Nathan Fillion Involved in Contract Dispute with ABC Studios Over ‘Castle’

Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

is best known to soap opera fans for his portrayal of Joey Buchanan on ABC’s “,” but the actor has made a name for himself in the mainstream world via the networks primetime hit “.” Sadly, according to Deadline Hollywood, the actor is currently embroiled in a contract dispute with ABC Studios, which produces the drama series.

Per the website, “The set of the ABC crime drama came to a standstill when lead Nathan Fillion didn’t show up Friday…the actor is in the midst of a contract dispute with producers ABC Studios over his desire for a four-day workweek on ‘Castle,’ which is in production on its sixth season.” It is understood that production has since resumed while talks continue between the studio, the actor and his camp. Fillion portrays novelist Richard Castle in the series that also stars as Detective Kate Beckett.

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  • JJ

    Here goes ABC again!!

  • frelling_cute


  • Judy Butts

    C’mon Nathan, be grateful you have a job! We love you, but don’t be selfish. Work 7 days a week if they want you to. One of these days, you may be wanting the phone to ring and it won’t. Tread carefully!

    • Hudson De Witt Kelly

      are you serious he is an actor and it is partly because of him Castle is around we didnt say all of this when Friends stars did this for 1million and episode when NBC was MUST SEE TV so go Nathan you deserve it