FIRST LOOK: ‘Y&R’s’ Melody Thomas Scott In ‘The Crazy Ones’

Bauer Griffin
Bauer Griffin

'”  just celebrated her 35th anniversary playing Nikki Newman, and what better way to kick off her 36th year than with a stellar guest-gig playing a character who has a boozy past that dang near rivals her Genoa City alter ego’s? As we previously reported, the actress is doing just that: She’s headed to CBS’s sitcom “” later this month, and guess what? Soap Opera Network is bringing you the first look at Scott in her exciting primetime role!

A rep for the sitcom confirms that Nikki’s portrayer will be playing Flora, a boozy librarian who enlists Simon () and his team’s help to save her library. “It came completely out of the blue,” she told TV Guide of the gig. “I was originally called in for another role on the show and was told by producers that I was too young, which was fabulous! But they thought that Robin and I would play off each other well, so they created a role for me in a different episode. It’s a great character and not at all glamorous like Nikki. This poor girl is really trying to sexy but she’s just not cutting it — and she has no qualms about pulling out her flask during library hours.”

CBS Broadcasting
CBS Broadcasting

Look for Scott’s appearance on the season finale of the CBS show (which also stars “” alum ) on Thursday, April 17 at 9:30 PM ET/PT.

  • Chris

    That’s Thursday April 17th, NOT Monday Kambra!

  • Sarah Kennedy

    I thought the “Soap Opera Network” was off the air!

    • timsdale4ever

      Soap Opera Network is THIS internet site — SoapNet is the cable TV station that went off the air.

  • Valentin

    I don’t want The Crazy Ones to be gone 🙁