Q&A With ‘Y&R’s’ Peter Bergman: Actor Discusses Kelly/Jack Romance, Phyllis’ Future and the Possible Recast of Michael Muhney!


The Young and the Restless Mast Head by Soap Opera Network

Robert Voets/CPT Holdings,  Inc.
Robert Voets/CPT Holdings, Inc.

During “’” recent 41st anniversary celebration, (Jack Abbott) told Soap Opera Network that he’s one of the luckiest men in daytime. And if you look at his embarrassment of riches — an impressive 33 year career in soaps, numerous Emmy nominations and wins, exciting storylines, and talented co-stars — it’s easy to see what he means. But lately, he’s been feeling exceptionally blessed. Read on to find out why!

Soap Opera Network: is now in the role of Kelly Andrews. How has it been working with her?

Peter Bergman: Fantastic. We’ve known each other for 25 years.

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

SON: I know! You were both on “” [you as Cliff Warner, McClain as Dixie Cooney]. How was the reunion?

Bergman: It was great. And what a fun position for me, to be able to help welcome her and make sure everybody knew her and to clear the tracks for her. She’s fun to be around.

SON: At first, it seemed that Jack and Kelly would be a romantic pairing, and now they’re sort of at odds. Are they really not vibing on each other, or is there some sexual frustration there?

Bergman: They’re sniping a bit, but almost a bit too much, as if they’re fighting something here.

SON: Are you noticing that the writers are focusing more on the romance angle now that Cady is in the role?

Bergman: I think Jack is fighting it the whole way and I’m not sure he’s going to win. It’s a fun idea.

SON: Is there anything going on in Jack’s life outside of the Kelly situation that you can tease?

Bergman: Story wise, it just keeps coming for me. I’m very, very lucky. Phyllis is going to get better one day. That’s around the corner. The Summer [] thing is very much alive in Jack’s life. There’s a bunch of stuff. I’m just one of the luckiest actors in daytime.

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

SON: Will Jack be involved in the search for Adam?

Bergman: As far as Jack is concerned, Adam is dead. Adam is gone. They found the body, his dental records. So Jack is mourning the loss of a friend — and he knows he wasn’t everybody’s friend — but Jack is in the middle of mourning. He’s not searching for anyone. He’ll have no part of that.

SON: There’s been indication that they may recast the role. If that happens, do you think the replacement actor will have an uphill battle, considering former portrayer was so popular?

Bergman: I don’t have a vote in any of this, but I will say I am a replacement. And here we are, 25 years later; sometimes replacements work!

  • donna

    Well Peter, weren’t you evasive. tee hee. I don’t get why MM wasn’t given an opportunity to answer allegations pubically or get counseling if true(which I doubt he did it), He doesn’t seem to have much support except from Sharon Case. I will continue NOT to watchY & R until some statement is mde from someone.

    • Andrew Hass

      I think as far as Y&R is concerned they have moved past the Michael Muhney and Hunter King scandal.So the ball is in Muhney’s court now in regards to commenting about it.If he’s innocent then he should say so but as far as i know he hasn’t denied what he’s accused of doing.As Peter Bergman i think it was a great interview and he wasn’t asked directly about the accusations regarding Michael Muhney.So he had no reason to comment about them.As for an Adam recast Peter did make a valid point in that sometimes recasts work fine and he’s an example of it.

    • Tyler

      The thing is unless Y&R is paying Muhney for his silence, if he’s innocent as I believe he is, he should have started a lawsuit for slander and defamation against Y&R, CBS and specifically the girl who did the accusations, and just bring it all out into the public once and for all. As far as I know, Muhney hasn’t worked since January and all there are is rumors.. How is the guy putting food on the table, you know.. Just a rotten deal for MM

      • RedRiver38

        I totally agree. MM got shafted and smeared by Y&R. These people are true low life.

      • Bexx

        There was no slander lawsuit because he’s a perv.

        • RedRiver38

          You’re a sick twisted troll.

        • sherwood

          Bexx, the real perv, raises his ugly head once again!

    • Bexx

      Counseling? I’m sure if it was your daughter you would suggest the same for her victimizer.

      • sherwood

        It appears you are the one needing counseling.

  • Ric

    if I got fired from my job, my boss would not share or should he, anything about my termination. Why would we expected Y&R to say anything? It’s wrong and they should say nothing.

  • Fred

    None of the cast will speak up and volunteer to be next on the chopping block. Mortgages to pay as Greg rikaart mentioned. No one wants to be The next casualty in the gossip rags. Unless it gets them points for bashing MM.

  • Tyler

    And then again. often replacements Don’t work out..

  • RedRiver38

    I never thought Peter Bergman would stab Michael Muhney in the back publicly. I’ve never been more disappointed in anyone. I always thought he had class. I guess I was wrong about him. He’s no better than Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott. Birds of a feather I guess……I’ll never watch Y&R again. Never.

    • Bexx

      What an absolute loon! Peter owes a nobody like you nothing. Go hold Muhney’s hand since you’re so broken up.

      • RedRiver38

        Bexx, drop dead.

      • sherwood

        Who asked you? The creeper, aka: Bexx, chimes in with his usual poison.

    • Jillian Brady

      Wait, Bergman isn’t stabbing Muhney in the back at all. He’s a close friend of Michael’s. He merely said that recasts can work and he’s saying that because he’s a gracious man who wants whomever takes MM’s place to feel welcome. That’s not back stabbing.

    • Didi

      Oh STOP. He did no such thing. He tried to answer the question gracefully & work with what he has to work with and the fact is, he WAS a replacement. Bergman is an obvious big Muhney supporter, but he probably knows it is best to stay neutral publicly unlike some others did. Classy guy.