Miss ‘General Hospital’ or ‘One Life to Live’ Today?

Jeff Neira/ABC
Jeff Neira/ABC

( — If you’re local ABC affiliate broke into “” and/or “” today, you might have missed all or part of today’s episodes due to a 5.9 magnitude Earthquake that hit the east coast just before 2:00 PM. Thankfully, SOAPnet and are here to save the day for those markets affected by the quake.

According to an ABC representative, if either show was interrupted by your local station due to Earthquake coverage it will be up to the local station to make up for it by airing the shows in a later hour or in the “overnights.” Otherwise, the episodes will be available in their entirety on SOAPnet and’s Full Episode Player as scheduled.


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  1. I wasn’t interrupted here in the Midwest.
    However, after just finishing GH it really would have been more interesting to hear about the Earth Quake.

    As positive as I try to be with this new writing team, it just isn’t ‘cutting it’. Not yet at least.

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