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TOLN Previews Week Three of ‘One Life to Live’

has released teasers for week three (week of May 13 through 17) of “,” which premieres Monday, April 29 on , and , and for Canadian viewers. The music is getting hotter!

Patrick Harbron/TOLN

Patrick Harbron/

Monday, May 13: Todd tries to convince Viki that he’s changed. Destiny confronts Matthew. A character must say their goodbyes.

Tuesday, May 14: A fight breaks out with serious consequences. Jeffrey, Matthew, and Dani play a dangerous game at the apartment. Cutter auditions a new singer at Shelter. Guest starring Jenni “JWoww” Farley and .

Wednesday, May 15: Bo and Natalie search for clues to find out the truth. Jeffrey steps in to help Destiny. Matthew is found in a compromising situation. Todd tries to get everyone to believe him.

Thursday, May 16: Tea comes to a startling realization. Clint talks to Viki about taking the next step. Dani is troubled by Matthew’s new friend. Nora bonds with Destiny.

Friday, May 17: In One Life to Live’s behind-the-scenes show, interact with your favorite OLTL stars as they discuss this week’s hot topics and take a closer look at the big events in Llanview from the past four days.

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