Jess Walton on the Passing of Jeanne Cooper: ‘Hers is the Presence I Will Never In My Life Forget’

Monty Brinton/CBS
Monty Brinton/CBS

was one of a kind. No one who has ever known her would disagree with that statement. Her life force and energy were legendary. Many a time I marveled as she outlasted the rest of us on late night shoots. She was a moving, inventive, and powerful actress. She was a loving mother and grandmother. She was part warrior, part rabble rouser, part truck driver and part Diva, all wrapped up in one Great Lady. Most of all, to me, she was my friend and I loved her. For the last 26 years, hers was the face I most wanted to see when I came to work. Hers was the energy I most wanted to bounce off of on stage. Hers was the voice that kept me in stitches . And because of all that, hers is the presence I will never in my life forget,” said (Jill Abbott, “”) in a statement released to Soap Opera Network on the passing of co-star Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor).

  • I was so afraid the show was going to write her dying when she went in for the surgery for the brain tumor last week. I told my husband I would be soooo upset if they did that. He asked me how I would have her leave the show. I told him she should go with dignity! She should return after the surgery, and then the next morning Murphy would find her gone to Glory Land with a smile on her face! He said, “But, Sweetheart, she’s an ACTRESS! She may not want to go in her sleep!” But I knew her better than he. God blessed her. Praise God for His mercy. I’ve watched Y&R since the very first episode. My sympathy is with all of you. I love all of you.

    • I believe that her scene with Jill was the last one jeanne taped. Katherine will either pass on off camera or be recast until she

      • Lorena

        They arent recasting Katherine. It’s written so she can pass in her sleep

        • Jeannie

          oh thank God…I was so so worried about the way they would handle this. Thank you for letting us know. RIP Duchess. You were truly one of a kind and someone I looked up to with great regard. God bless you!

  • jebailey

    Have watched that show for years and it will not be the same now. Wow RIP I will miss you

  • Watching the demise of soap operas in favor of reality shows, I can’t help but
    think about the realities actually portrayed by the soap opera medium, and the reality behind the characters that we come to love and care about, such as Jeanne Cooper, Katherine. No “reality show” could possibly compare with the reality of this obviously loved and honored person. I know a lot of PhDs, including myself, who watched her regularly. We could see how growing old could be graceful, dignified, and fun.

  • Suzanne

    I love your message Marlene. I feel the same way. Jeanne was truly a gifted actress. Loved her through the years and she will be missed beyond words. Heaven just found one fiesty beautiful angel.