Ratings: Y&R/B&B Up For The Week

Ratings Report for the Week of July 3-7, 2017


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Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings


(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)


Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,458,000 (+211,000/-208,000)
2. B&B 3,556,000 (+157,000/-200,000)
3. GH 2,453,000 (+21,000/-134,000)
4. DAYS 2,045,000 (-12,000/same)


1. Y&R 3.16/11 (+.1/-.26)
2. B&B 2.53/8 (+.08/-.23)
3. GH 1.77/6 (+.02/-.17)
4. DAYS 1.52/5 (same/-.01) <—— ties low (4th straight week) *

* Rounded to 1.5


Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 535,000 (+40,000/-119,000)
2. B&B 430,000 (+32,000/-107,000)
3. GH 372,000 (-15,000/-69,000)
4. DAYS 305,000 (-13,000/-70,000)


Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 0.83/7 (+.06/-.2)
2. B&B 0.67/5 (+.05/-.17)
3. GH 0.58/5 (-.02/-.11) <—— ties low (10th straight week) **
4. DAYS 0.47/4 (-.02/-.12) <——— ties low (4th straight week) ***

** Rounded to 0.6
*** Rounded to 0.5


Women 18-34 Viewers
1. Y&R 143,000 (+28,000/-5,000)
2. B&B 117,000 (+18,000/-33,000)
3. GH 91,000 (+3,000/-24,000)
4. DAYS 64,000 (+7,000/-38,000)


Women 18-34 Rating
1. Y&R 0.41 (+.08/-.03)
2. B&B 0.34 (+.05/-.1)
3. GH 0.26 (+.01/-.08)
4. DAYS 0.18 (+.02/-.12) <—— ties low (18th straight week) **

** Rounded to 0.2


Women 25-54 Viewers
1. Y&R 785,000 (-8,000/-146,000)
2. B&B 654,000 (-6,000/-144,000)
3. GH 527,000 (-8,000/-79,000)
4. DAYS 382,000 (-31,000/-101,000)


Women 25-54 Rating
1. Y&R 1.29 (-.01/-.25)
2. B&B 1.07 (-.01/-.25)
3. GH 0.86 (-.02/-.15)
4. DAYS 0.63 (-.05/-.17)


Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

Monday: 2.38/3,341,000 (did not count)
Tuesday: 2.14/3,052,000 (did not count)
Wednesday: 2.51/3,512,000
Thursday: 2.55/3,606,000
Friday: 2.54/3,549,000

Monday: 1.45/1,971,000 (did not count)
Tuesday: 1.34/1,879,000 (did not count)
Wednesday: 1.54/2,051,000
Thursday: 1.47/2,023,000
Friday: 1.54/2,060,000

Monday: 0.90/1,247,000 (repeat – did not count)
Tuesday: 0.73/1,058,000 (repeat – did not count)
Wednesday: 1.85/2,586,000
Thursday: 1.68/2,302,000
Friday: 1.77/2,472,000

Monday: 3.04/4,286,000 (did not count)
Tuesday: 2.92/4,252,000 (did not count)
Wednesday: 3.15/4,432,000
Thursday: 3.16/4,471,000
Friday: 3.16/4,470,000


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  • Salem Spectator
    • francheska

      Ryan Quan was Co Head writer for Days the last year (along with Dena Higley) and we all saw what effect they both had on ratings. Days viewership plummeted to historic levels. There was hardly anything good about Days that we could even argue was Ryans work. He is as much to blame as Dena. This is like Dena being demonted to a writer’s consultant and expecting people to be excited about her new position.

      • Salem Spectator

        We don’t know what Ryan wrote, if anything. He is a DOOL historian. Dena might not have listened to him.

        • JayTN

          Well, Ryan is credited as being co-head writer and was paid as such. I don’t think that “Days” is in a position to just be throwing around money for not doing anything. While he don’t know how much of the storylines were from Dena and how much came from Ryan, but they both own the numbers during their tenure.

  • TV&MovieBuff

    Nice to see Y&R and B&B up. As you can see this is one of the examples why the powers that be save those “bye” weeks on the ratings. This is one week that it worked out good for Y&R, B&B and Days both that they didn’t have to count Monday & Tuesday. They only have so many episodes they can choose not to count each year. Holidays are a crap shoot as you just never know if people will watch when they are off or not. They definitely chose to do something else for the most part for the 4th.

  • ctshar

    Glad to see B&B rebound, they listened to their audience, made some good changes. GH did NOT, so more bad news. Can’t wait to watch Ron’s Days, I’m excited for thier loyal fans.

    • cab

      I too can not wait to see what Ron comes up with. But as a long time viewer, I really can not complain about anything that Deanna has done. The mysteries and suspense has always made me wanting more. Some viewers got tired, I for one enjoyed it.

      • ctshar

        I like more a soapy soap, but I do like sci fi genre, so I know he’ll entertain me though the fall for sure.

        I watched the sami exit, where chad’s GF was kidnapped, the action was really good, pacing, etc, so ron should be able to write some fun stories, and the show felt like a community, so I’ll like that too.

      • jonboy

        Ron’s material was good until he introduced the OLTL actors as new characters. For me that’s when his reign began a downward spiral. I’ve never watched DOOL but began recording today out of curiosity. Although not a DOOL fan I remain a supporter of the genre.


    Cant wait to see what Ron does at DAYS.

    • derrick

      With all the publicity about Ron and certain characters returning you would think that a certain number of people (mostly fans that used to watch) would tune in and catch up on the show. Looks like that hasn’t happened for the first week of July (when many people have off). One can hope that the new team will manage to attract new viewers and gain back old fans of the show that stopped watching.

      • TV&MovieBuff

        I think many fans are just tired of the constant plans to save Days….what are they on now plan 2999 or something like that. They promise this and that to the fans and within a few months it all goes haywire, they throw out the promises they made and go in a whole new direction. I think they have just outplayed so many fans patience that fans are just not going to come back that easy. Also of people point the blame at Corday or this or that one, but the blame is on Corday, Sony, and NBC all; they’ve all had a part in it.

        • cab

          And with this site promoting Y&R and B&B what does that tell you.

          • TV&MovieBuff

            Well Y&R and B&B got promoted in the headline because they were the ones who went up in the most categories this week. There was something to boast about on their ratings. A headline promoting Days would have been about it’s drop in Total Viewers and the key Demo — and then of course you would have complained because they pointed out Days failure.

            This site has done several articles on Days in the past few weeks so it has done as much to promote Days as it has any of the 4 shows. In fact there is a whole new article on Ron and his plans for Days.

      • Yoryla

        That’s a strange deducement. Why would they tune in when the show was still utter trash? Ron’s material only started on July 19, and it is still going to take plenty of time after that to turn away from Higley’s material.

  • jesse

    Great to see YR/BB have an increase in total viewers and 2 out of 3 demos.Enjoyed the holiday sets and the dialogue.Can’t wait to see BB in Monaco look foward to it every summer.Caroline coming back was a pleasant surprise.Liking the actor that plays Thomas more everytime he is on screen.

  • Derrick

    Great to see CBS having a great week now let’s see DAYS numbers increasing.

    Y&R and B&B have been doing great and DAYS is getting better.

  • Michael Taylor

    Don’t forget about Trump’s joint press conference this past Thursday, because that chewed up the last 15 minutes of Y&R here and most of it in the 11:30 markets.

  • Michael Taylor

    Don’t forget about Trump’s press conference this past Thursday, because that took up the last 15 or so minutes of Y&R here and most of it in the 11:30 markets.

    • Richie,

      Yes, and what did that have to do with THIS WEEKS ratings?????

    • jaiya

      Out of curiosity, what soap(s) air at 11:30 am and where?

      • Richie

        Y&R airs at 11:30 am in LA, & possibly other western time zone markets.

    • Eileen

      These ratings are for the previous week not the week that just ended.

  • Michael Taylor

    Also, what’s been confirmed to be Greg Rikaart and Elizabeth Hendrickson’s last airdates?

    • Amie


    • jonboy

      Longest exit I’ve ever seen. Be gone already!

  • robay

    Glad to see that some soaps still increase when many people have off.

  • Amie

    YAYYYY Y&R and B&B.Its getting good

  • Eileen

    The Sonny Mob Hour formerly known as General Hospital, is taking some serious hits in the desired demos. I guess once they get Burton back they will expect them to skyrocket.

  • JayTN

    July 4th was a good week for all the soaps, relatively speaking. All the soaps got to exclude their worst performing days, artificially inflating their numbers. Both the CBS soaps had their best weeks since April while “General Hospital” had its best week in a month.

    On a side note, I knew that GH would likely air a rerun on July 4, but didn’t realize they also ran a rerun on July 3. GH seems to show more encores than either “Days” or the CBS soaps.

  • TruthSquad

    Pleased to see some well deserved good news for Y&R and B&B. Sally has stabilized Y&R.

    • FoxyRoxyy

      I find Y&R to be very boring. They are still down over 200,000 viewers from a year ago so there is nothing to brag about. Their demos are also lower than a year ago, which is not good.

      • TruthSquad

        I am enjoying the day to day goings ons with some action here and there. I am liking the characters again and therefore more invested. Is there less action? Sure. But I think this is a sustainable pace. They do have to get those demos up.

  • cab

    I always read more exciting and interesting things taking place with the characters at Days, compared to what I read is taking place on another soap. For instance, this one meets with someone at a coffee shop, or this one talks to that one about another love of his or her life. If I wanted talk I would watch talk shows. I need mystery and suspense with a little romance thrown into the mix. Days has always provided me with that.
    Sad to see that even in this day and age there is still homophobia out there. Sonny and Will would show passion in their kisses and affection for one another, now all Sonny and Paul do is hug it out or give a peck on the cheek. I know Days does not want to offend any more viewers and cause ratings to drop more, but when Will and Sonny were a couple, new and younger females, which is what advertisers care for, were actually tuning in, then lost them when they(Dena) killed Will(he is now returning but storyline is not yet known). At least show affection like straight people would do when your loved one is going to jail. There should have been tears and a long hug and kiss between Paul and Sonny seeing as how Sonny was being arrested.

    • TV&MovieBuff

      How close minded of you to judge how exciting the other shows are by what you read about them. Why don’t you watch them sometimes and see who exciting they are before you pass judgement. With good writing, good acting and well drawn out characters even a conversation in a kitchen can be very dramatic. I’ll take that any day over some adventure scene between two actors hired for their good looks over their talent or poorly written dialogue.

      And as far as homophobia I agree with you but it is also sad that there is still racism, ageism, masochism, and all the isms that still exist on the soaps. I get tired of homophobia being the only one singled out when today’s writers still ignore so many things in the soaps. There are a whole lot of problems with the way soaps are written today and homophobia is just one on the list.

      • Dianne

        Sexism and ageism are much bigger issues than homophobia because those issues affect more viewers. The irony is that soaps desire the woman 18-49 demographic, yet can’t write for women unless they are needy or crazy. (BB for sure) The viewers the soaps/networks desire the most, looks like they are the ones tuning out.

        • TV&MovieBuff

          I know I get so tired of the way women, the elderly, and the races are written for in the modern day soaps. Women like you said can’t be written strong and independent anymore. They are either weak little creatures who can’t get by without their men or they are loony tunes or psychos. And no one over 50 is hardly ever seen as a vital character anymore. It is sad. There are so many things the writers need to fix in the way they write the soaps today, and so much of that is why the soaps don’t appeal to new viewers or viewers in the desired age groups.

        • Yoryla

          They are not bigger issues ‘because they affect more viewers’. The amount of viewers have nothing to do with it. That is like saying the world shouldn’t care about the war in Syria, because the war only affects that small amount of people there. That is belittling the matter, homophobia.

          • JayTN

            Obviously you didn’t understand the comment. Dianne is saying that more people can relate to sexism and ageism than homophobia because there are more people that are victims of sexism and ageism than homophobia. Can you possibly be that dense? Or do you think that you are always right and everyone else is just too stupid to grasp your genius?

    • fuvaf

      Well different couples have different chemistry on screen. You may have experienced a different kind of vibe for one couple than the other. In addition, please do not forget they all happen to be straight young actors on a soap playing gay characters.

      • Yoryla

        That doesn’t have anything to do with it. That’s like saying that someone shouldn’t show affection to someone who is less attractive than they would like. They are actors it is their job to be their character.

        • JayTN

          Acting has nothing to do with it. Are you just purposely dense? Or are you just acting? Certain people have chemistry with some people and not with others. That is just natural, regardless of whether or not they are actors.

          I have seen actors have more chemistry with one co-star than with another. I guess, according to your warped view that that must make them bad actors, huh?

          • Yoryla

            Oh, and you should really learn how to respect those wiser and with more experience than you.

          • JayTN

            Respect is earned, not demanded. I didn’t realize you were a “wiser” and “more experienced” actor. By the way, I thought you were done with this conversation and blocking me?

    • JayTN

      I know a lot of people mention homophobia (a term I personally hate as very few people actually have a “phobia” of LGBT persons…I prefer the more powerful term bigot), but CBS’s “As the World Turns” experienced a brief renaissance when the writers outed legacy character Luke and gave him a boyfriend. That storyline became the soaps most popular storyline and probably kept ATWT on the air for a few years more than it would have had otherwise. Even “Days” experienced a bump in the ratings in the wake of the Will & Sonny storyline.

      I don’t believe viewers are as backward and regressive as some people on this board make them out to be. Ron Carlivati received raves for his LGBT storyline on “One Life to Live”…until he took it too far and it seemed that half the cast was either LG or B, or pretending to be (even main character Dorian dabbled with the “B” label). “Will & Grace” was also one of the most popular series on TV during its first run and that was 20 years ago.

      Most TV series feature some form of LGBT character, either as a regular or guest stars. Perhaps “Days” writers/producers got cold feet and opted to reverse their groundbreaking LGBT storylines, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that viewers would not have supported it. I’m sure Ken Corday would kill to have the viewers that “Days” had back in the Will & Sonny heyday (of course, they weren’t the only reason for the higher ratings).

      • Yoryla

        The word ‘phobia’ is accurate, as the ‘bigotness’ comes from fear of the unknown feelings within themselves. People who know they are aren’t afraid of other things.

        • JayTN

          Actually, the phobia is defined as a persistent fear of something, either an object or a situation. Therefore, homophobia literally means fear of homosexual persons. I don’t believe a large segment of the population is actually afraid of these people, in the sense that they illicit fear of that person.

          A more “accurate” word would be either bigotry or prejudice. Prejudice is defined as a preconceived (usually negative) feelings toward a person due to their gender, beliefs, values, sexuality, etc. People may not support the LGBT community for a variety of reasons, usually religious, but I don’t think that opposition is due to the fact that they actually fear that LGBT person.

          • Yoryla

            Obviously you didn’t understand. The fear is still there, it is a fear of oneself and their own feelings, so there likely is a word for it. But it is fear.

          • JayTN

            Actually, I fully understood the comment you were trying to make. Don’t assume anything about me or think simply because I disagree with you that I’m not understanding your statement. Condescending much?

            You are playing psychologist by saying that these “fears” are internal and that they are “fear of oneself and their own feelings”. That may be true of certain people but not everyone who has a problem with LGBT persons or dislikes them does so because they are secretly grappling with their own sexuality. Get a clue.

          • Yoryla

            Bye! : ) *blocked*

          • JayTN

            I guess you can’t handle the truth. You won’t be missed.

          • cab

            I agree fully with your comment, and you ARE NOT blocked.

  • Michael Taylor

    I WANT THE SOAP OPERA RATINGS FROM JULY 10-14 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!