Rademacher Forced to Kick Off His ‘Dancing’ Shoes - Soap Opera Network

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Craig Sjodin/ABC

’s” (ex-Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks) shook it like nobody’s business as a contestant on ABC’s popular reality series, “,” but unfortunately, he and professional partner were eliminated from the competition last night during the semi-final round, meaning the actor is hanging up his dancing shoes — at least for now.

Getting the axe wasn’t exactly a surprise for Rademacher, who was the clear underdog heading into last night’s results show. But he reacted to the situation with grace. “If I don’t go home tonight, somebody else [in the competition] is going to very upset,” he said just moments before the results were announced.

To see the actor’s passionate final routine on the “Dancing” stage, check out the video below.

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