Chapman Baehler/TOLN

Chapman Baehler/TOLN

Many of you have probably not heard the full theme song used for “All My Children” titled “We Are The Love”  by Imaginary Friend, but no one has heard the full “One Life to Live” theme titled “Brand New Start” by IZA, who is newly signed to Boss Lady Entertainment and Snoop Lion‘s Berhane Sound System label, until now!

The OnLine Network announced today that both theme songs are now available for streaming via their newly created SoundCloud page. In addition to the opening theme music, fans will also get to hear “Parachute” by Denyse Tontz (Miranda Montgomery), which was featured in a recent episode of “AMC.”

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  • Logan

    Congratulation for polish singer Iza Lach and her new single “Brand New Start”

  • Blondiejune

    Meh…. not my choice for the theme song.