Will You Scream And Shout For ‘OLTL’?

Soap Fans United
Sue Coflin/Max Photos

If you think you’re excited about the return of “,” which debuts on iTunes, Hulu and Hulu Plus on Monday, April 29, wait until you hear how excited these goats are! Uhhhh… Nope, that’s not a typo, folks. In The OnLine Network’s latest teaser for the sudser, goats are front and center.

Also featuring stars like (Bo Buchanan), (Nora Buchanan),  (Jeffrey King), (Destiny Evans) and (Danielle Manning), the teaser video portrays fans and several four-legged farm animals screaming in anticipation for “One Life to Live.” The question is: Are you going to join in on the silly excitement?

  • I’M SOOO EXCITED!!!! Now…LOL I’m not sure I can scream like a goat, but I can sure as hell try. Twenty more days & I’m still counting down the hours… btw what time will it be on HULU EST.?

  • I’m happy, extremely happy that OLTL is back. Throughout the years, this program has been my favorite. When when I was a stay at home Mom, it was a welcome break during the kid’s naptime. When I went back to work, I videotaped it, then recorded it on my DVR. While dinner was in the oven, I would sit down, relax, and visit my friends in Llanview.

    It bothers me that there are some people who think the soap genre is watched only by uneducated, poor, unemployed or retired people. It bothers me that some people think the genre is nothing but fluff. Over the years, OLTL has been among the first on television to tackle what were once taboo social issues like interracial relationships, abortion, teen pregnancy, and homosexuality. The people who laugh off the soap genre are the same people who wouldn’t miss an episode of Dallas, Falconcrest, Desperate Housewives, Revenge, Madmen, etc. These shows are soaps too.

    Since OLTL went off the air, I haven’t recorded any daytime programs, so I haven’t seen any of the ads either. So to all the sponsors like Penneys, Macy’s, Kraft, Proctor and Gamble, I’d like to say, millions of people like me are missing information about your sales and products. To ABC, you screwed up. You screwed up big time. To Prospect Park and HULU, thank you for believing in my story. I’m subscribing to HULU plus, and I’ll be watching with delight.