Hulu Releases Premiere Trailer for ‘AMC’ and ‘OLTL’; TOLN Confirms Storyline Progressions for Both Soaps

, the new exclusive home for online viewing of “” and “,” has released the first official trailer on its website highlighting cast and crew from both series as they worked behind the scenes for their photo shoot, which took place on Wednesday, February 27 in Sleepy Hollow, NY at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club. Additionally, Hulu has relaunched its “AMC” and “OLTL” web pages where you can be kept up to date on the latest happenings in Pine Valley and Llanview.

Links: “All My Children” on Hulu / “One Life to Live” on Hulu / TOLN on Hulu

Subsequently, has confirmed reports that “AMC” will advance its storyline by five years, while “OLTL” will advance storyline in real time. A press release from the company states, “‘All My Children’ will be set approximately five years later from the time setting of the last episode, unlike ‘One Live to Live’ which has advanced in real time.”

Both “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” will premiere on Monday, April 29 via Hulu, and . Members of the store will be glad to know that the programs will be offerred for viewing via Apple’s line of products including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV and Mac or PC.

  • janice

    awesome….can’t wait!

  • I hope we can get hula in Canada

    • Moneek77

      Sorry we can’t. Our ITunes don’t carry it either .We are out of luck on this. Don’t know why they didnt go for the international audience also.

      • hang tight-word is that there is an international deal still pending

    • Moneek77

      Sorry we can’t. Our ITunes don’t carry it either. I don’t understand why they didn’t go international with this.

    • there are programs you can download to see it in canada….check into it and ask your friends….

  • I want it back on TV!!

  • I can’t wait…so happy to have them back! Looking forward to seeing new cast also!!

  • I can’t wait for April 29,2013 when All My Children and One Life To Life finally debut. Good luck to the future.

  • I am so Happy both shows are back! Hopefully some day they will go back on tv!! Good luck to all the actors & Thank you for returning!! Love ya!!

  • michele

    oh my..tears….

  • Magic Inside 2012

    Everything I’ve read indicates Prospect Park is still negotiating for international viewing rights. I can’t stop watching the trailer! It brought tears to my eyes that my AMC will soon be back! 🙂

  • A. Kid

    What about international viewers? please don’t forget us!

  • jen

    Did anyone ever say they missed what life was like before indoor plumbing? ABC has taken a dangerous step toward becoming obsolete. Guess that makes them the outhouse of the entertainment industry. When the hulu late comers realize how great it is to watch what you want when you want it…..cable TV will be the next to go.

    • will never happen. I have an aunt that is 95. An Uncle that is 94. They do not have pc’s, they know nothing about them and would never even attempt to watch tv by internet. Sad because they both were huge fans of amc and oltl. Many people elderely or that live in rural areas of country do not have service because they can’t afford it, don’t know internet nor even have cable or satelite. These people have roof top antenias or rabbitt ears for free tv channels.In most cases to have internet they would have to use a phone line landline service and you can not watch hulu this way. takes forever to even dial up a connection just for internet itself. Many soap fans come from these areas of the country, or are too old or too poor to pay for internet, much less hulu. Viewership will be far below the tv soaps. Even the actors with these shows had to take huge pay cuts. thats why the three actors that contracted to General Hospital will not leave GH and return to oltl for a long period. only for like four weeks of taping for olto, once those tapings end all three will return to GH as there oltl characters or as new characters if forced by prospect not to let abc, gh have the characters. The actors do not belong to prospect park, they only bought the characters, not the contract of actors.

      • as for me i was a oltl fan from day one as a kid. I can’t even afford hulu services. I am disable and my check is not large enough to pay for more than internet service. I hope prospect park the best, and that these soaps somehow make it back to tv.

      • Helena

        Well first off, if it is someone’s opinion that all people of that generation won’t be able to use a computer or access this: My 93 year old grandmother had to teach all of us how to use Skype to talk to her. She started using it a year or two ago, since she lived in a rural area and most of us were scattered around between Maine, northern VT, and southeastern Arizona so getting there wasn’t always easy. None of us had been able to get it to work on our computers, so she took the time with each person over the phone (and then initial skype sessions) to tell us how to do it. And she only got a computer that year she started with Skype. Most senior homes also have wifi and computer classes, as do libraries and local colleges – and much are free for seniors because a lot of it is for programs with connectivity (staying connected to keep from being depressed, lonely, etc.). Obviously everyone has a different learning curve.

        As for the rural/dial-up issues:

        The sad thing is, okay so there are still rural areas which only have dial-up and that generally is no longer cheaper than cable internet (when I still worked in the tech industry two years ago, people that were reluctant to switch from dial-up but realized few of the new computers came with a dial-up modem built in so they’d switch to those wi-fi cards from verizon, et al). Heck my aforementioned family members from Arizona live about 4 hours plus from any even small city let alone a big one and they have better cable internet than I had where I lived in Maine a few years back (who JUST switched from dial-up to DSL as I moved out of town. Then again they got rid of their phone switchboard thing and finally got 911 only about 9-10 years ago even though its only a couple hours from Portland. :-)). So it isn’t always the rural areas that can’t access it anyway.

        TV is already changing, as evidenced by Verizon announcing you will now be able to pay-per-channel (a la carte), the fact that Netflix and Hulu now have internationally recognized programming with more shows set to premiere, and YouTube starting to go to pay channels with a majority of user-driven content becoming the new wave of popular culture. There are even web-based studios producing quality programming with not just the D-list, but the C-, B- and A-list actors (and other talent types as well). Like it or not, but even our TVs with their SmartTV capabilities (Heck, even our FRIDGES with their built in LCDs and WiFi) are in need of the internet (do you know how many people don’t realize their DVD players or television sets need to have firmware and software upgrades performed on them as time goes by? And usually even right out of the box.). The demographic that the online networks are mainly going for, the key 18-35 year olds, they are turning more and more away from regular bloated cable packages and to a la carte connected programming. Same reason why Billboard can’t discount YouTube rankings for music anymore – these sites are becoming the driving force of commerce and the entertainment industry.

        TV viewing was already down because there were too many more channels yet much less quality programming. Too many alternatives, too much spread everywhere. Watching these things online will open it up to even more of an international audience once they get their international deals.

        I too was wondering about their pay cuts, but considering the sweet production schedule they seem to have it looks like time off (as well as their location between home and the shoot – David Canary lives the next town over from me so it is great to see him back on AMC!) is worth more than the money itself.

        OK I wrote way too much for someone who rarely posts on message boards. But I do just want to add.. I’m a 31 year old computer technician manager who gave it all up because I got so burned out by technology and how people misuse it that I switched careers entirely. I stopped using my LCD tvs because three burnt out and plopped my old tube TV back in my room, attached with a sad little coax cable as I attempt to watch the few shows I still watch. But I was named after an ABC soap character, and a (then) ABC soap actor bought my clothing as a child when we had a tag sale and sent me an autographed photo as a thank you which really stuck with me since then, plus I grew up watching all of this with my entire family…generations of family. So I’m going to get my little digital video converter box, hook up an s-video cable to it on one end and the rca wires on the other from my computer card, and you bet your sweet bippy I’m gonna watch AMC/OLTL on my tube TV. (But not with our 93 year old grandmother, because she is usually running around too much to sit down and watch any TV. :-))

  • I cant wait either. <3 just LOVE AMC, you ROCK!!

  • mandi mandi

    Omg yayyy

  • This is so exciting!! I can’t wait until April 29th!!

  • Marcie florance

    Where is the trailer for AMC? I cannot find it anywhere? Thanks