CENTER STAGE: Ignacio Serricchio on Representing Latinos and Family Roots for ‘Restless’ Character

on Thursday, March 7, 2013 @ 12:57 PM

JPI Studios
JPI Studios

If you were already smitten with “” star  (Alex Chavez), you’re about to love him even more. Soap Opera Network recently caught up with the busy actor, who spilled about the dangerous way he spends his free time, how he feels about representing Latinos in the media and his thoughts on a possible family member popping up in Genoa City!

First things first, Serricchio loves the thrill of adventure. Not only does the Argentinian-born actor love to rock climb and go camping, he also dives for lobsters! “During lobster season, I’m in the water almost every night,” he boasts, adding that even though you’re only allowed to catch the lobsters by hand, the occasional pinches are worth it. “They’re delicious! In the oven, ceviche style, on the grill, everything.”

Maybe he should have been a chef, but instead, Serricchio chose to go into acting, something he’s done not only on “Y&R,” but also on “,” “,” “,” and “” (the latter as Diego Alcazar and Diego Sanchez from 2006-2008). “When I finished high school in Mexico City, I had no idea what to do. Acting and making a living out of it wasn’t even something that went through my mind,” he admits. “Hollywood… seemed out of reach. But my dad asked, ‘What do you like?’ And I said, ‘I like people, and I like making people laugh and having fun.’ And he goes, ‘Well, why don’t you study acting?’”

So Serricchio did, at Syracuse University in New York. And now he’s proud to be representing Latinos on US television. “I came to this country when I was 19, so my story is really about success and going through all of the bureaucratic hurdles,” says the actor, who officially became a US citizen three months ago. “I want to represent Latinos all over the world.”

JPI Studios
JPI Studios

And it turns out, “Y&R” is going to be a perfect vehicle for him to do so. “Alex is definitely going to get very involved in Genoa City,” he teases. “And maybe he’ll get a real crazy Latin mom!”

  • Bandele

    I have to say (and eat my words re: Jill Phelps) that I’m liking the diversity on this show it seems someone is listening that this is 2013 and an all caucasian soap is not with the times and hasn’t been for a long time,.. another reason soaps are extinct is because of the lack of diversity as leading characters driving storylines…not just wall paper..
    They lost a lot of this audience IMO.