How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

GH PreVUE: Week of June 20 Edition

( — A look at what’s happening on “General Hospital” during the week of June 20, 2011.


Diane & Sonny discuss if adopting Alec is the right thing to do. Anthony latest “meeting” with Brenda & Alec prompts Sonny to take action on Wednesday, June 22. Brenda refuses to risk her marriage for Jax. On Thursday, June 23, Alexis & Sonny argue about Kristina’s punishment. Kristina, meanwhile, plans a romantic surprise for the man of her dreams. Michael is tempted by Johnny’s offer. Edward brings a proposal to Abby after talking with Jason. Sonny & Jason are concerned about their connection to Michael should he take Edward up on his offer. Michael makes a decision about his future on Friday, June 24. Dante, Sonny & Tracy discuss Lulu’s quest and Luke’s past.

The Inside Story: The Dark & the Light
Elizabeth injects Siobhan with the wrong medication on the operating table. Lucky prepares to give into his demons as Siobhan’s life hangs in the balance. On Monday, June 20, Elizabeth makes a shocking announcement in the urgency to stop Lucky from taking a drink. Lucky & Elizabeth discuss the truth about Aiden, the loss of Jake, Luke & how to tell Nikolas the truth. They head to the hospital after getting a call about Siobhan. Elizabeth burns as she watches Lucky & Siobhan’s loving reunion. Nikolas’ reaction to the news of Aiden’s true paternity shocks Lucky & Elizabeth.

A Closer Look: Kangaroo Court Date
Lisa commences handing down her judgments to Robin, Patrick, Maxie and Steve at gunpoint. Lucky, Jason, Dante and Mac, meanwhile, try to get the situation under control. Maxie begs Matt to save Spinelli after he gets caught in the crossfire. Patrick saves Robin’s life on Tuesday, June 21. Jason is relieved to find Sam (who has just received her pregnancy test results) in one piece. Much to Sonny’s chagrin, Spinelli wakes up from surgery totally oblivious to the technological developments of at least the last half century.

General Hospital News and Headlines:


  • Sonny sheds light on Luke’s past for Dante.
  • Dante tries to talk some sense into Lulu who has hunkered down at the brothel.
  • Kristina remains brazen about her interest in Ethan.
  • Jax and Carly’s bitter battle affects Sonny and Brenda’s relationship.
  • A delighted Edward welcomes his newest employees to ELQ.
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    OLTL Recap: Thursday, June 16, 2011

    OLTL Recap: Thursday, June 16, 2011

    ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Thursday, June 16, 2011.


    Bo and Nora wrestle with not giving up hope that Matthew will recover.

    Ford and Tess are happily post-coital and loving but need to come up with a plan since Tess is AWOL from St. Ann’s and they don’ t have their baby. Tess thinks they have to go to Cutter and get his help. Ford is dubious but goes to seek him out. He asks Cutter to divorce Tess. Meanwhile Tess gloats to her reflection that she really can be happy, assuming it’s Bess. But it’s Jessica. Jessica fights for dominance over Tess and wins, determined to return to her children and Brody.

    Meanwhile Brody and Natalie are in afterglow and realizing that they’re a family now. They make love again. Afterwards, they’re kissing when Jessica walks in and sees them.

    Rama continues to lie about her pregnancy to Vimal, to Cutter’s amusement. Cris comes to the door and kisses Rama, which Vimal sees. Rama pretends she did nothing to encourage Cris, and Cris chivalrously takes the blame. Rama tells Cutter he’d better back her up or else. Vimal kicks Cris out. Cris admits to Rama that he can’t get her out of his mind and wonders what it means about her marriage that she’s lying to Vimal. Vimal tells the horrified Rama that his parents are coming to see her from India.

    On the Next One Life to Live…

    • Clint may get a new heart.
    • Cutter refuses to divorce Tess.
    • Jessica and Aubrey butt heads.
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      AMC Recap: Thursday, June 16, 2011

      ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Thursday, June 16, 2011.


      Jake tells Angie he is trying to rekindle his relationship with Amanda and is going to plan a trip and Angie suggests making it a surprise. Amanda confides in JR that she and Jake are having problems because of Cara. She knows her husband and Cara are lying to her and says Cara’s return has impacted her and Jake’s relationship. JR advises Amanda to do some investigating before she decides her marriage is at risk. Tad senses something’s wrong with Cara and she admits she feels bad after lying to Amanda about what happened with Jake at the clinic. Cara dyes Tad’s hair back and says she used to do this for her mom after her father left. When she finishes up she kisses Tad on the lips he thinks she’s trying to prove she is over Jake. Angie tells Tad about Jake’s surprise trip for Amanda and Tad thinks there are too many secret going around these days. Amanda goes to the hospital to see Jake and learns he’s left and Cara is off duty. She heads over to the clinic and finds one of Jake’s buttons and overhears Cara telling Jake she doesn’t want to tell Amanda what happened between them.

      “Erica” tells Bianca she wishes people would stop hovering over her and dismisses her so she can talk with David. David continues calling Jane by her real name and she insists he stop. Jane admits to mistakenly telling Erica’s family that she was tempted to drink and now they won’t stop hovering. Jane claims she wanted the glamorous part of Erica’s life, not her family too. In an effort to get Ben’s attention Erica pretends to sprain her ankle while exercising. David tells Jane he knows about the near fatal accident she suffered and that ended her daughter’s life. As Jane recaps the events of that night to David, a sad Ben explains how he caused the accident to Erica. David embraces Jane. Erica attempts to reach out to Ben.

      Bianca’s worried about her “mom” talking to David and Marissa asks what she can do to help. JR shares his plan for Marissa at the park with Bianca and she gives him some advice on how to make it better. She warns JR that if he hurts Marissa she’ll hurt him. Marissa is touched by JR’s lunch in the park and wonders how he knew she used to do this with her parents. Bianca apologizes to Krystal for getting on her about Jackson. Krystal understands she was just trying to protect her family and they both talk about finding love.

      Angie tells Tad about David’s offer to help her and he offers to investigate David and make sure his claims are legit.

      On the Next All My Children…

      • Erica tries to negotiate herself out of a sticky situation.
      • Amanda hatches a plan to make Jake worry about her.
      • Marissa talks to Bianca about her feelings for JR.


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        GH Recap: Thursday, June 16, 2011

        ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Thursday, June 16, 2011.


        Elizabeth returns to work in the operating room, but Steve is concerned. Siobhan and Lulu separately worry how Lucky will recover from Luke’s rebuke. Later, Siobhan and Maxie discuss Aiden’s paternity secret as Elizabeth and Lucky discuss who is to blame over Jake’s death. Elizabeth goes to see Jason about Lucky as Maxie and Dante discuss how to help Lulu. Lucky sets fire to the Spencer home – only to realize Siobhan is inside.

        Anthony continues to help Lisa prepare for her greatest revenge. Later, Lisa arrives at General Hospital in disguise, ready with a deadly plan.

        Sam and Spinelli take off for a case, but Jason worries she is not fully healed yet to go back to work. Sam arrives at the hospital with stomach cramps.

        On the Next General Hospital…

        • Elizabeth makes a potentially fatal error on the operating table.
        • Robin and Sam discuss running tests to see if Sam may already be pregnant.


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          AMC Alerts: Week of June 20 Edition

          ( — “All My Children” DVR Alerts for the Week of June 20, 2011.


          • Monday: Amanda makes an impulsive decision with JR. Erica warns Jane that she is no match for David. Jane buys the hospital from Greenlee.
          • Tuesday: Amanda is stunned to find out that Jake didn’t sleep with Cara. Jane announces that David will be her partner in charge of Pine Valley Hospital. Krystal gives Jackson her resignation.
          • Wednesday: Kendall tells Griffin she is going to stop blaming David for everything. David tells Greenlee that his dark side helps him understand her in a way that Ryan never will. Bianca continues to struggle with her feelings for Marissa.
          • Thursday: Angie is determined to get her sight back after David gives her a detailed treatment plan. Kendall spots a disoriented Madison in the park. Angie interviews Maya for a babysitting position.
          • Friday: Amanda struggles with telling Jake the truth. Randi shares with Madison the story of her miscarriage. Colby suspects that Maya may be in an abusive relationship.
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            OLTL Alerts: Week of June 20 Edition

            OLTL Alerts: Week of June 20 Edition

            ( — “One Life to Live” DVR Alerts for the Week of June 20, 2011.


            • Monday: Blair is taken by surprise. Starr and James sign up for summer classes. Someone is shot at La Bouliae.
            • Tuesday: Ford won’t give up on Tess or Ryder. Starr meets someone new. Natalie finds herself in the middle of Clint and Rex’s feud.
            • Wednesday: Rex gets more bad news. Todd and Jack are at odds. David ruffles Dorian’s feathers.
            • Thursday: Rex asks Echo for her help. Blair confides in Starr. Rex makes a promise to Gigi.
            • Friday: There is an issue with Clint’s donor heart. Bo wants to know what happened to his son. Rick puts the screws to Deanna and Nate.
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              GH Alerts: Week of June 20 Edition

              ( — “General Hospital” DVR Alerts for the Week of June 20, 2011.


              • Monday: Elizabeth has another accident in the operating room. Lucky spins out of control. Lucky, Jason, Dante and Mac work together to lift the lock down.
              • Tuesday: Lucky and Elizabeth discuss the truth. Spinelli awakens from surgery not like himself. Robin arrives with Sam’s test results.
              • Wednesday: Lucky and Elizabeth confront Nikolas. Dante tries to soothe Lulu over her family’s self-destruction. Sonny and Diane discuss whether or not he should officially adopt Alec.
              • Thursday: Spinelli cannot unfreeze mob funds for Sonny’s business. Alexis and Sonny argue over the right way to punish Kristina after her Dominican Republic antics. Michael gets multiple job offers to keep him busy over the summer.
              • Friday: Lulu is confronted by a sinister bordello owner. Kristina challenges Ethan to let her kiss him. Jax tries to enlist Brenda to give a deposition on his behalf for the custody hearing.
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                OLTL Recap: Wednesday, June 15, 2011

                OLTL Recap: Wednesday, June 15, 2011

                ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Wednesday, June 15, 2011.

                IT HAPPENED TODAY

                Ford and Tess hole up in the Minuteman Motel and profess their love for each other. There are still plenty of obstacles for the pair, not the least of which is the fact that they’re on the run from the Buchanans, and how Ford’s arranging of Tess’ escape will impact his claim on Ryder. Tess makes a big concession and tells Ford that if she could learn to love him, she could learn to love Ryder. On the verge of making love, Tess confesses her fear that getting closer to Ford may ultimately be her undoing. But they feel they have to take the risk and at make love.

                Natalie and Brody continue to wrestle with their feelings and make love.

                Destiny keeps vigil over Matthew. Nearby, Starr tells Danielle about Destiny’s earlier nausea. Starr admits to Danielle that she knows Destiny slept with Matthew. Together they wonder if Destiny used protection, and might she be pregnant with Matthew’s child. Inside, Destiny admits in the course of talking to Matthew that they didn’t use protection but she lied about it to Starr.

                On the Next One Life to Live…

                • Jessica fights Tess for control.
                • Ford demands Cutter divorce Tess.
                • Vimal tells Rama his parents are planning a visit.
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                  B&B Recap: Wednesday, June 15, 2011

                  B&B Recap: Wednesday, June 15, 2011

                  ( — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode Recap  – Wednesday, June 15, 2011.

                  IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                  Liam tells Bill that he wants to take Hope away somewhere before their lives change forever. Bill offered Liam use of his plane. Liam got excited. Bill told him that his life is going to change when the baby arrives, but his relationship with Hope doesn't have to. "You two have something special, you'll make it work." he said.

                  At home, Hope told Brooke that she hates how much she's beating herself up. Talk shifted over to the complications going on in Hope's life. They talked about Liam and Amber. Brooke told Hope that once the baby arries, Amber and her mother are going to be a constant in her life. Hope said she knew that and added that it's impossible for her to stop loving Liam. "When he is away from me, I feel like a part of me is missing." Hope said. Brooke said she wished the circumstances were different. Hope confided that there was a part of her that still wished the baby wasn't Liam's. She's still bitter about Amber slithering her way into their lives. "She pulled all the strings and now she's getting exactly what she wanted." she said. Liam stopped by. He told Hope that he wanted to fly away with her for a couple of days. Brooke encouraged her to go and said she'd be ok. Hope got excited and her and Liam left. Later, Oliver stopped by Brooke's house. Brooke told him that Hope wasn't home. Oliver told Brooke that he came to talk to her. He gave his condolences to her about Ridge. Oliver wondered how things were going with Hope and Liam. He said he wished she'd get over him. "I don't think that's going to happen." Brooke told him. Oliver said he feels that Hope deserves a better life then what she's going to have with Liam. He said he knows he can make her happy and asked Brooke to put in a good word for him.

                  On the plane, Hope wondered where her and Liam were headed. Liam said it was a secret. The pilot came out and told Liam they were working on a flight plan and that it would be a while before they land in Cabo San Lucas. Hope was excited. "This is a trip we are going to remember forever." she said. They kissed.

                  Later, Justin and Bill discussed business in Bill's office . Marcus stopped by. The men talked about Brooke leaving Forrester and starting a new foundation. They speculated and wondered what caused it all to happen. Talk shifted to Marcus and his time in Paris. Marcus talked about the hard work he did there and all the people he met. Bill joked about all the women he must've met in Paris and asked how hard it must've been to come back to LA. Marcus said there's a lot of good looking people in LA and said he's thinking about getting his own bachelor pad. Bill warned him to be careful who he lets follow him home. Justin asked Marcus once again about changing his last name. Marcus said he loves Eric, but knows Justin is his biological father. He noted how important blood relations are. This caused Bill to complain about Amber and Tawny again. "Blood ties are forever. Now my son is stuck with that tramp and her mother. God help him." Bill said.

                  Carl isn't sure whether the hair Amber gave him will be enough for another paternity test. Amber urged him to just get to work. Amber did nothing but panic as Carl began the test. She got more alarmed when he said he needed the babys DNA from the original test. "My future is riding on this!" she exclaimed. Amber followed Carl everywhere he went as he worked in the lab. Carl told her it was difficult to work with her hovering around him. Amber insisted on staying. Carl gave her a lab coat to wear. He told Amber he didn't understand her sudden urgency for another test. Amber explained that the baby could be Marcus Forrester's. Carl realized the clear implications this could cause. "Do you see what my problem is? That is why I have to find out what the results are before this baby is born!" Amber told him. Carl got back to work. Amber increasingly started to get more irritated and achey. Carl stopped to eat a sandwich. Amber got frustrated and told him to put it down. Suddenly, Amber's water broke!

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                    B&B Recap: Tuesday, June 14, 2011

                    B&B Recap: Tuesday, June 14, 2011

                    ( — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode Recap  – Tuesday, June 14, 2011.

                    IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                    Brooke looked at herself in the mirror and thought about all the insults people have thrown at her. Hope came downstairs and asked if she was ok. Brooke said that everything Taylor and Stephanie have said about her over the years are true. "I have no morals, no decency, no integrity." she said. Hope told her she was wrong and that she didn't want to listen to this. "I know it hurts to realize the kind of mother that you have but it's the truth, and you have to face it. So do I." Brooke said. Hope said she couldn't understand. Brooke told her that she needed to do something positive with her life. Hope wondered how leaving Forrester and divorcing Ridge was positive. "What else can I do with my life? I'm not a good mother, I'm not a good wife, I am a bad influence. I'm a bad person." Brooke said. Hope continued to be in disbelief and confided that she still isn't convinced something happened with Thomas. She noted how James had doubts about it as well. Brooke insisted that Thomas wouldn't lie. Hope begged her mother not to give up on Ridge. Brooke stressed that she has to do this to find peace for herself. Hope wondered what happened to Brooke and said she was not being herself. "Mom, this is not who you are. You are a fighter." she said. Brooke said she fought for all the wrong reasons. She told Hope to never be like her and to learn from the mistakes she's made.

                    Nick visited Stephanie in her office. Stephanie told him that Brooke took her completely by surprise at the meeting she held. Nick said he's still not interested in Stephanie's proposition for him to pursue Brooke. He said she needs Ridge because they'll always be in love. Just then, Stephanie had a small cough attack. When it was over, she said she was fine. Taylor came in and told Nick about the foundation Brooke started. Nick demanded to know what really caused this all to happen. Stephanie and Taylor disagreed on Brooke's intentions. Taylor thinks this is just apart of another one of Brooke strategies, while Stephanie thinks she's being genuine and heartfelt. Nick left. Taylor and Stephanie continued to talk about Brooke.

                    Liam and Bill talked in Bill's office. Liam admitted he was distracted because he's about to have a child with a woman he doesn't like or trust. Bill told Liam that Amber and Tawny were nothing but a couple of grifters. Liam told his father that Justin will represent him and protect all of his rights. Bill was impressed with how Liam was taking charge. "That's my boy." he told him. Liam worried about how hard this is all going to be for Hope and said he wanted to something special with Hope before things get complicated. Bill approved. Liam said that he had an idea.

                    Amber's doorbell rang. It was Carl. Amber told him that she needs another paternity test. Carl said that he's done enough and complained about how he hasn't been paid enough for it. "You promised me a cut of some big bucks and all I've gotten is some cheap champagne and chocolates." he said. Amber told him there might be a slight glitch in her plans. She begged him to help her. Carl gave in and said he needed a DNA sample from the guy (Marcus). Amber called Marcus and told him that she needed to see him. Marcus wondered why they couldn't talk over the phone. Amber said it needed to happen in person. Later, Marcus came by and said that he knew what this was all about – she's lonely and wanted to be with him again. Amber lied and said that was true. She played along with him and weaseled her way into plucking a hair from his head. Marcus said this didn't feel right. Amber told Marcus that he's a really sweet guy and friend to her but she needs to think about her baby now. She told him that maybe it was best he leave now. After he left, she examined the hair she plucked from his head.

                    Later, Carl kicked an employee out of the lab so he could be alone. Amber, in panic mode, arrived at the lab and gave Carl the pluck of Marcus's hair. "Just get me the answer, ok? I need to know before the baby comes!".

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