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  • AFTRA Still in Talks with Prospect Park

    It was Tuesday, October 4 when Soap Opera Network first reported on the current status of union discussions between the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) and Prospect Park following word back in July that Prospect Park would be launching "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" on the web. Now more than a month later, and with news that "AMC" is being delayed for various reasons, an AFTRA rep tells Soap Opera Network that they are "still in discussions with ." This at some point could place a damper on the company's plan of... [FULL STORY]

  • GH Recap: Monday, November 14, 2011

    "General Hospital" Episode Recap - Monday, November 14, 2011. [FULL STORY]

  • American Media Launches Reality Weekly, But What About Soap Opera Weekly?

    On Sunday, November 13, The New York Times reported that American Media, Inc., which earlier this year purchased the licensing rights of both Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly from owner Source Interlink, in which the company now oversees all aspects including editorial, advertising, marketing and distribution, would be launching a new weekly magazine dubbed Reality Weekly. [FULL STORY]

  • ‘All My Children’ 2.0 Put on Hold, But Wasn’t It Obvious?

    There has been much discussed about "All My Children" 2.0 following a report by Soaps in Depth in which the magazine reported on its website that "All My Children," as conceived by the minds behind the scenes at Prospect Park, has been placed on hold. This of course is after months of rumors and speculation stating that the company had planned to launch the show just days following its September 23 ABC finale and again in January 2012 following the network finale of sister soap "One Life to Live," which in addition to "AMC" was licensed to Prospect Park... [FULL STORY]

  • GH Teasers: Week of November 14 Edition

    "General Hospital" Teasers for the Week of November 14, 2011. [FULL STORY]

  • OLTL Teasers: Week of November 14 Edition

    "One Life to Live" Teasers for the Week of November 14, 2011. [FULL STORY]

  • Face Off! ‘OLTL’ Casts Stacy’s Shady Brazilian Doc

    Talk about being two faced! After Stacy (Farah Fath) heads south of the Equator to Brazil this week to have her old plastic surgeon Dr. Fascinella make her look like her old self again, the doc himself finally gets a face of his own. [FULL STORY]

  • DAYS PreVUE: Week of November 14 Edition

    A look at what's happening on "Days of Our Lives" during the week of November 14, 2011. [FULL STORY]

  • ‘Life’ Behind Bars? Jailed Llanview Residents Return as Soap Winds Down

    With several former cast members, whose characters are currently incarcerated in Statesville Prison for various crimes and offenses, many "One Life to Live" fans have been left wondering what the show has planned for them. [FULL STORY]

  • Ford Trio’s Daddy Dearest Comes Back to ‘Life’ as John Wesley Shipp Returns to Set

    Looks like another ghostly return for "One Life to Live." John Wesley Shipp, who played the abusive father of the Ford brothers and ex-husband of their mom Inez Salinger (Jessica Leccia) appears to be headed back to Llanview for the show's final days on the air. But just what brings the murdered deadbeat dad back to the canvas? [FULL STORY]