing. Jesse doesn’t press the issue when Kendall claims she acted alone in her escape attempt. Kendall’s emotions get the best of her alone in her cell. Jesse alerts Zach to Kendall’s intention. Following her full confession on Wednesday, August 5, a consoling Stuart appears to Kendall and tells her that they can all be at peace now. Zach gives an impassioned plea for leniency at Kendall’s sentencing hearing on Thursday, August 6. Scott and then Adam, at Annie’s urging, also make statements on Kendall’s behalf. Marian rips into Kendall and makes it clear that she wants her to pay dearly for killing Stuart. Ryan reaches out to a distraught Erica. The judge delivers Kendall’s sentence. Craving an eye for an eye, Marian takes aim at Kendall and shoots – but ends up hitting Marissa.

    A Closer Look: Beware
    Annie agrees to be JR’s newest step-mother on Tuesday, August 4. Scott informs a seething JR that Adam asked him to move into the mansion. JR and Marissa’s bond continues to grow. Marissa finds an unconscious JR in an alley. JR truthfully tells Marissa he hasn’t been drinking and dismisses the incident as being nothing. JR’s disdain is palpable when Adam announces his engagement to Annie on Wednesday, July 5. JR challenges Annie to admit that she’s just using his father and to that end pulls her into a kiss to prove it. Junior get a rise out of Annie, who slaps him across the face on Friday, August 7. Colby wants nothing to do with Annie or Adam.

    All My Children News and Headlines:


    • David takes a keen interest in Marissa’s love life; will JR take the bad doctor’s bait? (Soap Opera Weekly)
    • Kendall is taken aback to find herself “imprisoned” in the last place she expected. (Soap Opera Digest)
    • Annie tells Emma that she has to keep lying about what she really saw on the night of Stuart’s murder. (TV Guide Listings)
    • Zach admits to Kendall that he’ll never forgive her for cheating on him with Aidan and Ryan. (TV Guide Listings)
    • Jake and Amanda’s not so brilliant plan to infiltrate baby Trevor hits a not so minor snag – they lose the kid! (National Enquirer)

    “All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

    Friday, July 31, 2009 8:00 AM ET | By Angela Rosa

    ( — The path less taken.


    Still on his game, a busted up Dominic is thrown off when Lulu takes him to a less than romantic “room” to recover on Monday, August 3. Edward’s forbiddance sends a disappointed Nikolas to Jake’s on Tuesday, August 4, where he ends up sharing shots with his brother’s girl. Ethan pours out his heart to Rebecca. Alexis is arrested. Robin is determined to prove Alexis’ innocence and is one step closer to her goal when she deduces Brianna’s killer was right handed and Alexis is not on Wednesday, August 5. Jax enlists Morgan and Max into his mission on Thursday, August 6. Olivia’s craving for Johnny creates a mortifying situation for her and Dominic. An upset Dominic reveals his real occupation to Olivia. On Friday, August 7, Spinelli arrives at the Scorpio family dinner intent on asking Mac the big question. Molly faces Keifer’s wrath.

    The Inside Story: Twists & Turns
    Jason and Sam grow closer as they follow Michael and Kristina’s trail. Kristina’s guilt becomes more palpable. Intent on using the young man as bait to get to his real target – Jason, Jerry informs Claudia that he has no intention of calling off the search for Michael. Sam is closer to Michael and Kristina than she realizes but Jerry is even closer as the kids near the Mexican border. Jerry continues to keep one step ahead of Sam. Michael and Kristina’s dance with danger proves fruitful for Mr. Jacks on Friday, August 7. Jerry works on gaining Michael and Kristina’s trust after saving their lives. Sam gets more than she bargained for after finally spotting the kids.

    A Closer Look: Big Decisions
    Parting from Sonny proves to be full of sweet sorrow for Olivia, who later clears the air with Johnny. Claudia is sure she’ll be able to make things work with Sonny, who figures that he can’t continue pushing and pulling his wife away. On Tuesday, August 4, a conflicted Sonny explains to Claudia that whatever he’s feeling for is clouded by his belief that she may have played a part in Michael’s shooting. Claudia insists she had nothing to do with Michael’s shooting and wonders if they may be able to grow closer over the loss of their own child. Moved by the sentiment, Sonny tells Claudia he wants her to return home with him after she’s released from the hospital. Sonny decides to take things one step at a time with Claudia. Johnny, on the other hand, cuts Claudia off after catching her on the phone with Jerry.

    General Hospital News and Headlines:


    • Michael and Kristina realize Jerry’s not just having them over for milk and cookies. (Soap Opera Digest)
    • Jerry uses Sam to get Jason right where he wants him and a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues. (Soap Opera Digest)
    • Maxie gives Spinelli the answer he wants, but is it just an act of defiance? (TV Guide Listings)
    • Lucky and Elizabeth debate whether or not to tell Nikolas the truth. (Soap Opera Weekly)

    “General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

    OLTL PreVUE: Week of August 3 Edition

    Friday, July 31, 2009 8:00 AM ET | By Scotty Gore

    ( — I do?


    Todd finds that women can be rather difficult to deal with on Tuesday, August 4. Téa is ticked off at Blair. Todd makes a declaration of his love for one of the women in life. Blair continues to be jealous. Todd arranges a special surprise for his lady love on Wednesday, August 5. Cole works to convince Asher’s boss Serge that he wants to be a dealer, however, the drug king remains suspicious. John levels the playing field with the pill pushers. Cole’s mistake nearly blows his cover on Friday, August 7, however John manages to stop in at the last minute. John has words for Starr. Todd ponders what his almost son-in-law is up to. Greg is confident he has someone all figured out. Layla defends Fish to Cristian. Later however, Cristian gets an eyeful while watching frat buddies Kyle and Fish together at the diner on Thursday, August 6. Cristian gives Fish an ultimatum.

    The Inside Story: Or Forever Hold Your Peace
    Bo is faced with obstacles when he attempts to tell Clint the truth. The air is thick with tension as the ceremony begins. After imaging a rather bleak future for herself and Dorian, and becoming very intoxicated, the pair decide to crash Viki & Charlie and Clint & Nora’s double wedding on Monday, August 3. The ceremony comes to a close after the two Cramer girls publicly embarrass themselves. In the ensuing reception, two unlikely women catch the bridal bouquets. Bo and Nora dance around their feelings, literally and figuratively. Later, Nora has eyes for another while dancing with Clint on Wednesday, August 5. Viki and Charlie couldn’t be happier. On Friday, August 7, the Buchanans head to court with their hotshot new lawyer. Matthew provides Téa with some rather damaging information on his parents. Bo and Rex share another ‘father/son’ moment. Viki isn’t sure what to make of Charlie’s suggestion regarding their new family.

    A Closer Look: Baby Blues
    Stacy milks her pregnancy for all it’s worth. Schuyler must play the friend card while listening to Gigi’s never-ending problems with Rex. Gigi pays Stacy an unexpected visit after learning of her living arrangement on Monday, August 3. Rex tells Schuyler to stay away from the woman he claims to love. Gigi thinks she a permanent solution to the baby dilemma, but Stacy has other ideas on Tuesday, August 4. After Gigi tosses hurtful accusations toward her sluttly sister, Stacy is overwrought with pain. Rex is angry when Gigi confesses she asked Stacy to ‘get rid’ of the baby on Wednesday, August 5. Realizing they have a bumpy road to travel, Rex and Gigi make a pledge. After receiving horrible news, Stacy vows to keep it to herself. Rex makes things clear to Stacy regarding the baby and Gigi. Schuyler gives in to his feelings for Gigi on Thursday, August 6, only to apologize shortly thereafter.

    One Life to Live News and Headlines


    • Todd confides in Viki. (Canadian Cable Guide)
    • Rachel and Matthew don’t see eye-to-eye. (Canadian Cable Guide)
    • Téa removes a mysterious briefcase from her closet. (Canadian Cable Guide)
    • Blair denies Dorian’s accusations. (Canadian Cable Guide)
    • Rex believes Blair has ulterior motives for investigating Téa’s past. (Canadian Cable Guide)
    • Greg comes to Matthew’s defense. (Canadian Cable Guide)

    Discussion: OLTL PreVUE: Week of August 3 Edition

    Thursday, July 30, 2009 6:00 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

    ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Thursday, July 30, 2009.


    A The judge refuses Liza’s request to drop the charges against Kendall but does agree to postpone the start of the trial. Erica demands that Kendall drop the idea of confessing to Stuart’s murder. Adam can’t help but be affected when Annie voices how much she’s come to love him. Annie finds an unlikely ally in Jack when he agrees to take on her case. Jack accuses Zach of setting Annie up and warns he won’t get away with it. Adam lets Ryan know he’s come to believe Annie is being persecuted unfairly. Ryan feels guilty for making Annie pay for Stuart’s murder when she didn’t do it. Erica insists to Ryan they’re doing the right thing protecting Kendall at all costs and points out the other crimes Annie should be punished for. Annie asks Aidan for help in proving Zach framed her. Kendall goes to see Annie.

    Brot shows up at Taylor’s to tell her about Randi’s miscarriage and finds Tad there. Taylor and Tad’s talk about finding the right person to be with leads to a kiss.

    On the Next All My Children…

    • Zach wonders what Aidan’s up to.
    • Jesse has bad news for Kendall, Zach and Ryan.
    • Tad and Taylor take another step closer.

    “All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

    OLTL Recap: Thursday, July 30, 2009

    Thursday, July 30, 2009 6:00 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

    ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Thursday, July 30, 2009.


    “Elephant in the Room”

    Bo challenges Matthew to make good on his threat to tell Clint he saw Bo and Nora kissing. Rachel is astounded when Nora confides to her about kissing Bo. Rachel wonders if Nora’s hoping Clint calls off the wedding and asks her mother point blank if she still loves Bo. Bo’s uncomfortable watching Clint prepare for his wedding to Nora and later seeks advice from an unlikely source.

    Jessica overreacts when Bree claims her new toy was given to her by her Daddy. Brody helps Jessica calm down; convincing her there must be a logical explanation to Bree’s story. Jessica spots someone on the grounds at Llanfair.

    Cole convinces Asher that he wants to start dealing drugs.

    On the Next One Life to Live…

    • Bo pays Lindsay a visit at Stateville.
    • Brody becomes concerned for Jessica’s state of mind.
    • Dorian and Blair hit the sauce.

    “One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

    Thursday, July 30, 2009 6:00 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

    ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Thursday, July 30, 2009.


    Sam and Jason are stalled in their search for Michael and Kristina due to Spinelli having tinkered with Jason’s car. Kristina’s nagged by the fact she might have caused the accident but doesn’t mention anything to Michael. Sonny and Carly agree they’re both to blame for what’s happened to Michael. Claudia goes behind Sonny’s back and contacts an old acquaintance with ominous plans for Michael in mind.

    In an effort to appease Carly, Jax arranges for Mac to inspect Alexis’ cars for signs of damage. Alexis makes a surprising confession.

    Lulu helps Maxie derail Spinelli as he’s about to ask Mac for Maxie’s hand in marriage.

    On the Next General Hospital…

    • Alexis will do anything to protect Kristina.
    • Carly notices the spark between Sonny and Olivia.
    • Lucky and Ethan become unlikely allies.

    “General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

    Thursday, July 30, 2009 8:00 AM ET | By Angela Rosa

    ( — “All My Children” VCR Alerts for the Week of August 3, 2009.


    • Monday: Zach and Ryan orchestrate Kendall’s escape. Kendall has second thoughts about taking the boys away from Zach. Jake and Amanda’s plan might be over before it even begins.
    • Tuesday: Kendall shares a tearful goodbye with her sons. Adam makes Annie’s wish come true. Tad and Taylor spin a story to a suspicious Krystal.
    • Wednesday: Natalia accuses Jesse of not being on the up and up. Stuart’s ghost pays Kendall another visit. Marissa comes to a passed out JR’s aid.
    • Thursday: JR challenges Annie to admit that she really doesn’t love Adam. Zach begs the court for leniency for Kendall. Angie shares her suspicions about Jesse with Frankie.
    • Friday: Kendall learns her fate. Marissa is the unintended victim of Marian’s quest for revenge. Annie knows what JR’s really up to.

    “All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

    Thursday, July 30, 2009 8:00 AM ET | By Angela Rosa

    ( — “General Hospital” VCR Alerts for the Week of August 3, 2009.


    • Monday: Michael and Kristina are headed south of the border. Olivia fights her feelings for Sonny. Jerry plans on using Michael as a pawn to get to Jason.
    • Tuesday: Sonny admits to Claudia he doesn’t know how he feels about her. Things go from bad to worse for Alexis. Dominic flirts with Lulu.
    • Wednesday: Sam’s one step closer to finding Michael and Kristina. Robin’s on a mission to clear Alexis’ name. Dominic is horrified to find Johnny and Olivia together.
    • Thursday: Jerry stays one step ahead of Sam. Michael and Kristina walk into danger. Diane warns Alexis that the cards are stacked against her.
    • Friday: Dominic is hiding a major secret. Sam’s in for a surprise when she finds Michael and Kristina. Spinelli finally has his say with Mac.

    “General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.