• I can’t wait to see when AMC/OLTL finally debut. I hope that ABC and Prospect Park will able to get their act and sign a deal that will make everyone happy. I will feel sorry for the new actor who will replace the original actor who replace the fan favorite. Good luck to the future.

  • Brian

    Matthew and Jeffrey are both so hot! I can’t wait to have my Vicki back!

  • he is totally replaceable, TREVOR ST JOHN did it better ,he isn’t replaceable.!OLTL needs TSJ,!!

    • lulu

      like that he can come back on GH without any backlash, thanks ! lol

    • Sunshine

      Speak for your damn self. OLTL was never the same without Roger Howarth he is Todd the and the ONLY. Having TSJ didn’t do anything for OL it still got cancelled at least when Roger came back the show left out as the highest rated soap on the ABCD and they still want to keep him for GH. I don’t think that happened with TSJ even when he reached his peak with his one acclaimed scene the Lethal Injection that he snotted through. Don’t diss Roger because he is the best and he brings the true essence to Todd. They can easily slap the title on any actor as example with TSJ but it will not be the Todd Manning introduced to OL that character is only played by Roger Howarth an always has been.

    • i agree TSJ was a great Todd!!

      • Shelby

        Tsj never played Todd

    • Shelby

      TSJ was instrumental in killing OLTL.

  • lulu

    Vicki doesn’t seem very happy..what happened ?! lol