PROMO: ‘Why Just…When You…’ on ABC Daytime

    on Monday, June 10, 2013 @ 8:22 PM

    Disney/ABC Television Group
    Disney/ABC Television Group

    Earlier today CBS released a promo touting its daytime lineup for “Bringing Sexy Back,” and not to be outdone, ABC has released its own daytime lineup promo. With the phrases, “Why just live when you can love. Why just smile when you can laugh. Why just watch when you can feel,” viewers of “,” “” and “” are all embraced by the ABC Television Network.

    • Hudson De Witt Kelly

      ABC can’t promote its line up with one SOAP and CBS needs to bring back ATWT and GL pronto

    • trevor mcbain

      ABC thinks if they throw in The View and The Chew with GH, were going to watch those stupid shows….now that’s laughable….