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Check Out Roger Howarth On Set Of The New ‘OLTL’

The OnLine Network/TOLN
David M. Russell/Prospect Park
David M. Russell/Prospect Park

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Ok, all you (Todd Manning) fans: There may be a lot of brouhaha surrounding the beloved soap star’s status with “” at the moment, but you can breath a sigh of relief when it comes to “”: He’s definitely making an appearance in Llanview, and here are the new photos to prove it!

Beginning Monday, April 29, when Prospect Park launches the sudser on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes, Howarth steps back into the shoes of Victoria Lord’s () questionable little brother. And from checking out these photos — which also include (Clint Buchanan), (Blair Cramer), (Matthew Buchanan), (Destiny Evans) and (Jeffrey King) — it looks like he’ll be just as much of a thorn in other characters’ sides as ever!

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