• Elegance

    WTF, dude? You have precious credibility. Why exchange that for fame? Career suicide.

    • DJH78745

      ‘Journalism’ is completely dead in the US – even the BBC mocks US journalists and they’re not really known for their objectivity.
      Unlike most of the German press in the 30’s who were forced to propaganda by threat, murder and prison, the media in the US voluntarily became agents of the ministry of propaganda – most casting off any notion of professional ethics, integrity or credibility with a thunderous ‘hope and change’.

      Heck, look at our universities! They’re teaching propaganda and indoctrination, not ethics.

  • ravitchn

    Those news people are all actors anyway.

    • Jim1937

      News is a badly misused term. They don’t provide news, they provide opinion and almost exclusively liberal opinion.

  • labash

    Hey, Rip Van Winkle, for the last 20 years, CNN and MSNBC both have been Soap Operas. So what is the bid deal ?

  • Michael Servetus

    Why not? CNN is itself a soap opera or at least it possess all of the integrity and credibility of a soap opera. Ever watch C. Amanpour? ‘Nuff said.

  • Gary Werner

    thats one way you can get someone to see you on TV…God knows nobody will see him on CNN…

  • crawfordsrevenge

    Say it ain’t so…

  • DJH78745

    Bwaahahaha… yet further proof that the unethical, lying, deceitful, subversive, cowardly pieces of trash pretending to be journalists are nothing more than ‘celebrities’ and propagandists.

    I will say this, considering cnn has zero credibility (and abc not much more) I am surprised he’d do this since he seems to at least have some degree of credibility but then, when you work for abc or cnn (or nbc/nyt/cbs/wapo et al) you lose all credibility by associating with known liars.

  • harmony108

    This is where he belongs and the whole CNN news organization. CNN news reporting is all car chases, disasters and soap opera type news. Hoping with the change in January it would of went back to a serious news outlet as before. Now its worse. Soap opera news and yes this fits right into the direction they are going in.

    • LibelFreeZone

      Right…you watch PBS and C-SPAN. I just know you do.

  • Mark Rude

    Not much of a stretch. He’s been playing the part of a journalist for all this time on the soap opera called CNN.

  • rdsouza

    Maybe CNN is not meeting regular payroll and/or cutting expense accounts and these guys need to pay for their hairstylists and tweets?

    • [email protected]

      Are you suggesting that he has a tweety he’s paying, or maybe his hairstylist is his tweety.

  • Arnold Ripkin

    Uhmm, you mean another soap.

  • john buchanan

    That’s where he belongs. He is pathetic as a journalist.

  • Geoff Oslund

    Wow.. a 4 minute clip of “news” haven’t seen anything this long from CNN for any real news almost ever. It is totally disgusting that this crap is seen as important information for the people. It is fake news about fake shows about fake lives in fake story lines. How is this important? No wonder why people just do not get it. Enjoy it sheep, lambs to the slaughter.

  • NolanWhelan

    Anderson Cooper is going to play his wife.

    • sunhawg

      Well said, Nolan!!

    • appman

      They’re firing Anthony Weiner?

    • joemcgee

      is the guy anotherfaggot???

  • tnmtgirl

    I hope Jake makes this his new career, because he certainly is not a person who should have his own hour long news show. Sorry Jake, just calling it as I see it.

  • Gene

    There is no such thing as an investigative reporter anymore….how can he know how to play one?

  • Checkmate King Two

    I’m not really a reporter, but I play one on TV.

    • sunhawg

      Oh, lighten up. He’ll be right at home and so will anyone who watches CNN. They’ve been a soap opera channel long enough to qualify for the Black Entertainment Network, Lifetime, or OWN! And Jack Tapper and CNN have about as much credibility as newsers as those networks.

  • doonyool

    Big deal. He is in show business. He is a performer; a veritable star. He’s a crossover artist. Everyone here’s making much ado about nothing. It’s not like we’re talking about a journalist or something. I think he’s ready for this. Stop trying to hold him back.

  • The Real America

    WHO THE FRUCK CARES. CNN, GAYBC whats the difference.

  • realistic12

    I thought CNN was a soap opera? What the he11?

  • jamesben

    From “news reader” to “script reader.” Oooops. Same thing.

  • Slebo75

    Just like they tried to do with Anderson Cooper… they know if they get the sheeple house wives watching their propaganda they can manipulate even more.

    • LibelFreeZone

      You need to watch MSNBC to be manipulated.

      • A/S

        you mean MSDNC.

  • Soul Leister

    Tapper’s credibility is now shot too… no longer a news person just another script reader for the left… hit your mark comrade and there will be a mini-series cameo (in lieu of pay, because your news department can’t afford bonuses for actual journalism anyway… that is why we pimp out talking heads out… its a win/win, it doesn’t matter how badly you act (or you would be an actual actor) nor does it matter what you pretend to report on is true or not… just read what the DNC script writers put in front of you… I still don’t know why they just don’t use trained monkeys, oh they do, never mind).

  • Mal Reynolds

    An whats news about this? CNN is a 24/7 soap!

  • jaron kadek

    Hilarious! And he presents himself as a serious journalist?

  • eric_in_NJ

    I suppose that with this appearance at least one CNN “news person” will be seen on TV by more than 50,000 viewers. Way to go Jake, and congratulations to CNN!

  • JoeNJ8

    Who is Jake Tapper?

  • [email protected]

    Headline says, Jake Tapper to appear on daytime soap. I thought he already does.

  • jaron kadek

    I hear he does magic tricks, too…

  • res1944

    What is CNN?

  • Midwestmike

    How appropriate. CNN/All My Children; can anyone tell the difference?

    I didn’t think so.

  • hempstead 1944

    If he works for CNN, then he already appears on a daily soap…..he is simply going to appear on “another” soap…..

  • luvourtroops

    It just shows how desperate CNN is to get their ratings up which are at the bottom right now

    • LibelFreeZone

      No, MSNBC is at the bottom…for good reason.

  • kimdi01

    I thought CNN was a “Soap Opera.” So Trapper isn’t changing anything except locations.

  • Dickn52

    Finally, a real ‘acting’ job. “I want everyone to know that I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I do pretend I know what I’m talking about from time to time.”

  • mr muse

    I dont watch CNN. nore should you.

  • dabbobean

    Tapper could have been good…..now he’s just another bum on a network that nobody watches.

  • jayhdavis

    I thought CNN was a soap, promoting the democrat agenda in lieu of doing real journalism


    Jake, finally reaching your highest talent level, uh…..and a much more advanced soap!
    What’s next ? Hope you’ll be a MIME !

  • nearboston

    Waitaminit here….. I thought “CNN” was the fake news organization from All My Children. Didn’t Erica work for them at one time?

    Oh wait….. that was a DIFFERENT fake news organization.

  • R.Ailes

    I call BS. The Tapper is just trying to get his resume into the right hands over there.
    Can’t blame the Lib for trying to get paid for a days work.

  • Diogenes71

    Is he hedging his bets that CNN will be soon gone and is trying for another source of income?

  • gardengnome132

    Good for him! He’s a hunk.