Michael Muhney on Emmy Nomination: ‘I Don’t Think I Should Win!’

Robert Voets/CBS
Robert Voets/CBS

There’s no doubt that “’” (Adam Newman) is honored to have been nominated for Outstanding Leading Actor for this year’s Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards, but believe it or not, he’ll actually be rather upset if he takes home the coveted award come ceremony night!

“I’ve had the luxury of seeing the Lead Actress and the Lead Actors’ reels, and if I’m going to be as honest as I’ve purportedly been since I joined the show… then I would have to, from this point forward, shout from the rooftops that [Patrick Drake, “”] deserves the award,” Muhney admits. “If you watched his performance, and what he did, and the story, how it was so perfectly teed up for a great, brilliantly layered performance by him, there should be an eight out of a 10 chance that he takes this home… So I don’t think I should win. It wouldn’t be fair to Jason.”

That being said, the actor is ecstatic that the episode he chose — in which Adam breaks things off with ’s Sharon Newman to be with ’s Chelsea Lawson — landed him an Emmy nod. “You just see him kind of subtly being torn apart at the seams. There are a lot of people coming at him throughout the episode needing things, and he’s getting stretched really thin, which I thought was an interesting performance to submit, because [it was] an opportunity to submit a story that’s more nuanced and isn’t over the top and isn’t flashy dramatic,” he explains. “It was a nice test to see if, in fact, the voting panel is finally at that point where they can be nominating something really subtle, and there doesn’t need to be explosions and crying and breakdowns and awful, pivotal moments.”

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

As for the Emmy award itself, Muhney admits that though he should be supporting co-stars (Jack Abbott) and (Paul Williams), he just can’t! “They too turned in phenomenal performances,” he admits. “I should be the one cheering for my teammates. I should be cheering for Peter and Doug, and I love them, and I’ve never even met Jason! But if I have to be honest, he needs to take this home.”

  • Much respect… As a scrubs fan and JT fan, he deserves this

  • Rich

    What a cad!! I hope Peter and Doug take him out behind the woodshed and give him a what for!!

    • Jasi

      I agree! Can’t stand to lose to Doug or Peter. Why is he in the running?. Oh yeah, He Nominated himself. UGH!! He knows Paul/DD won this year, whether or not they award him the Emmy, DD’s still the winner. Cocky little..!

      • Lola

        Uh, actually they don’t nominate themselves. They submit their entry and others vote.

  • CTwildheart

    Wow. I really, REALLY respect this guy. Like him already.

  • Chris

    Adam’s the best thing about Y&R and still, Michael’s right. Jason Thompson’s performance was phenomenal this year.

  • Jasi

    IMO, No ONE touched Doug Davidson’s performance this year!!!!!

    • pau

      And i agree actually while watching all their reel..therefore i disagree with Michael Muhney statement (sometimes he seems so sure of himself…like what he says is obviously the ‘truth’ can be pretty annoying and i like him..) to me it is between Doug and Jason but maybe Doug got me FAR MORE ! For JT/Patrick is was above all obvious emmy bait for Doug Davidson it was about a complex story between a father who was not here enough for his son..i don’t know it just got me, i felt it and the relationship was so complex like in real life..

  • Lexi

    I appreciate his honesty. And his humility. JT had the perfectly written story fit for an Emmy reel. The other three actors got in on talent alone. All four deserve the nomination! But there’s no mistaking it, Muhney is an honest, classy man. The more I read about him, the more I love!

  • tootie

    I love Michael Muhney, but I think him being so public about wanting someone from another show to win the Emmy over his cast mates Doug Davidson and Peter Bergman, who are exceptional actors and had strong stories is incredibly rude, petty and shallow. It comes off as passive aggressive towards those other two men. He can make his little nice comments about how much he “loves them” but why not just keep his mouth shut in regards to who he thinks should win? It’s called staying classy. After having to hear his rants on twitter over the past couple years about not being nominated, he now comes out saying this? Did he not vote for himself? If he doesn’t win this year it’s because he had horrible storylines the past year and his character is turning into a bore. Peter Bergman & Doug Davidson had stories filled with emotion and excitement and either one should take home the award and it will be well deserved.

    Muhney needs to work on not being so passive aggressive and learn from his two castmates what class is.

    • RD Neal

      Gee tootie, honesty isn’t rude. Perhaps your blind loyalty statements are. Your nasty comments about his work is beyond rude. Grow up.

    • Desarae Phillips

      Since when is being honest,and giving your opinion “not classy,” or ” passive aggressive ” ???
      I don’t watch whatever show Michael M. is on…..I only watch General Hospital …And Jason Thompson/Patrick Drake SHOULD WIN !!!

  • Beacon

    I admire Michael tremendously. That man marches to the beat of his own drum. I just wish most soap actors were as committed to their roles as he obviously is. I read his tweets avidly and think he would be very good executive producer or writing the show since he doesn’t cater to the hysterics of the bible bashing fanbase of fraus who watch these shows and give them a bad reputation.

    • Suri

      I think I love you, Beacon. Lol. You read my mind. Carry on.

  • pau

    I think it is between Doug Davidson and Jason Thompson (although neither are leading actors in their soaps but i guess they were leading in these particular stories, performances)..and i am disappointed James Scott from Days did not submit his work..with the Lexie’s death last year he had done some really nuanced performances (as much as powerful as JT with the Robin grief story imo)

  • Desarae Phillips

    I think this is sooo AWESOME of Michael M. I don’t watch any other soaps but General Hospital ( and I will soon start watching All My Children & OLTL, on HULU ) but I ALSO think Jason Thompson should WIN ….I LOVE Patrick Drake !!! I still want Robin back,even though I do LOVE Sabrina & Patrick together ….