Lesli Kay Returning to ‘B&B’

Cliff Lipson/CBS
Cliff Lipson/CBS

Soap star is returning to CBS’ “” as Felicia Forrester. The actress tweeted the news on Thursday, June 5. “Worked an episode of B&B today. It was great fun!”

While storyline details are not yet available, a rep for the soap tells Soap Opera Network that the actress is scheduled to appear in the Thursday, August 7 episode.

In addition to her role on “B&B,” Kay is best known for portrayal of Molly Conlan on CBS’ “.” She appeared on the series off and on from 1998-2010. In a bit of soap opera irony, Kay portrayed a recast Lois Cerullo on ABC’s “” in the mid-2000s. The role was originated by “B&B’s” , who appears on the soap as Quinn Fuller.


    Welcome back. BB is smart for balancing reprising roles and new characters to expand their cast. Much unlike YR that has basically created a show bombarded by new faces and new characters that mean nothing to the viewer.

  • Welcome back!

  • Joel

    I hope Lesli makes a permanent return soon! Felicia should be on the cast, as well should Thorne. Either that, or send them both over to Y&R.